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Chapter 23 - Sam

“What’s going on?” Spencer asked me confused on Monday. We were on the way to class. “My brothers are visiting didn’t the boys tell you?” I asked. “Yeah but whys there so many people? And why are they staying in the apartments and not a hotel?” he asked me. “Because there overprotective idiots.” I told him. He looked at me really confused. “What were you and all 3 of your brothers yelling at each other?” Spencer asked me. Reminding me of last night’s very heated French argument. I wanted them to go home. They weren’t willing. “I got into a lot of trouble for my little road trip.” I told him. “Why?” Spencer asked. “Because it came out I’m dating for one thing.” I told him. “Both of them are married and Sean’s dating.” Spencer pointed out. I smiled at him. “Want to know what’s worse?” I asked him “what?” “You thought they didn’t trust me before.” I told him. “That was nothing compared to what I’m expecting now.” We went into class. Again
with Teacher Meany. Yep that’s what I had called her. “Peter I’m sorry.” I told him. Leona didn’t know what I had done she possibly just thought I had beat him up again. But my sorry seemed to shock Peter. It’s strange he was one of the last people I had to apologise to, and then I was done.
“Je savais ce que je faisais était mal. Je viens d’avoir à le faire. Comme tout le monde dit que je agir avant que je pense et que je suis désolé” meaning I knew what I was doing was wrong. I just had to do it. As everyone says I act before I think and for that I’m sorry. I told him. He looked like he didn’t know what to say.
" Si elle vous fait vous sentir mieux. Comme je l’aime réellement combattre et moi-même avoir des ennuis et émouvant. Mon châtiment est que je dois rester immobile” meaning if it makes you feel better. As I actually like fighting and getting myself into trouble and moving. My punishment is I have to stay still.”
I told him. A reluctant smile went across his face.
“Est-ce vraiment votre punition?” Is that really your punishment? He asked me.
“Oui tandis que vous exécutez tous les 100 miles. Je dois rester assis pendant 5 heures et être enseignées
politique” Yes whilst you all run 100 miles. I have to sit still for 5 hours and be taught politics. I told him.
He laughed but the teacher was staring at us.
“Pensez-vous qu’il ya une raison, elle nous déteste?” do you think there is a reason she hates us? He asked me. I smiled at him and went to reply but she butted in. “Has no one told you we speak English in my class?” Teacher Meany asked us. “Yes mam you just now. It’s such a shame really as sometimes politics in other languages is just as interesting. I sometimes wonder why you ever wanted to be a teacher. Your knowledge does far out way mine. But you see you never show any evidence into the fact you enjoy teaching. In fact all the evidence points to the opposite. In fact you have been picking on me since I joined this class. I would like to see Evidence to prove that you can demand we speak English in your class. Until you prove such evidence I shall talk in whatever language I wish. It’s called freedom of speech.” I told her. “Samira shut up.” Sepiah said quietly. “Miss RiverBae I have to say you amaze Me.” the teacher told me. “No matter how much you seem clueless and answer back you really are my best student.” She told me. Indicating a paper I had actually written in class for her. I had only been at
college a month and already I wasn’t getting on with a teacher. Although strangely as much as I called her Meany, I did like her. Go figure.

3 weeks later and was the last day before we broke up for Christmas, we walked back to my apartment with spencer and Sepiah. “Do you know how long your brothers are staying?” Spencer asked me, I think he was finally getting feed up. Although everyone had moved to hotels they were practically here everyday “I think there moving in.” Sepiah told him honestly. “I think they plan to go home after Christmas. I’m sure they won’t be here when you get back.” I told him. “I bet the next 5 years.” Sep told me. We walked into my apartment dropping Spencer of at his. “What time are you going tomorrow? Want to come for a run now?” Sep asked him before we left. “Lunchtime. Yeah a run sounds good.” He said. “I can’t believe you all made him run 100 miles he weren’t guilty.” I told her. “Well actually he kind of was.” Sep pointed out. “I had blisters Sam, you’re lucky you’re being punished enough or I would have you in a dress every day.” Sep told me. We walked into our apartment and Marco was sat there quietly chatting to Derek. I took the
scene in. “do you want me to leave?” Sep asked worried. “No you need to get ready for a run.” Marco said pointing her to her bedroom she nodded. I noticed the books in front of Derek. “We getting a law and history lesson?” I asked. “Well if you two are serious. Derek needs to learn all this to.” Marco told me. I looked at the huge book. “You just happen to carry that all around the world?” I asked him. “No this isn’t the book you need. I just had to send my wife and sister in law back to the palace to nick that book. Which hopefully your mother will not realise has gone missing. They’ve gone to have scans.” Marco told me I nodded. “Has Kayla and Drew gone home? I thought they were staying till after Christmas” I asked. “Drew hasn’t gone home yet. I sent him to the town spencer’s father lives in.” Marco told me. “Why he gone to get Spencer’s dad?” I asked. “He’ll be here in a while.” Marco said. “So you’re hoping he won’t visit his son in a panic?” I asked. “Well actually he will be compelled not to panic his son, just to pick him up to take him home for Christmas.” Marco told me. His phone started ringing. “Alysa go get blood, Derek go join her.” he told us. Wow he was actually going to let us have a few minutes alone? We had only managed a few stolen
minutes since they found out. I wasn’t going to waste it. I grabbed Derek’s hand and we went into my bedroom rather than where we had been sent, I very quietly shut the door. I heard Marco mumbling about scans. “Marianna?” I asked Derek. “Who else would worry him more than you?” Derek told me smiling. “Is the baby okay?” I asked worriedly. “Baby’s fine I think the problem is not many people know there married yet.” Derek pointed out. “Yet there worried about us?” I asked him smiling. “Yep it’s like they think we have death wishes. Do you think if we both tell him how much that books going to be pointless hes going to kill us with it?” Derek asked me. “If it’s heavier than the ones hes already got, I think just a hit from it will be enough to kill.” I told him with a huge smile. “You really willing to do this for me?” I asked him. “Of course I am, I never wanted to be king. Especially not king of everyone but for you I would do anything.” Derek told me. “Remember the day we first met?” Derek asked me. “Uh?” “Which time?” I asked him with a smile. “The pool” he told me. We were laying on my bed me in his arms. No we weren’t going to do anything; I just wanted a few minutes alone with him. We knew if we did about 30 people would know straight away. We’re
not stupid. We also knew we didn’t have long. “I remember seeing you and Hannah come in.” Derek told me. “You do?” I asked actually shocked. “Yeah Lindsey and John, were messing about.” “I think it was all of you messing about not just those two.” I pointed out teasingly. “I remember you and Hannah getting in the pool as far away from us as you could.” Derek told me. “Yeah well we knew we weren’t meant to mix.” I pointed out. “I was annoyed, that day. My guards had come to the mall with me the day before and neither had talked to me. Then they had stuck with me constantly. I just wanted a break. I had seen others with friends all teasing each other. I just thought my guards hated me.” He told me. “Uh Derek you do know if your with me you’ll always have guards?” I pointed out. “Sally just let me finish.” He told me I could feel his heart beating through his chest I smiled up at him and he planted a kiss on my head. “okay.” I told him. “I heard Hannah say that royals scare her.” he said with a smile. “Hey you lot scare me still.” I told him. He squeezed me. “I heard you. Even from across the pool. Your words came to me as clear as anything.” He told me. “Okay what did I say?” I asked confused. I wouldn’t have told Hannah much as the royals scared me to.
“There just kids like us.” He told me. “Well you were.” I pointed out, “yeah but no one ever had said it like that. Even the teachers who should have been used to the fact we were just kids, treated us like we were fragile.” Derek told me he was now playing with my hair. “I’m kind of glad I wasn’t raised a pampered princess.” I teased. “I watched you both swim. I was amazed you both looked like you were just blurs.” Derek told me. “So you weren’t paying attention to the fact some of you were so close to drowning?” I asked what the hell would of happened if I wasn’t there. “I heard you tell Hannah don’t make me talk to them.” Derek teased. “Hey you want to tell a bunch of royals off be my guest.” I told him looking up at him. “I tell you you’re an idiot all the time.” He pointed out. “Well yeah but that’s different.” I teased. “How’s that different?” he asked pulling himself out from under me. I must of shown the fact I didn’t want him not to hold me because he smiled and kissed me teasingly. He leaned up on his elbow and stared me straight in the eyes. Something everyone else always seemed afraid to do around me lately except him. He stared me straight in the eye. “I could hear how scared you actually were of us. Yet you still wanted to treat us like we were
normal, and you were still willing to come over.” He told me smiling at me like he thought I was brave, I personally thought I was an idiot. “Before I could even think to react you were jumping into the pool and had Lady Lindsey I hadn’t even seen her jump in or hit her head.” Derek told me. “Well you really should be more aware.” I told him teasingly. “You had her on the side before the guards were even over.” He pointed out, “they had been watching us like hawks and even they hadn’t seen.” Derek pointed out. “You didn’t even seem fazed by it.” he told me. “You both went back to swimming as if nothing had happened.” Derek reminded me. “Yeah well it wasn’t our job to scold you.” I pointed out. “Well actually it is your job.” He teased. “Derek does this story have a point?” I asked him jokingly. “Let me get there.” He told me smiling. “Well you know any moment that doors going to burst open.” I reminded him. “I recon we have about 30 minutes left.” he told me with a smile. “I wanted to thankyou personally. So I came over, I admit I wanted you to treat me like I was normal, see if you meant your words.” He told me smiling. I rolled my eyes at him. “Wait are whole relationships been because I said I wanted to treat you like you were normal?” I
questioned. “No it’s just what attracted me to you at first.” He smiled. “Still not seeing how normal and king of every Amaris fits Derek” I told him teasingly. He pushed a loose strand away from my face so he could still look me in the eyes. “When I got close to you I thought I knew you.” Derek told me. “Yeah we had seen each other in the hotel whilst I dated Luke.” I pointed out. “Yeah but you still looked a hell of a lot different and even then I hadn’t talked to you. I had talked to Luke a few times. But they all seemed to keep you away from everyone.” Derek pointed out. “Well yeah I was petrified of our kind” I told him truthfully. “You seemed so panicked but I couldn’t work out. If it was the fact I knew about your relationship with Luke, or the fact you were talking to a royal.” Derek pointed out. “It was both.” I told him smiling. “I was as nervous to talk to you as you seemed to talk to me.” Derek told me. I smiled at him, “you didn’t seem nervous.” I pointed out. “Uh Samally I kept running my hands through my hair have you seen me do that when I’m not nervous.” He teased. “Is that why you keep doing it a lot now. Marco scares you that much?” I teased. “Actually it’s Drew that scares me.” Derek smiled. “I remember saying thanks and you saying no problems
that all guards would then I told you I wished they would talk to us. I wanted you to know even then how I felt.” Derek told me. “That’s when I realised you actually were a guard when you told me yeah we have training not to. I realised that not all guards were the same for the first time.” “Well duh.” I pointed out. He pushed me over with that smiling. I turned my head to face him grinning. “This is why people tell you to shut up.” he told me smiling. “Hey you know you love me.” I teased. He smiled and sat up.

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