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Chapter 16 - Sam

It was 2 weeks later I looked at Peter from where I was stood in the kitchen. He was Sat on the sofa watching Princess Leona whilst Sep and the girl chattered. Mine and Jessie plan was in motion. We were going back with Spencer only for the day. Turned out his parents only lived an hour’s drive away. Our problem was Sean and my guards. We didn’t want to take everyone. Spencer was all for Jessie going. Jessie had managed to tell him I was coming, without much issue. He had told him not to tell my brother he wouldn’t let me and I wanted to come, I needed the road trip. “Peter.” Sep started, distracting Peter now in motion. Sepiah tried to keep a straight face. I had admitted what I was doing to her and Derek. Derek really wasn’t happy about my plan to ditch the others but he had come through with his side. He had taken Sean with him to the palace. With the pretence he had to see Marco. Yep both Sean and Marco were going to kill me but I had more than
one plan in motion. Thankfully Sean had no reason to be suspicious what with Derek going with him and Jessie promising he wouldn’t leave my side, how much trouble could I get in. sometimes he really underestimates me. We had made sure Spencer kept his mouth shut. The problem was Peter. Sean had told Peter to watch me. Taylor wouldn’t be able to stop us quick enough as she had to train the others here so we didn’t break schedule. In fact if all went well she wouldn’t realise we were gone. Erin and Kye were in Kye’s bedroom. I’m not even going to comment on that but there timing had worked out in our advantage as well. “Peter, I really would like to go shopping.” Sepiah said. “I would like to show Leona the most gorgeous outfit ever.” Sep said. “Shopping would be great” Leona said not knowing she was a part of this conspire to help me lose my guards. I shrugged and said. “Take Erin and Kye.” “But” Peter went. “That’s good I need to buy Erin new clothes.” Sep said with a smile. “Jessie will stay with me won’t you?” I asked Jessie with a smile. He nodded. “Its fine we will just stay here, neither of us like shopping.” Jessie said. Peter looked like he didn’t want to go shopping but his actual duty was Princess Leona, that’s why Sep had to do
something with her outside of the college campus. “I’ll get Erin and Kye.” Jessie said and with that he was gone. They came back a second later. “I don’t want to go shopping.” Kye moaned. “You need to buy that new computer program remember.” I told him with an innocent smile. He had been compelled to take a long time finding this program, that I wasn’t even sure existed. “Oh yeah.” He said now suddenly wanting to go. Erin sighed, Spencer was with Jessie and watching everything. “Sean said not to leave you.” she told me. “Its fine I’m just going to hang out with Jessie and Spencer, he wants to show me some of his Karate, then were going to go jump from a 12 story building.” I told her. I added the last part as a way to say I wasn’t happy about my option either. Spencer looked very confused and went to say something but Jessie shock his head quickly at him, and he shut up. “You sure?” Peter asked me. “Positive” I said smiling. And pulling out a can of pop from the fridge that moment to hide my face. With Leona and Sep already moving to go they had to go with them. Once the door was shut, Spencer said “what the hell was all that about?” “My over protective brother saying I can’t be trusted alone. He doesn’t trust me not to get myself killed. Or jump from a 12 story
building.” I told him honestly. “He’s not over protective sometimes I think he underestimates you.” Jessie said seriously. He really didn’t seem happy about how easy I had managed to get myself guard free, the only person I had promised Derek I wouldn’t compel in this escape plan, was my actual guard, so Jessie was lucky he wasn’t doing what I said. “Why didn’t you just say you were going with Jessie to meet my parents?” Spencer asked confused. “I’m not meant to leave campus without Sean.” I told him honestly. “You’re helping me breaks out.” I told him. “Sam wants a road trip.” Jessie said calmly and like the thought was just a normal everyday accordance. “You lot make no sense what so ever.” Spencer told us. “Thanks.” I told him and smiled nicely. I was wearing my own choice of clothes today. My black hair in a high pony tail. Denim shorts and a light blue shirt of Derek’s that was open with a white vest top underneath. I didn’t look like I could get into trouble. I also made sure both me and Jessie weren’t showing any signs we were guards. “Aren’t you taking your black jacket?” Spencer asked me, looking me up and down as I climbed into the back of the car. We had told him Jessie would drive. “Na it’s too hot for it.” I told him. It was actually the truth the black jacket had
made us so hot this last month. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you lot without them.” Spencer told me truthfully. “They were a graduation present. I think we are all just over attached to them.” Jessie told him.

“I don’t think I’ve been out without Sean since I was kidnapped.” I told Jessie about 45 minutes later I was relaxing in the back seat enjoying the scenes outside the window. “Kidnapped?” Spencer asked in shock. “There is a reason her brothers over protective and makes us all know how to fight.” Jessie told him seriously. “What does your mum do?” he asked me really interested. “She’s in charge of everything.” I told him, calmly. “You mean the whole company?” Spencer asked I nodded. “She’s really rich. I’m worth a fortune.” I said. For the first time that sinking in. maybe this wasn’t my best idea. Out of a lot of crazy ideas this one now scared me, great I should really think before I act more. Sean’s right I act before I think then I realise what I have done. I am going to take my punishment I reminded myself. “Turn right here.” Spencer told Jessie. Who did what he said. We drove into a town I would never of even seen on a map it was so small. Interesting I thought. “I thought your dad is the
sheriff?” Jessie said. “He is but as you can tell the towns slightly broke.” Spencer said shrugging. “He used to be a lawyer but doesn’t like mixing with new people nowadays.” Spencer admitted. We pulled up at what looked like a very run down house. I wanted to tell Spencer if he needed any help I would help out. But knew that would be the wrong thing to say. I noticed the bike on the floor. “Your little sisters?” Jessie asked him making sure he didn’t hit it. “Yeah. If my sister asks you if you’re my girlfriend just ignore her.” Spencer told me I smiled. “Don’t worry I got siblings.” I told him keeping straight faced. Hey if mine knew about Derek his life would be in danger. Jessie opened the boot and I looked in at the amount of washing Spencer had. “Really have you never heard of a washing machine? We’ve been at college for a month and in that time have you done a single load?” I asked him. Jessie grabbed 2 bags and Spencer 2, I took 1. “If this has underwear in, I would have preferred to have stayed at college.” I told him. “Eww” I was saying as we walked into his house. “Spencer is that you?” a little voice called from upstairs. “YEAH STACEY IVE BROUGHT MY WASHING.” Spencer yelled up the stairs. “Honestly when we get back I’m teaching everyone how to use a
bloody washing machine.” I told the boys who had both admitted that the boy’s apartment needed help, no wonder they were using ours as the main hangout. “You’re as bad as Sepiah she just buys a new outfit.” I said rolling my eyes. A 15 year old came in the room, she had straight blonde hair and looked like she was going to be gorgeous when she grew up she was taller than me, well that isn’t hard. “What have you brought your whole wardrobe?” she asked her brother rolling her eyes. “Hi?” she said suddenly noticing me and Jessie. “Hey you must be Stacey your brothers told me all about you.” I said smiling. Spencer actually had, he seemed very proud of his younger sister and younger brother. “Mums taken Sam to soccer she’ll be home soon.” Stacey told her brother. “Are you Spencer’s girlfriend?” she asked me with a grin as though she was going to tease her brother. “No she’s my friend.” Spencer told his sister. Stacey looked at Jessie and seemed to suddenly go silly, Jessie looked at me it hadn’t been that long ago we had been 15 surely. It’s hard to believe we were now in college. “Where’s dad?” Spencer asked his sister. “He’s at work.” Stacey said sounding bored. “He will be home in a minute to.” she told him. “Who’s cars out front?” a lady asked
coming in with an 8 year old boy who looked like he had brought most of the field home with him. “Hi mum.” Spencer said. “Oh hello Spencer you come home for the weekend?” his mum asked with a huge smile. “Just to get some washing done.” He told her. I looked at Jessie well I didn’t feel like I was intruding much. “Straight upstairs Sam clean-up then we will go out for lunch.” his mum told his brother before she walked in. “hey mum.” Spencer said giving his mum a hug. “Hi darling.” His mum said. She was obviously human pretty but human. “Mum my roommate Jessie and my friend Sam they both wanted a road trip as Jessie got brought a new car so they tagged along.” Spencer told his mum. She looked at us. Then she did a double take at Jessie but not me. I realised I didn’t look anything like an Amaris but Jessie did. If she knew about Amaris she could be panicking right now, or she might just think Jessie was extremely hot, like most girls did. “Hi” I said putting on a friendly smile. She obviously dismissed the thought. “Hello.” She said with a friendly smile. “I was just telling Spencer he should do his own washing” I told her. “I’ve tried.” She told me although she didn’t look upset about it. “What do you say to a nice meal out before you go back so I
know you’ve eaten something at least healthy?” his mum asked us. “Rather than the beers in the fridge?” Jessie said to Spencer with a joking expression. “Yes rather than the Beers in the fridge.” His mother said sounding like a scolding might be coming. “They don’t have beers in the fridge that I know of. Last time I looked they had nothing in there at all, I actually think they leave all the cooking up to me and my roommates.” I told her. “That’s why we’re going to starve to death.” Spencer said with a smile. “Fine you’re all cooking yourselves I give up.” I told him smiling. “Sams twin brothers my roommate to. So dinners almost like a family meal.” Spencer told his mum with an innocent smile. The fact was dinner was a family meal, a very dysfunctional family but still my family. I had chosen it myself. “None of the girls can cook.” Jessie informed her smiling at me. “I’ll tell your girlfriend you said that.” I told Jessie as a threat.

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