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Chapter 20 - Sam

“What the hell were you thinking?” Sean yelled at me. “Out of everything Crazy you have done this is one of the craziest.” Drew yelled at me. “Can’t you just hit it out of me?” I asked them wanting more to physical fight than the words. Being hit I could take, words hurt me more. Kayla looked at me sadly. She normally was on my side but she was mad at me too. “I compelled Jessie don’t yell at him” I said coming quickly to Jessie’s aid. He looked at me confused. He couldn’t say if I had or hadn’t. In fact he currently couldn’t even tell anyone how we got here. “7 guards Sam.” Sean yelled at me. “I messed with all your heads.” I told him. He looked confused trying to work out if I had. That was the good thing I could get everything put on me. “What were you and Derek playing at?” Drew asked crossly. “He just sat there whilst your mum wanted to arrange you to get married.” he yelled at me. “He lied and put you in complete danger.” Sean yelled at me. “Yeah I know I
told him to.” I said calmly. “Ally.” Kayla warned me. Marianna had gone to get Derek from the plane. He arrived and took in the scene. “What’s going on?” he asked me looking worried. “Sit down.” Drew told him crossly. I wanted to roll my eyes but knew we were in too much trouble for that. “You two were Stupid. Idiotic.” Drew started. Kayla finally had enough. “Enough, they both know what they did was wrong.” She said. She looked at me worriedly. Maybe I hadn’t pissed everyone of. Nope her look told me she was pissed off. She gave Cole to Drew as if a way to calm him down. I bit my bottom lip trying not to smile at her for a thank you. “You two should have told us.” She told me and Derek. “Actually all of you should have told us.” Drew told Sean. Derek looked at me and realised I was having a war inside myself. I hated this I wished they would just kill me. He threaded his hand in mine and squeezed. “What’s going on?” he asked me indicating indoors. “What’s going on is you found an illegal family that could have turned to be killers. But thankfully aren’t.” Sean yelled at him. I could tell he was trying his hardest not to kill us both. He would quiet happily beat me up rather than words. Yeah could I have his punishment? “Please can we just sort
the mess out inside first?” I tried. “I want to know what Marcos saying. I don’t want to destroy lives. Enough lives have been destroyed because of me.” I tried. They all looked at me. “Sam.” warned Sean. Kayla seemed to blow everything out. “I’ll go see if Marco thinks that’s a good idea.” Marianna said. “100 miles.” Sean told me. “100?” I asked trying not to look happy about it. “100?” Jessie perked up. “That’s Jessie’s Punishment. And the rest of ours for letting are guard down, around you.” Sean told me still looking pissed off.” “I think that’s a suitable punishment.” Marianna told him. Derek looked at me still holding my hand. “For god sake.” Kayla told him. “You two should have just said. You know how much easier we could have worked getting the law changed so you two could be together. Rather than you two hide it and be miserable.” She told him. “They’ve never been alone?” Drew double checked with Sean. “I might be Reckless but I’m not that reckless.” I told Drew knowing what he was worried about. “That would be you and Kayla I remember Christmas well.” I told him and indicated Cole. Both looked abit shell shocked at me outburst. “Come on neither Derek or I want this. We just want to be normal. I don’t want to be Queen Derek doesn’t
want to be King. We just want to be together. It wasn’t why I followed Spencer here anyway. I wanted his family to know they didn’t have to hide. Same as I’m helping Prince Ben date his guard. And I pushed my mother to allow Marco and Marianna’s wedding. If I’m to renew are humanity we got to start actually acting like humans. You two act the most human out of every Amaris I have met. Yet both of you.” “Enough time to come in.” Marco said looking at me like I was loose cannon. I stood up and walked in trying not to cry.

“What the hell’s going on?” Spencer asked again. “Do you want your children to know before they can be a part of our world?” I asked calmly. Everyone stared at me. “No.” Tyrone told me flatly. I nodded. “Everybody who wasn’t at lunch go.” I said bossy. “Do I know you?” Derek asked Tyrone. “Tyrone this is your nephew Derek. Once I get rid of the law and you lot can come home. You need to take over his throne. Thank you.” I told him. Everyone stared at me. “You can kill me at college.” I told Marco. “I’m going home the same way I came. In Jessie’s car with Spencer. Him clueless. Thank you.” I told them. Everyone still stood staring at me but making sure I couldn’t catch them in the eyes. “Come
on I’m actually going to let you yell at me as much as you want to. But right now were destroying a family. I want to renew are humanity not destroy it even more.” I pointed out. “When I get back to college you can pretend you’ve discovered I’ve snuck out.” I pointed out. “Spencer knows I’m rich he will think your all just over protective because of that.” I told them. “Uh Sam?” Derek asked me confused. I kissed him “go back to college I’ll be home in an hour. Go now or I’ll have to wipe more from there memory than I want to.” I told them. Marco nodded. “Give him this once you done.” Marco said handing me an envelope full of cash. He knew what I was about to do better than I did. “You really are just like Beth.” Tyrone told me. “Beth was less hassle.” Marco said as he pulled everyone but Jessie and Me out. Derek wanting to stay. “We will wait till you’re on the road before we leave.” Sean told me sternly. “I wouldn’t think anything less. I’m sorry I tricked you.” I told him. He rolled his eyes at me as if to say I could have avoided all this mess. He was right. I should have and could of. They weren’t meant to turn up and now I was going to get rid of their memories of the whole day. I had already wiped the restaurants memory of the others just not us. But I had erased our
conversation from the waitresses mind. Here it went wiping 5 people’s memories. “TODAY SPENCER CAME HOME FROM COLLEGE WITH HIS ROOMMATE AND FRIEND. WE WENT OUT TO EAT, AND THEN WE CAME BACK FOR AN HOUR. WE GOT TO KNOW EACH OTHER. YOU’RE HAPPY FOR YOUR SON MAKING FRIENDS WE GOT ALL SPENCERS WASHING DONE HE IS GOING TO BE TAUGHT TO USE A WASHING MACHINE WHEN HE GETS BACK TO COLLEGE.” “You had to add the last bit?” Jessie asked me. I turned to just face Spencer’s dad. “YOU KNOW THAT ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAME TODAY WAS AMARIS BUT NOT WHO. HE GAVE YOU A BIG ENVELOPE FULL OF MONEY TO HELP YOU OUT. SAYING IT WAS FROM YOUR OLD FRIEND. THEY APOLIGISES FOR TAKING SO LONG TO GET THE LAW CHANGED THEY ARE STILL WORKING ON IT.” I told him. “Okay? All done?” Jessie asked me concerned he realised I was starting to get weak I should have had blood by now. “YOU’RE ALL GOING TO SUDDENLY START LAUGHING LIKE WE MADE A JOKE NOW” I said and I dropped it. Everyone started laughing an half an hour later we were in the car on the way home. No one having a clue of what had happened today. But me now having the answers I wanted. I was lying quietly in
the back seat. “You okay Sam?” Spencer asked me none the wiser of what had happened today. “Thanks for the road trip.” I told him with a weak smile. Jessie looked at me worriedly. “You look like you’re going to your death?” Spencer tried to joke with me. “I am Sean’s back and knows what I’ve done.” “I’m sure Sean will only make you run more.” Spencer told me trying not to sound as confused as he felt. “It’s worse all my brothers are there.” I told him. “All 3 are going to kill me.” I told him. “They really should lay of you.” Spencer told me. “Don’t tell them that.” I told him. I looked him in the eyes and told him. “YOU WILL GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR ROOM WHEN WE GET BACK AND GO TO BED TIRED. YOU WILL SLEEP UNTIL TOMORROW MORNING AND JUST THINK WE ARE EXHUSTED, FROM OUR EXERCISE ROUTINE AND DAY OUT.” I told him. He yawned. “God I’m shattered.” He told me. I smiled at him. “I am to more than you realise.” I said and curled up in a ball and let Jessie drive me of to my murder.

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