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Chapter 24 - Sam

“No don’t go.” I told him. “You haven’t finished telling me.” “I’m not going. Your just distracting me.” he told me with a smile. “Well if it’s that easy I should do it more often.” I teased. He smiled at me and laid back down looking me straight back in the eyes. “Why do you never compel me?” he asked me suddenly. “I don’t like doing it you know that.” I reminded him. “Yeah but you never even try until it’s the last option on anyone.” He told me smiling. “Yeah that’s why there’s notes everywhere saying kill Ally if you don’t know what this new notes about. Even I don’t know what the new notes about.” I told him with a smile. “Are you going to finish your story?” I asked him with a teasing smile. “Or are you distracting me?” I smiled. He smiled at me “what would happen if I was distracting you?” he asked kissing me. “Well I could have thought of better ways for you to distract me.” I teased back. I wiggled so I was looking his straight back in the eyes. “I love the fact you never fear looking at me.” I told him. He smiled.
“Sally I could never get fed up looking at you.” he teased me. “So you fell for me for my looks.” I teased. “Let me tell you what I fell for.” He said. “No more distractions.” He told me sternly. I bite my lip to stop my smile. He went to pull away again, “okay I won’t distract you.” I told him but I wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his arms around me. “I remember telling you my name and you still calling me sire.” Derek said. I went to talk but he put his hand over my mouth. “I told you that was when you were meant to tell me your name.” he told me. “But Erin came in?” I said through his hand over my mouth. “But Erin came in.” he said with a smile. “She didn’t even seem to have noticed me. But she gave me your name.” Derek said smiling. He still held his hand over my mouth. “You then seemed to think you had to tell me your name. I wondered if you would of if she hadn’t given it to me.” Derek said. “I don’t know if I would of.” I mumbled through his hand. He grinned at me. “What name would you have given me? Sam or Ally?” “Sally’s always good nowadays.” I told him when he pulled his hand away from my mouth. He smiled at me. “I felt nervous. So I made my excuse to go.” Derek said. “Then I heard Erin say I can’t leave you 5 minutes
without you getting hit on. I realised I was possibly one of a long list of boys who you had caught the attention of. But your reply made me smile as you actually seemed clueless.” Derek told me. “I am clueless.” I told him smiling. “Yeah about a lot of things.” He teased playing with my hair. His hand went back over my mouth. “I also heard your reply on how you weren’t allowed to date. Not how you weren’t allowed to date a royal just point blank not allowed.” Derek told me smiling. “You still were treating me like I was just a guy.” Derek said smiling. “I kept my eye out for you after that but I didn’t see you again till that day you actually run into me. Which hurt by the way.” Derek smiled. I tried to talk but he held his hand over my mouth. “You knocked me straight over. Apologised before I could even react and like I was a doll you pulled me up.” Derek told me with a huge smile. I tried to say I could knock him on the floor more often but his hand was still over my mouth. And he was smiling at me he knew exactly what I was thinking. “I realised It was you 3 seconds after you had hit me. I wanted to run into you again. Just not that literal.” He told me smiling. “I couldn’t believe you were still there over winter break. I had heard my guards talking about how
you were some high up guard’s kid, after they had watched you save Lindsey. Not believing that you were at their school.” Derek told me. “If only they had known.” I mumbled through his hand. “I remember asking you if you expected to see anyone.” Derek told me smiling. “You seemed so shocked to see me. I couldn’t work out if that was because it was me, or the fact you thought you were alone.” “You then kind of let slip that you knew where I thought I had seen you with Prince Luke. You kind of gave yourself away.” Derek told me smiling as though he felt he had achieved a small bit of victory. “You then asked me if I was bored. How could I have been bored when I was making you look so unconfutable?” He teased me, he pulled his hand away from my mouth as if to let me talk but I didn’t. I smiled at him remembering it well. I was just trying to change the conversation away from the Christmas before. “I wanted to know why you wanted to be a guard. Even then I was feeling the pressure that I had no choice but to be king. I wanted to know if all kids felt that pressure.” Derek told me smiling. “And now you’re going to try be the main king how times change.” I teased. He put his hand back over my mouth. “I then noticed the guard watching you. I
thought why the hell was he watching you. But you covered your ass well then. Telling me you were going to have a fight with him. I remember asking you if you picked on the guards a lot. Your smile told me you did. Even before you told me about Judah being your uncle. The strange thing about Judah he still feels more like hes your uncle than he was a teacher.” Derek said smiling. “I realised then that you were being forced into a family job as well. But you didn’t seem as resident as I was. As if you had just accepted it. The funny thing is you still actually haven’t as much as I haven’t.” Derek told me. “I remember telling you I didn’t want to be a king. The first time I had admitted it out loud. You seemed so thoughtful. You didn’t try pretending it was a great thing. In fact you asked me if it was really a bad deal. But even how you said it made you sound thoughtful.” Derek told me. “So you feel for me because I’m thoughtful?” I asked through his hand. “Slightly.” Derek admitted. “I remember telling you exactly how I felt. Not fully sure why. But I know to this day you didn’t compel me to. In fact every vibe from you was possibly telling me to shut up.” Derek teased. “We both really don’t get the hints very well.” Derek joked. I nodded, it was true. “Rather than you letting
me complain you basically told me to change it. I then asked you what you actually wanted to do. I remember you telling me without skipping a beat that you wanted to be a vet.” Derek told me. I remembered. “I then asked you if you were being forced to protect spoilt brats. You then slipped that you knew the princess. I thought if you could talk to the ruler of are whole world you could find it in you to be friends with a reluctant royal.” Derek told me smiling. “I remember telling you I hated feeling defenceless. How I wanted to be able to protect or help people rather than rule them.” Derek told me with a smile. “I admitted I basically couldn’t even hit and you offered to train me. Without even hesitating. You just seemed so different. From everyone I had ever talked to.” Derek told me. “Then you phone went off I could hear snip bits of it. But what I heard most was the fact it was a guy.” Derek told me. “Yeah Sean.” I said smiling. “Yeah Sean.” Derek said smiling. “You told me you thought there had been attack. Rather than scared you seemed disappointed. As if you thought we deserved better.” Derek said. “We do deserve better.” I reminded him he nodded. “I remember you giving me a list of why you couldn’t leave me. And my friend’s reactions when I
took you back. They soon came around. All I had to do was tell them to treat you like they could hit you.” I told him. “Is that what you told all my guards?” he teased. “Yep Adam has my permission to kill you if he feels the need.” I teased him. “You know the words that you said that have always stuck with me?” he asked me with a smile “what’s that?” I asked confused. “Sometimes we have to go to a certain destination. But it’s up to us how and who we are, when we get there.” He told me with a smile. “Sounds like something I would say.” I told him grinning. “I told you your better to talk to than a shrink.” He teased. “How I was so wrong at least they don’t but in.” he grinned. “Your friends treated me nervous at first but they all seemed to just except me after an hour. I noticed how close you all were. We had nothing like that as royals.” he told me, I nodded. “You seemed the friendliest. But you were still so oblivious, I watched Kye flirt with both you and Erin. Even he seemed to realise you couldn’t tell he was flirting.” Derek said teasingly. “Well you never flirt.” I pointed out. “No you don’t realise when I do.” He teased me smiling and pulling me closer. “Your hair kept falling over your face I wanted to pull it back for you. It seemed like you were using it as a shield.”
He told me smiling. “You still use your hair as a shield. Are you ever going to go back to your natural colour?” he asked. “I’m still not sure. Least I stopped hiding my eyes.” I pointed out. He was still looking me straight in the eyes. “It was then I really realised how much I had a crush on you.” he told me. “Oh so this is just a crush?” I teased. We started making out. That was when the door was kind of hit with the loudest bang ever. “No fair I wanted the rest of the story.” I told him. “later.” He whispered, “You can come in.” I replied. A very angry looking Marco opened the door. He seemed to take us in Derek laid on my bed and looked more pissed off. “Oh come off it Dad we haven’t even gone past 1st base” I said only half joking with the dad comment. I kissed Derek he looked like he wanted to run for his life. “How was Marianna’s scan?” I asked. I climbed of my bed and walked straight out of me bedroom. Drew was sat there with a very worried Spencer’s dad. “Nice to see you again Tyrone.” I said with a smile. “1st base?” I heard Marco say. “It means just kissing honestly where is the trust.” I said. Smiling at Tyrone to try calm him down I said “Do you believe they won’t let me be alone with my boyfriend yet both there wife’s are pregnant.” “Alysa.” warned Drew.
Although he actually seemed to be holding back a smile. “You really both thought we were having sex. Honestly you think I would do that when you’re both here? Or when the girls are? I am waiting till we run of too elope.” I told Marco. Everyone stared at me in shock. “She hasn’t got the brain to mouth switch working.” Derek told Marco looking worried for his safety. “Can I go before she gets me killed?” I heard Derek mumble. Marco sank into his seat he had pretty much claimed in my apartment and sank with his head in his hands. Spencer’s dad was looking around like he was afraid for his life. “Want a blood coke or a beer?” I asked him calmly. “Alysa.” Drew warned. “Andrew” I replied smiling.

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