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Chapter 18 - Sean

“I’m going to kill her.” I told Marco. We were on an aeroplane straight back to college. Sam had tricked me into leaving her. Marco was as angry as I was. “I’m going to kill her first.” He told me. It had taken us all of 5 minutes to work out what she had done. Thankfully we had picked Marco up only a state away. Not the other side of the bloody world and he had Kayla and Drew visiting. “What the hell is she playing at?” Drew rounded on Derek. He had to blab what they had done. “She wanted to discover why your roommate didn’t feel human.” he said to me. He seemed to finally be cracking under the pressure. “Spencer is human.” I told him flatly. “Hes defiantly not. She thinks hes half human half Amaris. She and Jessie convinced him to take them to his parents.” Derek blabbed. “You let the Princess go into what could be a trap?” Marco asked him angrily. I realised how much anger they would be if they found out Derek and Sam/Alysa were dating. “I
didn’t want to.” Derek told us. “I would never risk her getting hurt. I sent a few of my guards hidden” Derek said “she’s with Jessie.” He told me. Yep Jessie was dead to. To be honest I doubted that even they thought they were going to get away with this. Kayla looked at him seriously she had Baby Cole on her lap, if she didn’t I recon she would be killing him right about now. “Why did you transfer to Ally’s college?” she asked calmly. Derek looked at her then at me. Well they were both in a hell of a lot of trouble anyway it could only get worse I suppose. “You love her?” Kayla guessed. “I promise I would never risk her going alone.” Derek told us. Ignoring the love comment so he wouldn’t be murdered. “How long have the two of you been together?” Kayla asked calmly. Handing Cole to Marco so he couldn’t kill Derek. “Since my parents died.” Derek admitted. “Yet you sat there completely silent whilst they talked about arranging her marriage.” Drew said like he wanted to kill Derek. “You knew you couldn’t be together when you started your relationship.” Kayla said looking at Derek sadly. “We both did.” He admitted. “So you bloody hid it?” Marco asked angrily and then realisation hit. “You knew they were dating and didn’t tell anyone?” he rounded on
me. “If I told Sam would have snuck around me it was safer for them both if they didn’t hide it from us.” I said trying to not be in too much trouble here. Kayla came to my aid. “It’s not Duncan’s fault.” She said. “Ally knew what she was doing was wrong or she would have admitted to us.” Kayla said sounding worried for Ally rather than cross. “How bloody far have you two got.” Drew yelled at Derek. “There never alone together.” I quickly said, before we were a royal family down. “So what did the two of you bloody plan?” Drew asked him still looking like he was going to kill Derek. “We haven’t thought that far ahead.” Derek told them. “You were just hoping to forget about it?” Kayla asked concerned. “No she claims to have a plan.” Derek admitted. Drew looked like he was about to kill him. Marianna sat calmly. “You weren’t expecting something like this to happen?” Marianna asked sounding like she had known it would. “Have you tried staying away from her?” she asked Derek. He nodded “we tried.” He admitted. “I told you it was strange she had chosen the college she did.” Marianna told Marco. “I wish you had just come clean. The fact is there’s a way you two bloody could have been together.” Marco told Derek not looking as angry. “But you just sat
there! Whilst Kayla and I battled to have the arranged marriage put away till Ally is older.” Drew said looking pissed off. “There’s a way we can be together?” Derek asked Marco full of hope. I saw Kayla realise Marcos words to.

We landed the plane in a field close to the town Spencer lived in. “well I can see why if this is an Amaris having an illegal marriage they would choose this town.” Marco said climbing of the plane. It took 10 minutes to find Jessie’s car. We left Derek on the plane with a guard to kill him if he was an idiot again. Drew’s orders. “I’m going to bloody kill her.” I told them looking at the family restaurant. “I think one of us should go in and access the situation first.” Marianna said. They all looked at me. “I’ll go.” Marco said calmly.

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