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Chapter 17 - Sam

I had found myself sat next to Spencer and his sister we were waiting for his dad to join us. I knew I wasn’t alone I saw Adam watching me carefully. “I promise ill teach him how to wash his own stuff.” I told his mum with a smile we had been chatting very friendly since Spencer caught her up on college. Thankfully not mentioning the amount of tomatoes we all drink. Or are exercise routine, although he did mention that I was a loud mouth in most the lessons. He really paid more attention to me than I realised. “No don’t worry, at least this way I can feed him a real meal every now and again.” she told me. “You should send us with some home cooked meals it will save 8 people starving to death.” Spencer said. “Hey we cooked that Lasagne yesterday.” I reminded him. “Which went in the bin as was so horrible.” Jessie pointed out. “If I can find snails were all having snails tomorrow and I’m force feeding you all” I told Jessie sticking my tongue out. “Will that
be more eatable than the lasagne?” Spencer asked. He had been the most willing to try my attempt at cooking a lasagne. “Okay I can’t cook I will just let you all starve. Or we can eat ice-cream everyday” I told him. “We have ice-cream everyday anyway” Jessie pointed out. “Didn’t your mum ever teach you how to cook?” Stacey asked me. “My mum was more a grab on the run kind of cook, we had a lot of fast food” I told her. “You’re so skinny.” His sister told me, she could talk she was supermodel thin. She was defiantly half Amaris. That was when he came in the restaurant. I knew straight away. I knew he was Amaris. “Hello Spencer I see by the amount of clothes at home you have yet to discover a washing machine.” His dad told Spencer teasingly. Jessie nodded at me. He knew what I did yep Spencer’s Dad was Amaris. I noticed the 8 others around itching to protect me. His dad sat calmly down at the table obviously not noticing me and Jessie. Then he did a double take at me. Not at Jessie who was actually next to him. “Beth?” he said. Then he shook his head. “Sorry you reminded me a second then of my friend from school.” he told me. Could he mean Elizabeth? He looked at Jessie and then panic crossed his face. “Hi I’m Sam.” I said calmly smiling at him to
calm him down. All it took was a tiny bit of charm. He knew Jessie was Amaris and he looked at me really looked at me and swore. Spencer was looking confused so was all of his family accept his wife. “Are you Beth’s child?” he asked me looking like he was seeing a ghost. Still looking panicked but I think he and my sister were friends. “No, who’s Beth?” I said as confused. He looked at his family guilty. “Hello sir I’m your son’s roommate.” Jessie said to him holding his hand out politely. “You are?” he seemed to relax slightly. After all Spencer went to a school that was Amaris version of hell. Hmm that made sense his dad didn’t want to be found out. “I told your son the same thing about washing.” I told him with an innocent smile. Trying to play clueless. He seemed to think and sat down calmly. A lady came to take are order. “What’s eatable here?” I asked Stacey. “It’s all pretty decent.” She told me. I went for a kid’s burger and chips meal. “Is that really all your having?” his mother asked me worriedly. “So Spencer was telling us you’re the sheriff here.” Jessie said to Spencer’s dad with a genuine smile. Spencer’s dad seemed very worried. “You’re not in trouble.” I head Jessie whisper to him. “We just needed to know, we won’t tell anyone. Does he know? Do they?” Jessie
whispered. I could only hear him because my sensitive ears. “They don’t know anything. Were happy. Please don’t destroy my life. Has Beth got rid of the law yet?” he asked quietly. Dinner arrived. We ate nicely. I took a bite of my burger and it was delicious. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat that much.” Spencer told me honestly when we had finished. “Believe me you haven’t seen her eat snail’s. She’s not kidding if she gets some we are in trouble.” Jessie told him with a smile. “You eat snails?” Sam Spencer’s brother asked. “My grandparents are French I grew up eating snails. But I to this day won’t eat fish and most meats. Everyone seems to think it’s strange.” I told him shrugging. “You really eat snails?” his sister asked grossed out. “You’ll have to go France one day. My grandparents own a little café in Paris, near the Eiffel tower.” I told her. Spencer’s dad was watching me as if he was trying to work me out, but still like he was seeing a ghost. “Parlez-vous français?” Spencer’s dad asked me. Meaning do you speak French? “Oui, je parle français. s’il vous plaît ne soyez pas peur de nous, nous voulions juste savoir si Spencer était humain. comme mon ami omis de le contraindre.” I told him meaning yes I speak French. Please don’t be scared of us we just
needed to know if Spencer was human. As my friend failed to compel him. “Je ne manquai pas, IL est juste un halfelin” Jessie said sounding hurt. Meaning I did not fail he’s just a Halfling. “Elizabeth a devenir reine. Est-il sécuritaire de rentrer à la maison?” He asked me meaning has Elizabeth become Queen. Is it safe to go home? “avez-vous vraiment savez pas?” meaning do you really not know? “Savez quoi?” he asked me meaning know what. I realised that all his family were staring at us. “Elle et le roi sont morts tous les deux.” I said sadly meaning she and the king are both dead. “Marco?” “Marco? Isn’t that your brother’s name Sam?” Spencer asked in English. I smiled at him, “it seems your dad knows my family.” I said to him with a smile. “Your Marcos sister?” he said slightly calmer than he had been looking at me. “I knew he had a baby brother but not a sister.” He said it calmly as if the fact I knew Marco made him calm. “Does Marco know you?” Jessie asked worriedly. “Lui et Elizabeth m’a aidé faux ma mort donc je pourrais épouser qui je voulais et ne pas avoir à être roi.” He and Elizabeth helped me fake my death so I could marry who I wanted and not have to be king. He told us. “Well you learn something new every day.” I said calmly. The more I heard about
my sister the more I liked her. Although she went about it wrong. She should have just told mum she was running away like I do. Everyone was kind of sat in silence. Spencer was looking so confused. “You do realise are world is at war?” I heard Jessie whisper. I rolled my eyes. “It’s possibly best if we don’t mention today to anyone?” I asked calmly. His dad nodded. “What’s your name?” I asked calmly. Spencer’s dad looked at his family sadly. “Tyrone Galanis.” He said. “As in King Tyrone?” I suddenly asked. Omg out of all the people Spencer could be related to, no wonder he reminded me so much of Derek they were bloody cousins. “As in Derek’s uncle?” Jessie asked shocked. “I don’t know anybody called Derek, I’m afraid.” He said. “Derek your boyfriend? King?” Spencer asked me very confused. “Are you Agape’s brother?” I asked calmly trying not to get my hopes up. “Yes he made a better King than I ever could.” Tyrone told me. “He was murdered last year.” Jessie told him trying to spare the man’s feelings. “What the hell’s going on dad?” Spencer and Stacey asked there mum looked like she was ready to grab all the kids and run. There dad looked at them all sadly I couldn’t take this. I looked at spencer his mum and sister and brother and calmly
said. Looking at them all in the eye. “Please forget this conversation. Spencer came home from college with 2 friends you had a lovely dinner. Nothing bad happened at all now we are going back to your house I am paying as I am slightly rich.” “Are you the Princess?” Tyrone asked me in shock when he realised I had just compelled all his family at once.

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