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Chapter 12 - Sean

“Sam where are you going?” I asked as I saw Sam and Sep running back towards their apartment. “Just getting in exercise clothes. Can’t run properly in a dress.” She told me smiling. “She also told Ben she left the princess in an oven.” Sep told me laughing. It would just be easier if the girl came clean. Before she got caught out in a lie. “Don’t take too long. You got out of gym yesterday.” I told her. “Sepiah isn’t joining us neither is Kye and Jessie, you have 6 new recruits although I’m not sure if Spencer’s joining as well.” Sam told me seriously. “You really have a death wish don’t you?” Taylor asked her. “You know you love me.” Sam said and run of. Sometimes I wanted to kill her. “I’ll go with them” Erin said turning around. Taylor looked at me, “you expected us to follow rules?” she asked me with a smile. I threaded my hand into hers and smiled at her. “You lot never, I just didn’t expect to be retraining every Amaris guard in the college.” I told
her. “Well you know what they say keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” Taylor told me. “They are all just staring at each other.” Kye said looking over at the big group of Amaris. “You can’t say you don’t want to beat them up.” Jessie told me. When we walked over I noticed him. Peter. Someone I had arranged to be at this college with his charge but also someone who could completely blow my cover. I hoped he wouldn’t recognise me. With my still dyed black hair. But one look at his face told me he had. Well here was hoping he didn’t blow my cover. Or Sam would have a lot of memories to clean up. Or would have to come clean. I had wanted to catch him alone. Too late for that now. “Hello Peter I see you passed your guardian training.” I said calmly. Before he could say my name. Taylor looked at me, sudden realisation I knew the guard. She looked at me asking me what I needed so did Jessie and Kye all ready to attack and defend on a seconds notice. “I thought you had died in Germany?” Peter asked me in shock. Everyone’s eyes suddenly on me. “My death was exaggerated.” I told him. “Aren’t you aren’t you?” Peter said obviously trying to ask if I was protecting Alysa like I was meant to be. “I am still protecting her.” I said calmly. Kye Jessie and Taylors all
had their eyes on me. “I take it this lovely princess here is your charge.” I said indicating princess Leona. The rest of the guards were all still standing to attention. “Yes.” Peter said looking at me worriedly. “Princess would you mind terribly if Lady Sepiah’s guards took you with her out for ice-cream.” I asked her indicating Kye and Jessie. Both nodded politely. The princess looked at her guards confused. “You can join her.” I told the other guard with her who nodded. “I will train you tomorrow 5am do not be late.” I told her she nodded again obviously knowing by everyone’s look of respect that I was in charge here. Lady Sepiah and Sam came back. Sep looking out of breath. “Can I go for icecream?” Sam asked me calmly as she came back over. “No Samira you have got out of training yesterday.” I pointed out. “You’re such a Meany.” Sam said sticking her tongue out at me. “You are a bit harsh sometimes honey.” Taylor told me. “He just likes torturing people.” Erin said calmly. “You ready to get icecream?” Sep asked the princess who nodded. “Can I have ice-cream later?” Sam asked. “I’ll bring you all back a cone.” Kye said with a smile. “Make mine a” Taylor started. “Milkshake” Erin told him. He nodded and the boys were off with the girls and the other girl
guard. Sam throw herself on the floor. Everyone stared at her. “Sometimes I wonder how you ever lived this long.” Erin asked her seriously. “You just say a bunch of words and hope people don’t actually listen.” Sam said. Everyone looked at her more confused. “Oh come on. Sean you know him obviously from France boarding school. He knows you protect the princess and we faked your death in Germany.” I looked at Sam like she had lost the plot. “You know he’s one of the highest level guardians of all time and wouldn’t be here unless he was with the princess?” Sam said calmly to Prince Ben and his guard. I suddenly only had eyes behind her this was going to be interesting. No wonder the girls had been talking about a bet. “You also know the princess is 100% for your relationship. Why should everyone not be allowed to be happy.” She said this one to Prince Ben again. “Samira shut up.” Taylor said making sure she used Sam’s full name. “You all know I hate guard etiquette.” Sam said. “How the hell did you ever graduate?” prince Ben asked. Everyone seemed to agree. “How did I graduate?” Sam suddenly realised. “You stopped talking when I hit you.” I warned her. “Oh come on Sean we all know it’s because she’s too cute to ever be mad at.” King Derek said. “If that’s
Derek I’m going to commit murder.” Sam said springing to her feet.

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