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Chapter 2 - Sam

It didn’t take long for all our stuff to be moved in. what with the houses being furnished and us being from boarding school. “Bean bags” Taylor said. “Beanbags?” I asked her. “Yeah so we all have something in both apartments.” She told me with a smile. “We need a video game system. Whatever one of those is?” Kye said. We all laughed. “Take it you’ve been listening to others move in?” Erin asked him. We had heard the exact same words. “What’s this?” Taylor said looking at the dishwasher. “It’s a machine that washes stuff up.” I told her laughing. “Why wouldn’t we do that by hand?” she asked me. “Because there’s a machine.” I said shrugging. “Okay now we have all 7 of you together.” Kacie said smiling at us. “You’re going to tell us you don’t trust us and you’re staying here, not going back to school?” Kye asked her. “No although it’s tempting so don’t push it.” Judah told him. Erin slapped Kye round the head he laughed. “You have rules that we
need to follow?” Sean said calmly. Ignoring the now battle going on between Erin and Kye. “Um sir you’re no longer in charge of us” Erin reminded him with a huge smile. Judah didn’t look fazed. “The rules our have fun. Be yourselves and keep each other safe. And no dyeing” He told us. I hugged him. “So we can kill each other?” Taylor asked looking at Erin with an evil smile. “Does no killing each other even have to be a rule?” I asked smiling. “No robbing hospitals. A blood delivery is arriving once a week.” Kacie told us looking directly at me. “I like robbing hospitals.” I told her jokingly. Our list of don’ts went on. As far as I was concerned as long as none of us died and no humans died, it was a huge plus. “We have done the roommate thing before.” I reminded Kacie who looked frightened. “You have watched us for over 2 years it’s time to let us sink or swim.” Sean told them. “We can protect ourselves and the princess.” Jessie reminded them. “Hey I can protect myself thank you.” I said. Jessie was sat on the sofa cuddling Sepiah. They were a cute couple. “I know.” He assured me with a smile. “Can we throw a party and see how many other Amaris our here?” Sep asked. “No” we all told her. “If you do I’ll kill you.” Erin told her. “If Erin try’s to kill me you’ll
protect me won’t you Jessie.” Sep asked Jessie I couldn’t help but laugh, and then they kissed. “Can we have a rule no yanky panky?” I asked. “Yanky panky?” Erin asked. Kacie coughed. Judah looked at me exasperated. As if asking if I was confident with my choice in guards for college. I was more than confident. I knew my friends better than anything. I trusted every single one of them with my life, and with my life the future of my kind. “I think we should at least go to some party’s” I said although I was joking. Judah looked at me worriedly. “I’m kidding Judah we will throw our own party’s.” I told him with an innocent smile “Beer and blood with cakes yummy.” Taylor said. We all burst out laughing. “Sometimes I’m worried you’re the future leader of my kind.” Judah told me jokingly, I laughed gone were the days that I would have been filled with fear at those words. “I think mum is to.” I said remembering the 2 weeks I had spent with my mother this summer. Yeah we were trying but we didn’t see eye to eye much. She wanted me to stop dyeing my hair black wear dresses oh and study politics. None of that was happening thankyou mother. Although she had slightly won. “I still think we should open our own college.” Judah informed us. “Yes and
when I am Queen, I’ll put it as one of the agendas. But the idea is to get used to co habiting with humans.” I reminded him. “I love the fact you now say when rather than if.” Sean told me proudly, I rolled my eyes but smiled at my brother. “If I say if would you beat me up?” I asked sweetly. “I would.” Taylor warned me. We all laughed again. “Don’t you need to be back at school soon?” Erin asked them with an innocent expression. I tried to keep a straight face. It wasn’t just me that wanted to escape the pressure on us. “Yes we do need to be back soon but we thought we would take you all shopping for anything you’ve forgotten.” Kacie said with a smile at the kitchen. “What have we forgotten?” Sep asked confused. “Plates cups bowls saucepans?” Kacie told her with a straight face. “We have to cook?” Taylor asked. I laughed at my friend’s scared face. Fighting to the death no problem, cooking a pizza dangerous. “I will teach you everything I know.” I told them “why does it sound like were going to be living on cakes and junk food?” Kye asked jokingly. “When’s the blood arriving?” Sean asked. “You have to meet the delivery man once a week but he will bring it straight up.” Judah told him with a nod of approval that at least he was taking this serious. “I will try finding out how
many Amaris are at school before I leave.” Judah told everyone we all nodded now serious. “I will join you.” Sean told him. So it was arranged. Taylor, Erin, Sep, Jessie, Kacie and me went shopping Kye and Sean went with Judah to find out what they could.

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