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Chapter 15 - Sam

“So everyone knows I’m the craziest guard there is.” I said, well craziest summed me up. By the look on Sean’s face deadest might be in my future more than craziest. I was holding Derek’s hand he was giving me the courage, I needed to do this. If I didn’t I would be lying for the next 5 years, worried that someone would realise I wasn’t actually hiding the princess. I looked at Prince Ben I wanted him to know not to hide his relationship the most I knew how it felt and it sucked. “I told you the princess wants you two to work out and I meant it.” I told him. He looked at me like he was worried for my sanity. “I am Princess Alysa.” I said trying not to run and hide the moment I said it. “Finally Ally.” Derek said. He knew how hard that had been for me, he kissed me. Now I have experienced of courses, no you can’t be, even people try to kill me when I tell them. What I have never been met with is absolute silence. Well this was new. “She’s telling the truth.”
Derek said as we pulled apart. I looked at them all and rather than staring at me they were all bowing. Okay that I hadn’t expected. I looked at the guards and found myself going into chatterbox mode with no stop button. “I actually did complete my guard training as a dragon level 4. I really am a guard called Samira. I just also happen to be the princess. But I never asked to be the princess. Just because that’s who I am I don’t want anyone to feel like I need protecting. I can protect myself. I never wanted this.” “Sam shut up.” Sean told me. “Just kiss her again or shell never shut up.” Erin told Derek. “So you’re really the princess?” Prince Ben asked seriously. I nodded. “I am the princess.” I told him he nodded his understanding. “Yet you don’t have guards with you in class?” Peter said. “That’s because she can protect herself.” Taylor told him with a proud smile. “Which she kind of proved by kicking your ass.” Erin told him. “I went through guard training same as you. I fully did everything you did.” I told him. He looked shocked. “Wait all of it?” Edward prince Ben’s boyfriend asked. “Believe me she went through all of it. None of us knew who she was until we got assigned to Derek and her.” Adam said. It was true Adam used to beat me up all the time, if he had known who I was I
knew he would have gone easy on me. I had wanted him on my team but Derek needed him more than I did. “Believe me none of them went easy on me.” I said smiling at my friends. “You’ve seen Sean yell at all of us. Believe me he doesn’t go easy on any of us. Sam just gets away with mouthing back.” Taylor told them. “She mouths back a lot.” Sean said honestly. “I admit I have a lot of flaws but I’m not defenceless.” I told them. “Now Prince Ben like I said were sorting you being with who you want. As like I said the princess can’t be with the person she loves.” I said indicating Derek. “We will fix it.” he assured me. “We will.” I said and I meant it believe me I was going to make us happen. “I don’t need any of you to bow or treat me like a princess. What I want is us to all just act like we are normal kids, and enjoy college. In 5 years’ time I will be Queen. If no one kills me. I want to have friends I want people to like me for me. Not to just treat me like a Queen.” I told them. “No one’s going to kill you, except us.” Sean told me. “The thing is because I am the last heir to my throne. I have to take it.” I told them. “If I didn’t I would be training to be a vet right now.” I told them. “Uh?” everyone said. “You know what don’t worry about it. Just all pretend were human
friends it can’t be hard humans do it.” I said. “So you don’t want to be treated like royalty just a normal girl?” Prince Ben asked. “It’s the same for both of us.” Derek told him. His guards nodded, they had taken a lot of breaking but now they all understood, we were all just people. “I’m down for that.” Prince Ben said kissing his boyfriend.

3 hours later. I sat on my sofa watching TV, Derek was sat on the sofa with me his arm around me. Sean and Taylor where in Taylor’s room doing god knows what. Believe me I didn’t want to know. Erin was on a run with Kye. Sepiah had gone out with Princess Leona with Peter and Grace. I had been told not to tell Princess Leona who I was, due to the fact she was a gossip. Prince Ben and his boyfriend had come back for a bit but I think they wanted to escape to their own privacy. We were all willing to try this whole get on thing. We had Adam and another one of Derek’s guards with us called Harry who had been a senior when I was a junior. Both were chatting away with us joining in when we wanted. Like normal kids socialising really. “Are you still mad at me?” Derek asked me. “I’m always mad at you.” I told him jokingly. “Derek I’ve
never been mad at you. I’m mad at myself I’m mad at the situation. But never mad at you.” I told him. “I couldn’t not come.” He told me honestly. That was the thing he never tried not to tell me how he really felt. He left the holding of fillings to me. He seemed to like getting past my barriers. I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, trying to save the memory. For 5 years we could make this work. 5 years we could get a life time of memories of love from. 5 years to work out how to be together forever. Hey I had only had 3 years as a princess and I was slowly coming around to it. Very slowly but still I was. “Want some blood coke?” I asked Derek. We both got up of the sofa and went to the fridge. “You can’t want blood already you just had some.” He told me when we were alone in the kitchen area. I turned and kissed him he lifted me on the side still kissing. That of course was when the door knocked. We jumped apart guilty. Adam answered the door and Jessie and Spencer came in. oops we hadn’t caught Jessie up. “Derek what are you doing here?” Jessie asked looking worried. But then he took one look at us, me red faced sat on the kitchen counter and went “oh.” “Want some tomato coke?” I asked him calmly, trying to hide my blush. “Tomato coke?” Derek and
Spencer asked. “Tomato goes in everything.” I told him with a smile. Derek looked really confused I indicated Spencer. “That the boy you think feels weird?” he asked me, I nodded. Derek looked at Spencer took him all in and shrugged at me. “Could be but I doubt it I think he’s just got the hots for you. I remember what Erin said the first time I saw you. You never realise when guys are flirting.” He told me. I hit him. “What you two been up to.” I asked grabbing myself a glass of readymade blood coke. “Just went for a run.” Jessie said looking embarrassed. I nodded. “Spencer this is Adam, Harry and Derek they’ve just transferred here for their second year.” I told him. “Oh? Where from?” Spencer asked calmly. Derek actually seemed to start studying him again. “Do I know you?” Derek asked him confused. “Unless you went to my school I doubt it.” Spencer said shrugging. Derek looked at me as if to say maybe I was right. “What I miss then?” Jessie asked calmly. “Oh you know the usual Sam fighting she completely Kicked Peter’s ass.” Adam told him from the sofa where they were now playing PlayStation. “You really should work on your anger issues Sam.” Jessie told me jokingly, he realised what I had done that for. “You should see Peter he’s literally got a black
eye.” Adam told him. Spencer looked at me concerned. “I’m a black belt.” I told him. “So am I” he told me. Of course he was. “Believe me you don’t want to fight Sam she fights dirty.” Jessie told him. “I don’t fight dirty. If I remember rightly you literally beat my ass every time.” I told him with a smile. “Yeah talking about ass burning. Has anyone seen Sean?” Jessie asked, indicating he needed to talk to Sean. “He and Taylor are in her bedroom doing god knows what.” I told him shrugging. Jessie went to knock then stopped himself, I laughed. “Do you want your ass burnt by Taylor or Sean or me?” I asked with a smile. He sighed “you’ll do.” He told me. “What’s up?” Derek was still watching Spencer who was watching him confused to. Well that’s what I thought and then I realised nope. They were being typical Guys. I rolled my eyes. “Come on Jessie lets go talk.” I said pointing out the door he nodded. We went into his apartment. “What’s up?” I asked. “I tried to compel Spencer.” He told me honestly. “Let me guess it didn’t work?” I asked him. “It kind of did then he broke out and thought I was joking. I think I need more practise.” He told me honestly. “I don’t think Spencer’s fully human.” I told him honestly. “You don’t?” “I don’t know I just get the feeling he’s
got abit of Amaris in him. But his parents are still together.” I told him as confused as I felt. Jessie looked concerned. “Isn’t that against the law?” he asked me worriedly. I nodded, “I don’t care if they are I just don’t want Sean to know until I know for sure. It’s why I told you not to compel him.” I told Jessie. He nodded. “I have nothing against him at all. If his parents are Amaris and together I don’t want them to feel like they have to keep their life secret.” I told him. “But what if he’s a threat to you?” Jessie asked me honestly. “Jess we out number 1 half Amaris by a lot.” I told him honestly. He nodded his understanding. “I want you to keep it a secret. But watch him.” I told Jessie. He again nodded. “Thanks. I want to talk to his parents see if you can arrange maybe us going to meet them.” I said shrugging knowing they lived somewhere in this state. “Now you’ve said that he told me he was going home next weekend to give him mum his washing.” Jessie told me. “Make it so I can come. Without Sean just you and me.” I told him. “How?” he asked me. “I’ll think of a way just get me and you the invite.” I told him. He nodded. We went back into my apartment. I noticed a few things straight away. Kye was back with Erin and all the boys where now on the PlayStation. “Really we
brought 2 of those things.” I said rolling my eyes. “Well I think we made a good choice.” Kye told me with a smile. I rolled my eyes. Spencer was winning the game he and Derek actually seemed to be getting on. Well I suppose a game thing was better than them all fighting. Derek’s phone started ringing. “Your mum” he told me holding it up like it was normal for my mother to ring him. “You can bloody pause the game and talk to her then” I told him. He carried on playing Jessie looked at me as if to say Boys will be Boys. “Whys my mum calling you?” I asked him calmly. “I’m meant to be in a meeting next Saturday and I said I wasn’t going due to changing schools. She’s not happy with me.” he told me. “She knows you come here?” I asked suddenly worried. Our relationship was a secret. Mum knew we were friends but that was it. “Nope that’s why she isn’t happy. She doesn’t like the fact I’ve transferred without telling her where. I am apparently worse than you. Because at least she knows you know your duty and you aren’t reckless.” He told me trying not to laugh. “The more I hear about your lives the more I think your all just pulling my leg.” Spencer said, still fully in the game. “So if I answered wouldn’t you be in more trouble?” I asked him calmly. He suddenly
realised that. Our dating was something my mother would put a stop to straight away. “What’s next Saturday’s meeting about?” I asked as I sat down next to him. I was tempted to walk in front of the screen. “Not actually sure. They never tell me until I’m there. Think they think I won’t turn up.” He said calmly. “That’s because you wouldn’t turn up. Is Drew going?” I asked calmly. “He has to so does Luke everybody has to apparently go.” Derek said dying so he was out. He turned to me like I had done it on purpose. “Are you seeing him and Kayla?” I asked calmly stifling a laugh. “Want me to give them a message?” he asked me “no I just wanted to make sure they haven’t followed me to college as well.” I joked. “You know if they didn’t have Cole they would.” He said now paying full attention to me, he knew they didn’t know about us. Maybe I should have told them, but I knew they couldn’t help us. No one could. “Yeah I know.” I said. Spencer died in the game. “So you work for Sams mum?” he asked Derek. “Let’s just say I’m a reluctant partner in a company Sam will one day own.” Derek said. “So you will one day be partners in business?” Spencer worked out. “No Sam will one day be my boss.” Derek said with a smile at me. I rolled my eyes. “So that’s why your
mum can’t know your dating?” Spencer worked out. “Yeah were not allowed to be together.” Derek said sadly. “Well you have 3 brothers couldn’t one of them run the business and you just be together if that’s what you want?” Spencer asked calmly. He had the same manner of talking as Derek did. “Unfortunately only I can take over.” I told him sadly. Derek’s phone started going again. “You need to lie to my mum, and then agree to go to the meeting.” I told him. He looked like he wanted to fight me on that. “Come on if you don’t she’s going to hunt you down. Realise where you are. Then Marco will come kill you. Then possibly me.” I told him smiling. “Marco doesn’t know?” Derek suddenly realised. “Just go to the meeting and cover your ass.” I told him with a smile. He nodded. “Ring her in a minute tell her you were on the toilet.” I told him with a smile. He again nodded. “Go ring my mum back I’ll see you in the morning.” I told him. I wasn’t mad. I just was worried that she was going to end up working out where he was and separate us. That would defiantly break my heart. Now he was here I wanted him here. “You want me to go?” he asked me. “No” I told him truthfully, if I could I would stay with him forever. “I just don’t want her finding out. Not until I’m
ready” I told him kissing him. His guards had stopped playing ready to snap to attention. He kissed me gently. “I.” he started. His phone started ringing again. “I know go talk to my mum.” I told him and kissed him goodbye. Derek and his guards left. Leaving me Jessie Kye and Erin in my apartment. “Erin where’s Sepiah?” I asked worriedly. She hadn’t come back I realised. Just as if talking about her made her appear Sep came in the apartment. “Sep.” I said smiling at her. “How much you going to kill me?” she asked me. “Well you could have told me he was coming.” I told her. “That would have given you chance to get a reason to run.” Sep told me with a smile. I rolled my eyes. I was going to be a sucky Queen. “I’m going to be a sucky boss.” I told her.

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