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Chapter 11 - Peter

We had arrived early to the classroom on Princess Leona’s orders. She wanted to see if there was any other Amaris in her class. I knew she was possibly lonely. Grace and I had each other. The princess didn’t speak to us. Then the 2 Amaris with a human walked in. I knew straight away the girls were both Amaris. One was blonde, tall and carried herself with the grace of a ballerina. The other was in a jacket exactly like mine. Showing she was a guard. Although the fact she was dressed in a pretty girlie outfit and was so tiny shocked me more than it should. I knew size didn’t matter. What I noticed quickly was although the guard was in a dress she seemed unconfutable. She possibly had been forced into wearing it. She was also talking to the human calmer than I had ever seen an Amaris do. She obviously had more real world training than others of our kind. The blonde Amaris went to come straight up to us. I saw the guard get rid of the human calmly.
Although I didn’t hear what she said to him. Both girls where in dresses but unlike my own princess both were wearing shoes they could run in and not heals. “Lady Sepiah” Princess Leona said quietly. “Princess Leona” said Lady Sepiah bowing her head slightly so no one else would know she was bowing. “No titles in the real world.” I heard my princess remember before I needed to say anything. Lady Sepiah’s guard looked at me and Grace awkwardly as we both judged her. “You only have the one guard?” Princess Leona asked Lady Sepiah worriedly I agreed with that statement. The tiny girl looked like she would get lost in a fight. “No although the others are all doing their own courses.” Lady Sepiah told her. “Really?” The princess asked I agreed really? “Don’t you talk to your friends and ask them there hopes and dreams?” Lady Sepiah asked the princess looking disappointed. I wondered if she and the girl were friends and she had insisted on her. “I never really thought to ask.” Leona admitted. I sometimes wondered if she even knew mine and Graces names “Name and rank?” I asked the tiny guard I wanted answers on why she was alone breaking most rules we are taught. “Guardian Samira. Dragon 4.” The guard told me almost as a whisper. Her level shocked
me. She was a higher level to me and Grace. She seemed so timid and tiny. I admit it mine and Graces draws dropped. “Believe me I only need the one” Sepiah told Princess Leona with the biggest grin at her guard. Defiantly friends I realised. “Do you have a practise room yet?” Samira asked us quietly. “Yeah.” I told her. “Good can we come and beat you up?” she asked. I wondered if she meant it how it came across, that she would win. There was no question in her tone that she would lose. “Yes Guardian Samira.” Grace said politely I was still in shock. “Sam please and you both our?” “Guardian Peter and guardian Grace” we both told her our names. She nodded and sat next to Sepiah. Grace and I went and took seats myself next to the princess Leona and grace near the front In case any threats came in the door. I admit we both knew there wasn’t any danger at the moment but we were ready and acting like there was combated our boredom. ”what are you doing for blood?” The princess asked the lady. “Blood bags.” She told her, the princess looked disgusted at the thought. “Do you know if we are the only ones here?” the princess asked lady Sepiah. She looked at her guard worriedly possibly as a way of asking her. “There are 5 royals and guards including
you.” Sam told her. “6 royals with guards.” She told Leona. I had heard her guard say 5. I also noticed the guard looking worried and confused at her. “I heard King Derek is transferring here.” The princess told her, the gossip she had been told on the phone this morning. “If he does I’m going to kill him then you.” the tiny guard mumbled shocking me even more how the hell did she get away with that threat about a King I was about to scold her when the lady came to her aid. “Sam and king Derek kind of dated.” Sepiah told the princess. Really I thought a guard her level with a king? How the hell had she ever managed either of that. “He dated a guard?” the princess asked the lady in shock. I fully understood her shock, everyone knew a guard could not date there charge. The lecturer came in the room. Took one look at us and mumbled something under her breath. Unfortunately I didn’t catch a word of. Although the confused look on Samira’s face said she had caught a bit. “You dating anyone?” the princess asked Sepiah. Her guard had taken a drink of water and spat it out over the person in front of her. Sepiah laughed at her guard, I wish I had a royal with that kind of friendliness. “I’m dating a guard I have been for a year.” Sepiah told her. “Wow.” The princess
said. I agreed with her wow. What the hell kind of school did they go to? “Most of the class here will not graduate.” The teacher said, well she sucked at pep talks. “A lot of you will drop out. Some of you will stay in the class but get away with handing no work in but never pass the exams.” She said looking straight at us I wondered how many Amaris she had taught. It was something we would possibly do as guards. I heard the girls discuss us all actually doing the work, to prove the teacher wrong. I could do that so could Grace. “Sam helps me with my work. She’s better at politics than I am.” Sepiah told the princess. Looking proudly at her guard again. Who only had eyes for the teacher looking confused. Really this girl was the confusing one. “You” the teacher said pointing at a guy a few rows down from us, the one that Samira had been talking to. “Why are you doing this class?” she asked the boy. “To become a lawyer.” He told her with a shrug. “Do you want to be a lawyer or do you want the money?” the teacher asked. “Oh I want to be a lawyer.” The boy admitted. “Why?” the teacher asked him. He seemed to think about it. I prayed I wouldn’t get asked. The reason I was doing the class was sat next to me. I had to protect her it was my duty. She moved on and
pointed right at Sam I silently swore the tiny guard looked back at the teacher as though she was piecing her together. “You. Why are you in this class?” The teacher asked her. “Because my friends in here.” she told the teacher I realised she hadn’t had time to come up with an excuse. “Well you can leave” the teacher told her pointing straight at the door. The girl didn’t even flinch she looked down at the teacher “I am not going to leave. I am going to graduate as possibly one of your top pupils. As I have an understanding of laws and politics better than you would ever dream.” she said amazingly not even using any charm. To my complete surprise the teacher seemed to calm down. They looked at each other for what felt like a few minutes. I wondered if she was compelling, no she couldn’t be not from this far away. “I would like to see that.” the teacher said calmer than she had been she was about to drop it but Sam starting speaking again I wish she had stopped. “I can write you a 5000 word essay on where all the laws go wrong and describe all the loopholes for you right now if you would like.” she told the teacher. The whole class was staring at her including myself and Grace. She didn’t even seem to not mean her words. “That’s not needed, although I
would like the essay.” The teacher told her. “That’s fine I’ll give it you tomorrow.” She said. What the hell was she doing? She literally had gave herself a 5000 word essay, to do in one day? “Okay you do realise you could of completely been kicked out the class and now you have an essay to write by tomorrow?” the princess told her in shock voicing my opinion. “I wrote it last year.” She told the princess shrugging like it was no big deal. “You could have completely compelled your way out of that.” Sepiah whispered to her. I agreed it would have been easier. “Not this far up it’s too much even for me.” she told her. I thought yeah but there was always after class. Grace and I took a one close one far approach when we changed class. “You do realise in a school full of humans it’s not actually needed.” Samira told me sounding tired. I assumed she was as bored as I was. Although she had seemed to have wrote all the notes down, in the lesson. “Yeah were just bored.” I admitted. “That’s why we aren’t all in the classes.” Sam told me as though she thought me and Grace being in the class was silly. I looked at her in shook “How many of you are protecting the Lady Sepiah?” I asked her wondering if the others might be doing something and them swop over for day and night shift. “Six” she told
me smiling “six for a lady?” I asked shocked not believing her. “We get to choose a few years of at our school, so we are all here with our friend. Getting a higher education.” she told me but I could tell it was a lie.

It was the end of classes for the day. Well 2 lectures in one day. Lady Sepiah and the princess were sat on the grass going over royal gossip that I wasn’t interested in. even Sepiah didn’t seem interested in it. But seemed to realise the princess needed company. “Are you sure we can use your practise room?” Sam asked Grace. “Yeah its fine.” “It’s not just our group were doing group trainings and practise similar to school.” she told Grace. Really I thought? “Let me get changed and I will meet you with the rest in 45 minutes that okay?” she asked us. “You should leave the dress on it makes you look less likely to kill someone” an elder prince said coming over with his guards. “Hello prince Ben.” Lady Sepiah said from the floor. I noticed something about the prince; he and his guard were holding hands. What was with all the guards and breaking protocol? But then this school was famous for royals who wanted to get into mischief. Those that chose this school were
the ones who normally got into trouble. It was a reason I was very confused as to why I had been placed here. Sam seemed to push her hair back from her face. Lady Sepiah pulled a band out from her handbag and chucked it at her. Sam quickly throw her hair up. “Did you get the message about today’s run?” she asked him calmly. I had never seen a guard like her with royals. “Yeah it’s why we’re here.” the prince told her. Really the prince was joining the run? She nodded her understanding. “My brother should be along soon. I need to get myself changed and drop our books of at the dorm. Then its 30 miles tonight and hopefully a fight.” She told the guards as well as the prince. All nodded their understanding. Was she highest level guard here? She was only 1 level higher than me. Had she put herself in charge so quickly? “I’m going to stay with Princess Leona. We will have Jessie and Kye stay with us so you can run her guards through your training.” Sepiah told the guard. “I have to check on someone first.” Samira said to Sepiah who nodded suddenly standing up. “Where have you left her today?” Sepiah asked calmly all the prince’s guard’s eyes were on her. “In the pottery cooker.” She said calmly. Then with a polite nod and a be back soon both
girls ran of giggling. I looked at the prince as confused as he looked. His guards watching us working us out. A few guards walked over I watched the prince’s guards suddenly spring to attention what the hell? I suddenly only had eyes for one of the guards who had come over. One who I had been to his funeral well school assembly for. He was meant to have been killed. He died protecting the princess, but I knew it was him I had lived in the same dorm as him. I had watched him practise when I first debated training. He had taken me under his wing and taught me more than the teachers had. Guardian Duncan?

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