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Chapter 14 - Peter

I stared at Duncan hoping for answers. But Guardian Samira Just suddenly started talking and I realised everyone was as confused as I was. She was getting not very shuttle hints to shut up. In fact everyone realised she was being told to shut up. Why didn’t Duncan discipline her? He had always been a Royal Dragon level 1. So higher than her but he seemed to be treating her like she was a ticking time bomb. I decided then it would be easier to talk to Duncan when we were alone. In case they were on a top secret mission. She had called him Sean. Did they have fake names? Was she really guardian Samira or was she higher ranked than he was. She couldn’t be Marianna as she would be too old to be in college. “Samira shut up.” the girl guard holding Duncan’s hand warned the little guard who was calmly sat on the floor. “You all know I hate guard etiquette.” She told them, they all looked at her like they had given up. “How the hell did you ever
graduate?” prince Ben asked her looking like she was a crazy lunatic. That’s what she was a Lunatic. “How did I graduate?” she asked as a question to herself “You stopped talking when I hit you.” Sean warned her. Had he gone to school with her? I didn’t remember her. I went to the same school as he did. I would have noticed the tiny Guard surely. “Oh come on Sean we all know it’s because she’s too cute to ever be mad at.” Someone said walking over calmly. By the amount of guards with him he was obviously a young king. It was so confusing nowadays with all the new young royals taking the thrones. “If that’s Derek I’m going to commit murder.” Sam said. Well at least I now knew who the King was. King Derek, the King Lady Sepiah had said Samira had dated. I noticed that none of the guards actually knew what to do. On both her side and his. They seemed to step back from them both. A threat to kill a royal family member should be arrested on the spot. Not ignored. She jumped to her feet, looking like she was at war with herself. “I’m going to kill you.” she told him. Repeating her threat. Some of the Kings guards actually smiled, what were they playing at? “Really?” the king asked her calmly a smile on his face saying how much he welcomed her to try.
“Yep” she said walking over to him. “You missed me wearing a dress.” she told him almost steps away from him. “Oh I fully admit I think that’s punishment enough.” He replied teasing her. The next thing I knew they were making out. Every eye was still on them. It wasn’t just me in shock, Prince Ben and his guards seemed as confused as to what was going on. Holding hands the two of them turned and looked at us. “So can we all just drop etiquette already?” King Derek asked. “I told you she would kiss him” The blonde guard holding Duncan’s hand said as the brunette handed over money. “You two are betting on me killing people?” Sam asked them looking interested. Both looked at her with smiles. How laid back was this group. “How much did you bet I would kill you both?” Sam asked them looking interested rather than cross. “We agreed not to bet on that, as we would both be dead and couldn’t hand over the money” the brunette told her smiling. “Hello everyone I am King Derek.” Derek said introducing himself. I kind of already had guessed. I also noticed money being swapped over on Derek’s guard’s side really did they all expect these two to make out? “I think they were all betting on us?” Sam told Derek sounding hurt. “Actually I’m in on that bet I
thought you were going to kill me too.” Derek told her. Although all I saw from him was love. Why the hell had she wanted to kill him, when it was so obvious they loved each other. “Ever think that anyone would actually let me kill you?” she asked him with a smile. Defiantly in love. Her words of killing him were obviously just a way to hide her feelings. “So anyone got a room for us to fight it out.” Derek asked jokingly I wondered if he meant a fist fight or a yelling at each other fight. “Who here’s never battled Sam?” Duncan asked calmly. Was he offering someone to fight on Derek’s behalf or wanted to know if anyone was crazy enough to face the little guard. I noticed all of Derek’s guards seemed to step backwards. As if fearing being picked on. They seemed to realise what they had done and nervously laughed. “Peter.” Duncan said with a smile at me “You’re a level below my little sister.” He told me. He knew my level? Little sister? Duncan was an only child. “Can you fight Sam for me, she needs a good beating.” He said it jokingly. Everyone stared at him. Yes we were hidden from all the other students but they would come to the noise of a fight surely? “Here now?” I asked confused. “No better time.” The brunette told me. “I suggest we all take a lot of steps
back.” The blonde warned. “What the hell’s going on?” prince Ben’s boyfriend asked confused. “Sams going to show everyone why we all fear her.” the brunette told him staying deadly serious. “Don’t kill him.” her boyfriend seemed to warn her. What the hell had I got myself roped into? “Pure fighting or magical?” I asked not sure what they wanted here. “I don’t mind you choice.” Sam told me calmly. “I suggest just fighting unless you want to be taken away in a match box.” One of King Derek’s guards warned me. Your ass needed burning. It made you learn” she told him. “She has a point, leaving the toilet seat up is a bum burning offence.” The blonde told the guard. “Yeah but she didn’t need to do it in the middle of class when everyone saw.” He pointed out. “Adam I burned your ass all the time you never moaned at Me.” the blonde told him sternly. “Well of course not because fires your main element.” He told her. This was all getting confusing. She sounded like a little live wire. What the hell have I got myself into? “Believe me there’s a 50/50 chances you’ll win. But with her in this mood. There’s pretty much none.” The blonde told me. “You’re all making him nervous. Just fight already.” Duncan said as if he wanted to watch. I couldn’t decide if he thought I
would win. Someone he had taught or the tiny guard. We bowed to start the fight. I punched left. She ducked straight under my arms and punched me straight in the stomach. It hurt a lot more than I thought it would. The amount of strength behind it was amazing. We kicked punched. Each other. She caught me in the eye but I could see by her face she hadn’t realised. She was in the zone. She had me on the floor before I even realised what had happened her arm over my neck. I knew if it had been a real fight I would be dead. “Time.” Said Prince Ben’s partner. Looking extremely impressed. “Sorry I got your eye. I didn’t mean to.” Sam apologised to me I was looking at her in shock. She didn’t seem like she had even broke a sweat. Although her clothes seemed slightly ripped. She held her hand out for me I took it and as though I weighed nothing she pulled me to my feet. She was amazing. “Well if that’s just you in a bad mood, I would love to see you in a battle.” I told her. “Believe me she saved 9 girls herself when the princess was kidnapped.” The blonde told me looking very proud at the small guardian. “I didn’t do that all myself. Everyone did it. In fact I remember passing out most of the escape.” Sam told her. “After you killed 20 people yourself, whilst
your bone actually was out of your skin.” The brunette told her. “It was a long time ago.” she told me, looking like she wanted to put it behind her. I wondered how she only got a Dragon level 4. “I don’t think we’ve actually introduced ourselves to any of you?” Sam said worried. “To be honest we were just amazed by what we saw.” Prince Bens guard told her. “So you all know we are the princess’s guards now. We can fully confirm she’s at the school.” the blonde told us. “Everybody Taylor she is a Royal Dragon level 3.” Sam told us looking proud. The blonde smiled at everyone and did a small respectable bow. “Wow” I heard everyone say I agreed. “I thought you got 4?” the guard who she had called Adam said. “No only you and Jessie got 4s out our year.” She told him with a proud smile at him. Wow all these guards were defiantly high. I remembered the ones who had been sent with Grace were, Kye and Jessie. “Everyone Erin. She is a Royal Dragon level 2.” Sam said proudly pointing at the Brunette. “She would be higher if she wasn’t a water user.” Adam told us. “Hey the element doesn’t matter, it’s how you use It.” she told him with a smile. I noticed Sam had found herself back with Derek and was now sat on the floor holding his hand. “My brother here’s
the most confusing.” Sam said proudly. “The first time I did the exams I got royal dragon level 1.” Duncan said. “Then I went back to school to protect the princess and re did my training. I was rewarded Royal Dragon 5 captain.” Wow the highest rank possible? “That’s amazing.” Prince Ben told him everyone agreed. “The 2 guards in our team who have run of to get ice-cream are Kye and Jessie.” Duncan told us. “Jessie royal dragon 4 and Kye’s Dragon level 4. Although in his defence he’s our computer expert and can hack into everything.” Taylor told us. “I wasn’t allowed to get icecream” Sam moaned. They all looked at Sam as if waiting for her to do the next part. “So everyone knows I’m the craziest guard there is.” Sam said holding King Derek’s hand. She looked at Prince Ben. “I told you the princess wants you two to work out and I meant It.” she told them. I saw Prince Ben look really confused. “I am Princess Alysa.” Sam said. “Finally Ally.” Her boyfriend said kissing her.

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