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Chapter 13 - Sam

I took one look at the situation and knew without needing to be told, what Sean had done. He really knew me as well as I knew him. I was surprised though he hadn’t talked to Peter before he had this meeting. By the awkward conversation coming out I knew he had planned to. Oh dear I was going to have to talk fast and confuse people the way I found easiest. I threw myself on the floor once Sepiah and the princess were gone. This made sure everyone’s eyes were on me if I needed to compel. “Sometimes I wonder how you ever lived this long.” Erin asked me seriously, obviously realising I was thinking on my feet. “You just say a bunch of words and hope people don’t actually listen.” I told her hoping they were all doing that now. By everyone’s confused expressions I doubted it “Oh come on. Sean you know him obviously from France boarding school. He knows you protect the princess and we faked your death in Germany.” I told Sean
seriously. It was obvious that was going to come out. Although the name thing was soon on the table to. I realised too late. Peter could break our twin cover. But then the fact I realised Sean had arranged this made me trust Peter. I also trusted Ben strangely. I wanted to make sure he and his boyfriend worked. We had apparently used to be a peaceful race. I wonder when things went wrong. “You know he’s one of the highest level guardians of all time and wouldn’t be here unless he was with the princess?” I said calmly to Prince Ben and his guards they already knew the princess was here and they thought I was a crazy guard who hide her in ovens trees and lakes. Where could I hide her for wind? I saw he wasn’t paying attention to me anymore only 4 people could shock him by turning up Marco, Drew Derek or my mum. Bets were all on Derek. But if it was I was going to kill him and Sepiah. “You also know the princess is 100% for your relationship. Why should everyone not be allowed to be happy?” I told Prince Ben with a huge smile. He gave me a nervous nodded obviously very confused. “Samira shut up.” Taylor said making sure she used my fake full name it was normally a clue I had gone too far. “You all know I hate guard etiquette.” I told them finally having
enough pretending. I wanted not to have the stress of pretending to be two people. I wanted all of them just to be normal kids around each other. None of this bloody rank stuff. “How the hell did you ever graduate?” prince Ben asked. Everyone seemed to agree. “How did I graduate?” I suddenly realised, I think Judah pulled a lot of string in etiquette and Sean hitting me a lot during lessons had helped. “You stopped talking when I hit you.” Sean warned me obviously as a warning I was going the right way to a punch. Sometimes I wondered if I was going to be the Queen of all Amaris, how funny it would be when the people realise my guards threated to kill me daily. I would need guards to protect me from my guards. Hell I needed guards to protect myself from myself. “Oh come on Sean we all know it’s because she’s too cute to ever be mad at.” King Derek said behind me. “If that’s Derek I’m going to commit murder.” I said not fully knowing if I was, I jumped to my feet. Turning round I saw him stood with 7 guards looking at me like they didn’t know if they should protect me or Derek. Well college was crowded but I was glad. “I’m going to kill you.” I told him. “Really?” he asked me with a smile on his face. “Yep” I said walking over to him. Every
single eye was on me. “You missed me wearing a dress.” I told him almost steps away from him. “Oh I fully admit I think that’s punishment enough.” Derek said teasing me. I kissed him. Everyone looked shocked except my guards and his. “Princess why can’t I trust you not to get yourself into mischief.” Derek whispered in my ear. “Because you know me to well.” I told him. Holding his hand I turned and faced my waiting audience. “So can we all just drop etiquette already?” Derek asked for me. “I told you she would kiss him” Taylor said to Erin. Who handed her some money. “You two are betting on me killing people?” I asked them. Both looked at me with smiles. “How much did you bet I would kill you both?” I asked. “We agreed not to bet on that, as we would both be dead and couldn’t hand over the money” Erin told me with a smile. “Hello everyone I am King Derek.” Derek said introducing himself. I also noticed money being swapped over on Derek’s guard’s side. “I think they were all betting on us?” I told Derek shocked. “Actually I’m in on that bet I thought you were going to kill me too.” Derek said pushing a curl away from my face. “Ever think that anyone would actually let me kill you?” I asked him with a smile. He pulled me closer “what do you want to
do here Sal” he whispered. “I want to beat the guards up first so they know I’m not faking being a guard.” I whispered to him. “I don’t want them treating me like I’m going to break.” I told him. He sighed, “So anyone got a room for us to fight it out.” Derek asked jokingly. Sean realised what we were doing and rolled his eyes. “Who here’s never battled Sam?” he asked. All mine and Derek’s guards stepped back. Derek’s guards all laughed. They knew I could kick there ass when I wanted to. They had been seniors when I was a junior but even then we used to fight. “Peter.” Sean said with a smile at Peter. “You’re a level below my little sister.” He told peter.

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