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Chapter 19 - Marco

Alysa, Alysa, Alysa what will I do with you. The moment Kayla said it I realised. The idiot before me wasn’t just an idiot; he was an idiot who was in love. The thing is, with a law being Changed her sister had planned their relationship would never of had to be like it was. She had always been so anti dating, well I thought she had. Almost 2 years she had hid this relationship. Why the hell had she done it? I looked at Derek. I would never have put him as her type, after she had dated Luke. Well I really wasn’t one to talk about type. I had loved and always would love Elizabeth, but I loved Marianna who was the complete opposite, it was the fact that Marianna wasn’t like Beth that had finally made me full for her. I had before Alysa had told me I was an idiot for not seeing it. Now Marianna and I were married, surely Ally should have known I would have helped her be with the person she wanted to be. Had she loved him so much she was to scared we would separate
them? I realised she had sent him like this to out there relationship, but give us something else to be mad at her about. So we wouldn’t yell at her for Derek. We didn’t give her enough credit for stupid ideas. We’ll all it would have taken would be hunting someone down. Her changing a few laws. A dead king coming back from the dead and presto. All fixed. That was if the bloody girl didn’t get herself killed first. I was more mad at her for the situation she had put herself in that fulling in love. This Amaris may attack her. We landed the plane in a field close to the town the half human Amaris boy apparently lived in. “well I can see why if this is an Amaris having an illegal marriage they would choose this town.” I said climbing of the plane. It took 10 minutes to find Jessie’s car. We left Derek on the plane with a guard to kill him if he was an idiot again. Drew’s orders. I knew my younger brother was cross for other reasons than me. He had a lot of arguments with the Queen stopping her arranging Ally’s marriage. All that time Derek would have just sat there. “I’m going to bloody kill her.” Duncan told us. I knew he meant it that was the scary thing. He had covered her relationship, he would kill anyone who tried to hurt her. Yet the person most dangerous to her safety
seemed to be her. From everything he had told me about their first month of college Ally was lucky she wouldn’t be finding herself locked in her room till she became Queen. I looked at the family restaurant. It really looked like all she had found was an Illegal family. Well again the Law she needed to change would help this family out. If he or she lived in this town. They had obviously faked death and cut themselves of. I sighed at everyone seeming to angry if we went in all guns blazing like we were currently feeling something bad would happen. “I think one of us should go in and access the situation first.” Marianna said I knew she meant Duncan or herself but it was fine I was going in. They all looked at me for permission. “I’ll go.” I said and walked in.

“He was murdered last year.” Jessie told the man sat next to him softly trying to save his feelings I realised. Yep what they had found thankfully was just an illegal family. She was still in a lot of trouble though. “What the hell’s going on dad?” 2 of the Halfling children asked the other was flicking peas onto the floor. The mum was looking like she was petrified of Ally and Jessie. Ally seemed to suddenly realise she was
destroying a family, “Please forget this conversation. Spencer came home from college with 2 friends you had a lovely dinner. Nothing bad happened at all we are going back to your house. I am paying as I am slightly rich.” Ally said calmly compelling the family like only she could. She obviously wasn’t scared or she would be fighting and talking her way out of this another way. “Are you the Princess?” the Man asked. A man I knew, how in the whole world and what I recon was 100 families, hidden like this, had she managed to find King Tyrone? Well that was defiantly love at work. “No I’m just a very powerful guard.” Ally told him. I walked over and pulled the empty chair. Jessie Alysa and Tyrone jumped at my arrival. “You are in serious trouble young lady.” I told her. “Hello Tyrone it’s been a long time.” I said looking at the king. “How dead am I?” Alysa asked me. “Very.” I told her crossly. “Do you know everything?” Ally said looking worried. Tyrone looked at me extremely worried. “King Marco?” Tyrone asked. “How the hell in every single Amaris family hidden did you manage to find the one you needed to? Especially when I’ve been looking for them?” I asked her actually impressed. Ally fidgeted. “You’ve been looking for me?” Tyrone asked worried. “Dad what the
hell’s going on?” one of his children asked. I sighed and looked at Ally. She looked worried not knowing what to say and we were obviously making a scene in the middle of the restaurant. “I think we should go back to your house.” she told Spencer calmly and stood up. “Spencer, you know I told you my brothers were over the top.” Ally told the boy rolling her eyes. “Meet my brother Marco. I’m in so much trouble. He will either start yelling at me now or at yours can we make it yours?” Ally asked the boy. He looked so confused but nodded I realised she wasn’t even using Charm. I saw his dad realise that as well and actually seem to mutter about Girls and teenage boys.

We were at Tyrone’s house. I hadn’t realised we was so hard up. If I had I would have tried harder to find him. Although my priority’s for the Last 18 years had been Alysa. Who was having the riot act read to her By Drew and Sean outside. She had claimed she had compelled Jessie into helping her. I personally thought she was just trying to keep him out of trouble. He couldn’t say either way and we knew that. “What the hell’s going on dad?” Spencer asked his father. I saw Tyrone’s family. I didn’t want to destroy it and mess it up. This
wasn’t how I wanted to find them. I wanted to find them when the law was reversed and they could come home. “I know your friends Sams family.” His dad told his son calmly.

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