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Chapter 21 - Drew

Jessie carried Ally/Sam into her apartment like she was a little kid. She was fast asleep. I wanted to wake her and start yelling at her. Derek’s guards had rescued him, obviously realising he was in danger of being murdered by us. We had told all the others what Sam had pulled. Also what she had discovered that there roommate was a Halfling, so they needed to be careful around him. No slip ups as they couldn’t compel him. We also informed them that he didn’t know. None of his family knew. They really needed to think better before they acted. I could tell they were all mad at Ally. All it would have taken was her taking them with her. Then we wouldn’t have ever been the wiser, I suppose it was a good thing she was sucky at plans. We now had a way to fix her mess and knew about her relationship. I really should have known. I had seen the two of them together a few times, but I hadn’t thought she would be that stupid. Okay I should correct that I
knew she was reckless and acted before she thought. But she seemed to have become more reckless nowadays. “I take it Spencer hasn’t got a single clue of what you pulled?” Sean asked as Jessie walked in the apartment. He seemed so cross about their plan. If I thought of Ally as my baby sister he defiantly did. The two of them were normally as close to each other as anyone I had known. Taylor looked at Jessie sadly. “If you felt she was compelling you to do something you should of tried to warn us.” She told Jessie looking sorry for him. “We should have all bloody realised. What with her sucky attempt to make it so she was left alone with just Jessie.” Erin said looking cross with herself. Wow they really did blame themselves for this. “100 miles” Sean told them. “For all of us.” He said he felt like he should have known to. “I just thought as Derek was gone, it wasn’t like she could get into too much trouble.” Erin admitted. “It’s Sam, when is she not in trouble. I can’t believe she put a made up computer program in my head. Although it still sounds a brilliant program and I want to make it.” Kye told them. “Just let her sleep she’s exhausted.” Kayla said coming to her aid. “She knows the rules on blood.” Marco told her he seemed so cross with Ally, I doubted
he would be leaving her again. “She also knows what she did was stupid. We don’t need to keep going on at her. That’s when she becomes defensive and panicked. Then starts making crazy plans.” Kayla pointed out, she had a point. Evil genius there was just a scared kid most the time, I had to remind myself. She acted before she thought and then she was sorry. She had been taught to act and flee the fact she had come back to face the music said more about how far she had grown than I cared to admit. My memories went back to the night she had stood up for her human friends. She looked like she was having a full blown panic attack, she was so frightened. She had reminded me of a human, she still felt so fragile. Sometimes I think we all forgot how scared she actually was as she tried to act so strong. “I still think I should bloody kill Derek. He could have told us.” I said watching Ally still asleep in Jessie’s arms. “Leave it remember when I first found out I was expecting Cole we were so scared to tell anyone.” Kayla said, that was true. “When did she last have blood?” Kayla asked Jessie. He looked at her confused. “I don’t know.” He admitted. “How long do you recon she’s been compelling you?” Erin asked Jessie. “I don’t know.” He said scratching his head. “He
started acting weird the day Derek arrived.” Sep admitted. “You didn’t think anything of it?” Erin asked her raising an eyebrow. Sep was still in the dog house for the mall trip. It turned out she hadn’t been compelled. Sam had told her she wanted time alone. “To be honest she did a good job.” Sep said calmly. “She always bloody does that’s why it’s so hard to work out you’ve been compelled.” Sean told them sounding annoyed. “She really is too powerful for her own good.” Marianna said. She had mostly stayed quiet, Kayla seemed to realise this as well and looked at Marianna. “You’re pregnant.” She suddenly said. “You are?” I suddenly asked. “Of course she is look at her. She looks like she wants to puke her guts up.” Kayla told me. I looked at my brother’s wife and brother. “You are?” he asked her. Marianna gave Kayla a look to say she hadn’t told him yet. “Sorry.” Kayla suddenly said. “Can I put her down she is quiet heavy.” Jessie asked. “Put her to bed ill read her the riot act tomorrow.” Marco told him. I watched Taylor and Erin go into what I took was her room. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Marco asked his wife. Looking happy and shellshocked. “I was going to but I only realised on the plane.” She told him. He smiled at her. Then suddenly
realised something and looked at her worriedly. “You were going to walk into the restaurant not knowing if it was safe.” He realised. “Oh Marco I knew if she was sat there as calm as she was that nothing bad was happening. In fact I think she had sorted it out before we interfered and messed it all back up.” Marianna told him. She had a point. “But.” He started. “Just hug her and get her some bloody blood.” Kayla told him. My very shell shocked brother looked at her. But then he hugged Marianna. Kye who was closest to the kitchen quickly grabbed out some blood for everyone. “Why is you blood in tomato juice containers?” Marco asked looking at his blood. “Just drink it don’t ask.” Taylor said seriously coming back in the room. “There are bloody cakes if you want one?” she asked Marianna. Then turned on Kayla. “Come on we can see your bump to you both need them.” “Wait what?” I said looking at my own wife. “Taylor.” Kayla said. “You’re pregnant?” I asked her. “Why have you got bloody cakes none of you are?” Kayla asked Taylor worried. “God no it’s the only thig we can cook.” Sep told her seriously. “Congratulations to you 4 though.” She said with a smile, “should we get both men a beer from your fridge.” She asked Jessie. “Sep.” warned
Sean. “You have beer?” Marco asked not sounding impressed. “We have blood beer and cake the college experience.” Kye told him obviously oblivious. “We have ice-cream discount to as were in there so much.” Erin told him. “We can’t have been this bad surely.” Marco mumbled. “Come on dear today it came out you and Elizabeth faked someone’s death, so they could marry a human. Just be glad none of them are dead yet.” Marianna told him with a smile. “These are the guards of the future queen of our world.” he told her seriously. I agreed with him. “We don’t drink the beer we just eat the cakes. And tomato juice.” Erin told my brother calmly. “She is not allowed to shut her bedroom door when Derek’s round.” Marco told them. “Actually Sams still very anti sex.” Sepiah told him. “Sepiah enough” Kayla warned.

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