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Chapter 22 - Sam

I wanted to stay in bed. I was safe in bed, no one could yell at me if I stayed in here. My phone was beeping but I could tell Taylor was in bed with me. If I woke up she was going to yell at me. “Sam I know your awake just answer your bloody phone.” Taylor mumbled. I picked it up and answered. “How much trouble are you in?” Derek asked me. “I don’t know yet.” I told him truthfully. “Want me to come help you face them?” he asked me. Taylor had pulled herself up on her elbows. “I think if you did we would be a royal family down.” I told him. “That bad?” he asked me. “That bad.” Taylor said. “I love you.” Derek said. “Escape plan 923 if I say we run we run.” I told him. Taylor looked at me like she wanted to kill me. “If I’m not killed in my sleep.” Derek laughed. “It’s very likely you both will be.” Taylor told him snatching the phone from me. “You should have told us. All you two would have had to have said was Spencer isn’t human. Is that so bloody hard. Or are you
two to used to sneaking around nowadays.” Taylor snapped at him. It took a lot for me to piss of my friend I realised I had crossed the line. “I’m sorry.” I said, I heard Derek say he was sorry to. “Sorry doesn’t really cover my panic when I realised you weren’t with Erin.” Taylor told me. Taylor took a deep breath looking at me. “You were both stupid.” She told me and Derek. “I know.” I told her. Taylor took a deep breath and hugged me tight. Actually hugging me and holding me. Something April had told her once is what I needed rather than yelling at. It apparently shocked me more it actually did. Although I had pretended I hadn’t heard there whispered conversation about me. “I’ll get you blood.” Taylor told me and climbed out of my bed and left me. “I don’t think I’m in as much trouble as I thought. I think I just scared everyone.” I told Derek. “You do that well.” he told me. “Hey you lied to me anyway.” I told him. “What me?” he asked me innocently. “We saw the guards the moment we left the school. We also saw them in the restaurant.” I told him. “Well yeah I wasn’t going to send you not protected.” He told me like he thought I was mad to suggest any such thing. “You never mentioned how much you had compelled Jessie either.” He told me.
“That’s because I didn’t till we realised we had been caught.” I told him quietly. “You knew they were outside?” Derek suddenly realised. “Come on Its me.” I told him. “That’s why no one trusts you not to get yourself killed.” He told me. Taylor came back in the room. “I love you Derek.” I told him and hung up. Taylor handed me the blood. “I’m sorry I scared you.” I told Taylor. “Let me guess you thought you were going to get away with it?” Taylor asked me. I shook my head. “I knew I wasn’t. I was sick of hiding things. I told you all that.” “That’s why you made Derek take Sean and trick him?” she guessed. “yeah I needed a way to let them all know I was dating Derek, but give them something worse to be mad at me about. So they wouldn’t separate us.” I told her. “You have a death wish.” She told me hugging me again. “No one ever claimed my plans were smart.” I pointed out. “No one ever claimed that for one minute.” She told me. “So what did I miss?” I asked her. “Well both Marianna and Kayla are pregnant.” She told me with a smile. “And they claim I’m the reckless one.” I said with a huge smile. “You are the reckless one.” Taylor told me. I downed my blood. “You know putting it in tomato cartons is making it taste funny.” I told her. “I told Erin
that but she claims it’s the best idea ever.” Taylor informed me. “I think none of us should be allowed to have ideas.” I told her with a smile. “Sam I have never heard a truer sentence come out your mouth.” “Hey I told you I was the princess.” I reminded her. “Yeah once I already knew” Taylor pointed out again true. “Then you wouldn’t tell the others till end of junior year you even wiped there memories.” She pointed out. “Well you knew.” I said with an embarrassed smile. “Hey I do not believe I should be put in charge.” I told her. “That makes millions of people.” she said smiling. “It is very worrying I get to run a whole population yet I’m not even trusted not to get myself killed.” I told her. “I think that’s Marcos problem.” She told me with a smile. “Omg can you imagine him as a dad. If he has a little girl she’s never ever going to be allowed to date!” I said. Taylor laughed. “I’m sure her mother is more dangerous than her dad.” Taylor told me. “Wait there both pregnant do you think they’ll both be due to the same time?” “Yeah I recon.” She told me. “You know what else you’ve pissed of 2 pregnant women.” She warned me. “I just realised that. How dead am I?” “Well Kayla told the boys they weren’t to wake you and both almost run away.”
Taylor told me. “So pretty much dead meat.” I told her. “You knew you were going to be.” she informed me. “Yeah but I also knew I had 8 guards with me.” I told her. “You two really know how to get yourselves killed.” She told me. “Is it time to face the music?” I asked her. “Is the pope Human?” she asked me. “Now don’t ask me questions I don’t know the answer to.” I said sticking my tongue out. “That would be any math question then?” she joked. I hugged her tight. “Sometimes Tay I love you.” “I love you too idiot.” She said smiling. “You owe Sean a huge apology.” She reminded me. “I will once I am trusted alone with him.” I told her. “Yeah do you think anyone’s trusting you alone again?” she asked me. “I take it there are loads of new rules?” I almost laughed “The main one is no shutting your bedroom door” she said laughing. “So there not going to separate us!” I could kiss her then. “No there not.” She rolled her eyes at me. “Sam I think Marco was just happy you’re not pregnant.” Taylor laughed. “Hey so have you and Sean?” I asked her. “Come on.” Taylor said changing the subject. “You have I thought we agreed to wait till we were 100!” I laughed. “Believe me I don’t think you’ll even be allowed at 100.” She said to me laughing. “Let’s get
breakfast before they all realise you’re up. So at least you have a decent amount of food in you.” Taylor told me. “Oh and if I have to run 100 miles your little ass is to.” “I prefer the idea of 100 miles to being yelled at can we swop?” “Actually I’ll stick with the 100 miles.” Taylor told me with a smile “Thought so.” I laughed.

Taylor had made us 2 cups of coffee with blood in. she had also made us both cereal. We sat at are dining room table. “If I ask where they are would that bring them all?” I whispered to her. “Shhh possibly.” “Marco and Marianna are in my room.” She told me. “Drew, Kayla and Cole?” “Sean’s.” “Where’s Sean?” “In with Jessie.” “Is Jessie still alive?” “Yeah no thanks to you.” we were having the whispered conversation when, Sepiah come very quietly out her room with Erin. “Who’s in your room?” I asked Erin. “2 guards.” Erin told me. “Get yourself feed and water In case you actually have to be my guards and stop them killing me.” I told her. She smiled. “I want to kill you.” Erin told me. “Get in line.” I whispered back to her. “Can I go lie at the bottom of the lake?” I asked Taylor still whispering. “They won’t find me there I can live down there until I need to eat so possibly 2 days.” I told her.
“You would get bored too fast.” She pointed out. “Could I compel myself out of trouble?” I asked. “They’ve left notes around so you can’t. Saying Kill Alysa if you don’t know why you’ve left this note.” Sepiah said. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah there are 2 in the bathroom.” Taylor told me. “Really?” all 3 girls nodded at me. “Can we find all the notes?” I asked. “Good morning Alysa.” Marcos voice said behind me. “If I promise never to do it again can I not be yelled at?” I asked him giving him a pleading smile. “Girls can you all go to the boy’s dorm whilst I talk to the Princess.” Marco said. The girls nodded and practically ran out of there. “I’m sorry.” I told him. “You did it so I would find out?” he asked me. I nodded. “You could have just said it would have been safer.” He told me. “I had 8 guards with me.” I told him. “You knew you had 8?” he asked me. “I even knew you were outside the restaurant 10 minutes before you actually came in.” I told him he looked at me slightly impressed. “I planned to get them out before you came in. get them home and leave.” I told him. “What was the grand plan if they turned out to want to kill you?” he asked me. “To be honest I had played with Spencer’s mind for a few days I knew his family were clueless.” I told him. “But if they did want
to kill me I was willing to die.” I admitted. This shocked him. “I’m sick of hiding Marco. I’ve been hiding all my life and I’m sick of it.” I told him. It was the first time I think I’d ever let him know how I actually felt. “I want to know more about my sister. I want to know more about my own people. But what I really want is all of us to stop hiding.” I told him. “You want to come out to the humans?” he asked me concerned. “I don’t know. But I want to fix us. I want none of our people to have to hide. You saw spencer’s family. His wife knew.” I told him. “They had been together since this age.” Marco pointed to the room. “His dad will eventually look younger than his children and have to leave them. It’s not a life Alysa.” Marco told me sadly. “But it could be. Hes willing to die for his family. We shouldn’t ever have separated.” I told him. “We used to live with humans. Out in the open.” I reminded him from my history book. “They think of us as vampires, they think of us as monsters.” Marco reminded me. “That’s what we have been acting like.” I told him. “There War happy.” He told me. “Were a population that’s been at war since I was born among ourselves. Yes we are meant to be a peaceful race. But I’ve never seen any evidence we are.” I pointed out. “The prophecy said I
renew are humanity.” I reminded him. “The prophecy was wrote thousands of years ago.” he reminded me. He didn’t even try denying it was about me. Everyone knew it was. That was the problem everyone knew the prophecy. “I choose to heal us.” I told him. “You’re so much like your sister.” Marco said. “I think it’s time you tell me about her. All her plans. Its time I work out everything. Its time I stop hiding.” I told him. “I wasn’t ready to be Queen I’m still not. But I’m ready to get ready.” I told him. He nodded. I stood up and started going to the door. “Where are you going?” he asked me. “Well Marco here’s the thing I’m ready to start fixing the world just not today. Today I am apologising to people. Because a real Queen knows when she’s made mistakes” I told him and walked over to the Apartment opposite. “I’m sorry.” I told them all.

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