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Chapter 25 - Derek

I was sat with Marco. He seemed so much calmer about me and Ally than I ever thought he would be. I had to remind myself he was after all once in love with her sister. He knew what it was like to be in love with the future Queen. Ally was going to be Queen I knew she would be an amazing one and not just because I loved her. She was so afraid to be the destroyer but I didn’t even think she had it in her. I knew she wouldn’t hurt anyone on purpose. If she did something really bad would have happened. Marco had the hugest book in front of me and was telling me everything I would need to know to be king. I knew this was what I needed to do. I had never wanted to be King but I would be for Alysa. “Do you want me to leave?” Sepiah asked worried. The moment she and Samally walked in. Sally was a nickname I personally preferred to use. Although when she was up to something princess did fit
perfectly. “No you need to get ready for a run.” Marco told Sepiah. I wondered if Ally would prefer the run to this book I defiantly would of. “We getting a law and history lesson?” Ally asked. “Well if you two are serious. Derek needs to learn all this to.” Marco told her. I understood I was willing to. “You just happen to carry that all around the world?” Ally asked him she had a point the book was huge. I was dealing with Ally at the moment. “No this isn’t the book you need. I just had to send my wife and sister in law back to the palace to nick that book. Which hopefully your mother will not realise has gone missing. They’ve gone to have scans.” Marco told her. Here was hoping the queen wouldn’t notice. Well here was hoping the queen wouldn’t notice till it was too late. I couldn’t imagine seeing Ally with anyone else. It would break her and me. It had been so hard not to tell her mother. Every time the arranged marriage was brought up I had wanted to yell you can’t I love her. “Has Kayla and Drew gone home? I thought they were staying till after Christmas” Ally asked she tried to pretend that she was stronger than she was. She was desperate for a family Christmas. “Drew hasn’t gone home yet. I sent him to the town spencer’s father lives in.” Marco told her.
Why I thought but Ally asked before I could. “Why he gone to get Spencer’s dad?” she asked. “He’ll be here in a while.” Marco said. “So you’re hoping he won’t visit his son in a panic?” she asked. “Well actually he will be compelled not to panic his son, just to pick him up to take him home for Christmas.” Marco told her. I hated the idea of my cousin and uncle being compelled to do this. Ally never compelled me to do anything, she actually always seemed to use it only as a last option. Sometimes I think she forgets she can do it. Marcos phone started ringing. I looked at Ally wanting to talk to her alone. We hadn’t had much alone time since. “Alysa go get blood, Derek go join her.” Marco told us almost like he knew we needed the time alone. Ally grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room and shut the door. “Marianna?” she asked me worriedly. “Who else would worry him more than you?” I told her meaning it. “Is the baby okay?” she asked worriedly more concerned for others than herself like always. “Baby’s fine I think the problem is not many people know there married yet.” I told her. I think when all this was finally over, there was going to be a lot of shake ups in all Amaris lives. “Yet there worried about us?” she asked me smiling. “Yep it’s like they think we
have death wishes. Do you think if we both tell him how much that books going to be pointless hes going to kill us with it?” I joked. “If it’s heavier than the ones hes already got, I think just a hit from it will be enough to kill.” she told me with a huge smile. “You really willing to do this for me?” she asked me. “Of course I am, I never wanted to be king. Especially not king of everyone but for you I would do anything.” I told her and I meant it. I would walk to the end of the earth to be with her. I had transferred college 2 times to just stay close to her. “Remember the day we first met?” I asked her smiling, the image of her in that swimming costume still fresh in my mind. “Uh?” “Which time?” she asked me smiling I think she was remembering the pool too. “The pool” I told her. We were lying on her bed she was in my arms I just wanted to pull her tight to me and never let go. “I remember seeing you and Hannah come in.” I told her remembering it as if it was yesterday. “You do?” she asked me shocked. “Yeah Lindsey and John, were messing about.” I told her smiling. I knew I had been to but it was my memory I could make myself sounded better than I was if I wanted to. “I think it was all of you messing about not just those two.” she pointed out teasing me. “I
remember you and Hannah getting in the pool as far away from us as you could.” I told her. It was strange as I still didn’t know what had made me pay them attention. “Yeah well we knew we weren’t meant to mix.” She pointed out. “I was annoyed, that day. My guards had come to the mall with me the day before and neither had talked to me. Then they had stuck with me constantly. I just wanted a break. I had seen others with friends all teasing each other. I just thought my guards hated me.” I told her voicing how I felt. I could always tell her how I felt. “Uh Derek you do know if your with me you’ll always have guards?” she pointed out sounding worried that I hadn’t thought this through I had, I would put up with millions of silent guards to keep her safe. “Sally just let me finish.” I told her smiling at her, she was a little chatterbox sometimes when she was nervous I planted a kiss on her head which is all I could reach at that moment. “Okay.” “I heard Hannah say that royals scare her.” I told her trying not to laugh. “Hey you lot scare me still.” Ally told me I squeezed her closer to me I knew royals still made her nervous. All Amaris made her nervous. “I heard you. Even from across the pool. Your words came to me as clear as anything.” I told her I still
couldn’t tell you why her words had gone straight to me. As though they needed me to hear her. “Okay what did I say?” she asked me confused. “There just kids like us.” I told her. “Well you were.” she pointed out, “yeah but no one ever had said it like that. Even the teachers who should have been used to the fact we were just kids, treated us like we were fragile.” I told her playing with her hair, it was strange her words had made me feel like a normal person for the first time. “I’m kind of glad I wasn’t raised a pampered princess.” She teased me. She had no idea how much I wished I could of known her my whole life. But I also wondered how different she actually would be. I couldn’t imagine her any other way. I defiantly couldn’t imagine her as a pampered princess. She was a tree climbing mischief maker. It was one of the things I loved most about her. “I watched you both swim. I was amazed you both looked like you were just blurs.” I told her. It was true her and Hannah can swim like fish. “So you weren’t paying attention to the fact some of you were so close to drowning?” she asked me seriously. “I heard you tell Hannah don’t make me talk to them.” I teased her I was so glad she had. “Hey you want to tell a bunch of royals off be my guest.” She told me I couldn’t help
point out “I tell you you’re an idiot all the time.” “Well yeah but that’s different.” she teased me, god she made it hard to talk to her when she was this close after not being able to be alone with her in weeks. “How’s that different?” I asked pulling away from her before I couldn’t carry on the conversation. The look of worry that crossed her face from me moving made me realise like always it wasn’t just me head over heels for her. When she told me she loved me she meant it just as much as I meant it. I wanted to pull her to me and kiss her but instead I moved so I could look her straight in the eyes. Her eyes let me know exactly how she felt. I kissed her gently. She always seemed so shocked when I looked her in the eyes. No one else did since she stopped wearing her contacts. They were to freighted she would compel them. But she never actually used it not unless it was her only option. I had once told her the only way to keep me away from her would be to compel me to. She had replied that it would be her that would need compelling. “I could hear how scared you actually were of us. Yet you still wanted to treat us like we were normal, and you were still willing to come over.” I told her smiling at her. “Before I could even think to react you were jumping
into the pool and had Lady Lindsey I hadn’t even seen her jump in or hit her head.” I told her. I only had eyes for her that day. “Well you really should be more aware.” She told me teasingly. “You had her on the side before the guards were even over. They had been watching us like hawks and even they hadn’t seen. You didn’t even seem fazed by it. You both went back to swimming as if nothing had happened.” I told her telling her exactly how I remembered it. “Yeah well it wasn’t our job to scold you.” she pointed out. “Well actually it is your job.” I couldn’t help but tease her. “Derek does this story have a point?” she asked me jokingly. “Let me get there.” I told her smiling. “Well you know any moment that doors going to burst open.” She reminded me. She had a point but I told her “I recon we have about 30 minutes left.” “I wanted to thank you personally. So I came over, I admit I wanted you to treat me like I was normal, see if you meant your words.” I knew I possibly had a huge grin on my face. Especially when she rolled her eyes at me. “Wait are whole relationships been because I said I wanted to treat you like you were normal?” she questioned me. “No it’s just what attracted me to you at first.” I told her not actually knowing what had made her catch my
attention as much as she had. “Still not seeing how normal and king of every Amaris fits Derek” she told me teasingly. One of her curls had fallen over her eyes. I pushed it away so I could see her. “When I got close to you I thought I knew you.” I told her. “Yeah we had seen each other in the hotel whilst I dated Luke.” she pointed out. It was strange I knew she had dated Luke, but it also felt like the pool was the first time of seeing her. After all I hadn’t spent any actual time with her at the hotel. I had barely said more than a hello to her. “Yeah but you still looked a hell of a lot different and even then I hadn’t talked to you. I had talked to Luke a few times. But they all seemed to keep you away from everyone.” I told her. Back then I hadn’t realised why. It wasn’t until Kayla and Drew turned up that I really fully connected her to Luke. “Well yeah I was petrified of our kind” she told me. “You seemed so panicked but I couldn’t work out. If it was the fact I knew about your relationship with Luke, or the fact you were talking to a royal.” I told her. “It was both.” she told me smiling. “I was as nervous to talk to you as you seemed to talk to me.” I said remembering my own nerves. “You didn’t seem nervous.” she pointed out. “Uh Samally I kept running my hands through my hair have you seen me
do that when I’m not nervous.” I asked her trying not to kiss her. “Is that why you keep doing it a lot now. Marco scares you that much?” She teased. “Actually it’s Drew that scares me.” I told her smiling. It was actually both of them but I wanted to appear slightly braver than I felt. Her grin told me she wasn’t buying it. “I remember saying thanks and you saying no problems, that all guards would. Then I told you I wished they would talk to us. I wanted you to know even then how I felt. That’s when I realised you actually were a guard when you told me yeah we have training not to. I realised that not all guards were the same for the first time.” I told her letting her know how much I actually listened to her. I was shocked she was a guard. “Well duh.” She said I pushed her over with that smiling. “This is why people tell you to shut up.” I told her jokingly. “Hey you know you love Me.” she teased. If I didn’t move then I was going to show her how much I loved her. I sat up. “No don’t go. You haven’t finished telling me.” she said looking worried again. “I’m not going. Your just distracting me.” I reassured her. “Well if it’s that easy I should do it more often.” she teased me. I laid back once I knew I wouldn’t just start kissing her. I looked her straight back in the eyes. Her eyes
seemed to glitter with the amount of feeling that always gives her. “Why do you never compel me?” I asked her, was it the reason I thought? “I don’t like doing it you know that.” “Yeah but you never even try until it’s the last option on anyone.” I was proud of her for that as well. She would rather try everything first than take away someone’s choice to choose. “Yeah that’s why there’s notes everywhere saying kill Ally if you don’t know what this new notes about. Even I don’t know what the new notes about.” she told me. I had actually seen the notes and tried not to laugh. I think it was because everyone couldn’t work out if they had been compelled or if they had been that dumb to full for her plan. Amazingly most of them had only taken a small bit of charm. “Are you going to finish your story? Or are you distracting me?” she asked me with a teasing smile. “What would happen if I was distracting you?” I asked teasingly I kissed her gently. “Well I could have thought of better ways for you to distract me.” she teased she wiggled so she was looking me straight in the eyes. “I love the fact you never fear looking at me.” she told me. “Sally I could never get fed up looking at you.” I told her it was the truth. I would never get over looking at her. “So you
fell for me for my looks.” she teased was I really never going to win with her. “Let me tell you what I fell for. No more distractions.” I told her as sternly as I could. “Okay I won’t distract you.” she told me but she wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his arms around me. “I remember telling you my name and you still calling me sire.” I said she went to talk but I covered her mouth. “I told you that was when you were meant to tell me your name. But Erin came in. She didn’t even seem to have noticed me. But she gave me your name. You then seemed to think you had to tell me your name. I wondered if you would of if she hadn’t given it to me.” I told her smiling most of the time I told her. “I don’t know if I would of.” she mumbled through my hand. “What name would you have given me? Sam or Ally?” I asked wonderingly “Sally’s always good nowadays.” she told me when I pulled my hand away from her mouth. I couldn’t help but smile at her. “I felt nervous. So I made my excuse to go. Then I heard Erin say I can’t leave you 5 minutes without you getting hit on. I realised I was possibly one of a long list of boys who you had caught the attention of. But your reply made me smile as you actually seemed clueless.” I told her smiling. “I am clueless.”
She mentioned god she had no clue how much I agreed with that sometimes. “Yeah about a lot of things.” I teased playing with her hair. My hand went back over her mouth. “I also heard your reply on how you weren’t allowed to date. Not how you weren’t allowed to date a royal just point blank not allowed. You still were treating me like I was just a guy. I kept my eye out for you after that but I didn’t see you again till that day you actually run into me. Which hurt by the way. You knocked me straight over. Apologised before I could even react and like I was a doll you pulled me up.” I told her with a huge smile. She tried to say something, but I knew it would be something along the lines of hitting me more often. “I realised It was you 3 seconds after you had hit me. I wanted to run into you again. Just not that literal. I couldn’t believe you were still there over winter break. I had heard my guards talking about how you were some high up guard’s kid, after they had watched you save Lindsey. Not believing that you were at their school.” I said still amazed at how much she had amazed the guards even before anyone knew who she was. It had also been a way for me to find out about her. “If only they had known.” she mumbled through my hand. “I remember asking
you if you expected to see anyone. You seemed so shocked to see me. I couldn’t work out if that was because it was me, or the fact you thought you were alone. You then kind of let slip that you knew where I thought I had seen you with Prince Luke. You kind of gave yourself away. You then asked me if I was bored. How could I have been bored when I was making you look so unconfutable?” I told her. I pulled my hand away from her mouth. “I wanted to know why you wanted to be a guard. Even then I was feeling the pressure that I had no choice but to be king. I wanted to know if all kids felt that pressure.” I told her smiling. “And now you’re going to try be the main king how times change.” she teased. I put my hand back over her mouth. “I then noticed the guard watching you. I thought why the hell was he watching you. But you covered your ass well then. Telling me you were going to have a fight with him. I remember asking you if you picked on the guards a lot. Your smile told me you did. Even before you told me about Judah being your uncle. The strange thing about Judah he still feels more like hes your uncle than he was a teacher. I realised then that you were being forced into a family job as well. But you didn’t seem as resident as I was. As if you had
just accepted it. The funny thing is you still actually haven’t as much as I haven’t. I remember telling you I didn’t want to be a king. The first time I had admitted it out loud. You seemed so thoughtful. You didn’t try pretending it was a great thing. In fact you asked me if it was really a bad deal. But even how you said it made you sound thoughtful.” I told her. “So you feel for me because I’m thoughtful?” she asked through my hand. “Slightly.” I admitted. “I remember telling you exactly how I felt. Not fully sure why. But I know to this day you didn’t compel me to. In fact every vibe from you was possibly telling me to shut up. We both really don’t get the hints very well.” I joked. She nodded. “Rather than you letting me complain you basically told me to change it. I then asked you what you actually wanted to do. I remember you telling me without skipping a beat that you wanted to be a vet. I then asked you if you were being forced to protect spoilt brats. You then slipped that you knew the princess. I thought if you could talk to the ruler of are whole world you could find it in you to be friends with a reluctant royal. I remember telling you I hated feeling defenceless. How I wanted to be able to protect or help people rather than rule them. I admitted I
basically couldn’t even hit and you offered to train me. Without even hesitating. You just seemed so different. From everyone I had ever talked to. Then you phone went off I could hear snip bits of it. But what I heard most was the fact it was a guy.” I told her trying to not let her see how much it had affected me even then. “Yeah Sean.” she said “Yeah Sean. You told me you thought there had been attack. Rather than scared you seemed disappointed. As if you thought we deserved better.” I said it still clung to my memory’s her disappointment in us as a people. “We do deserve better.” She told me I nodded I know we did. “I remember you giving me a list of why you couldn’t leave me. And my friend’s reactions when I took you back. They soon came around. All I had to do was tell them to treat you like they could hit you.” she told me. “Is that what you told all my guards?” I teased. “Yep Adam has my permission to kill you if he feels the need.” she teased him. “You know the words that you said that have always stuck with me?” I asked her with a smile “what’s that?” she asked confused. “Sometimes we have to go to a certain destination. But it’s up to us how and who we are, when we get there.” I still loved that. She was completely right I was always
meant to be a king. But I could decide what kind of king I was going to be. I could be a rebel or I could just do what others wanted. Or I could do the best for others. “Sounds like something I would say.” she grinned. “I told you your better to talk to than a shrink. How I was so wrong at least they don’t but in. Your friends treated me nervous at first but they all seemed to just except me after an hour. I noticed how close you all were. We had nothing like that as royals. You seemed the friendliest. But you were still so oblivious, I watched Kye flirt with both you and Erin. Even he seemed to realise you couldn’t tell he was flirting.” I told her teasingly. “Well you never flirt.” She told me. God she really was clueless sometimes. “No you don’t realise when I do.” I pulled her closer. “Your hair kept falling over your face I wanted to pull it back for you. It seemed like you were using it as a shield. You still use your hair as a shield. Are you ever going to go back to your natural colour?” I told her. It was true the amount of times she would be either chewing her hair or let it hide her was amazing. Every time I saw it I just wanted to see her face tell her she didn’t have to hide anymore. She was so used to hiding. Even now she was finally out of her shell she seemed to want to hide all
the time. “I’m still not sure. Least I stopped hiding my eyes.” she pointed out. I was still looking her straight in the eyes. “It was then I really realised how much I had a crush on you.” I told her. “Oh so this is just a crush?” she teased. I couldn’t take it anymore I kissed her and this time I didn’t pull away. That of course was when the door banged. “No fair I wanted the rest of the story.” She told me. “Later.” I whispered. I would make sure we always had later. “You can come in.” Ally called. A very angry looking Marco opened the door. He seemed to take us in. “Oh come off it Dad we haven’t even gone past 1st base” Sam said defiantly Sam now she had the attitude. She kissed me and then jumped of the bed. I wanted to escape before Marco killed me. “Nice to see you again Tyrone.” Sam said, I realised my uncle must be out there now. Uncle I had an uncle. “1st base?” Marco asked me confused and angry. “It means just kissing honestly where is the trust. Do you believe they won’t let me be alone with my boyfriend yet both there wife’s are pregnant.” Sam said. Drew tried to calm her down but it was pointless she was now worked up. She was going into defensive mood. “You really both thought we were having sex. Honestly you think I would do that when you’re both
here? Or when the girls are? I am waiting till we run of too elope.” Sam said. Yep she was going to get me killed. The fact we actually did have an eloping plan was a last resort. We were going to do it when her mum announced she actually had to marry someone. “She hasn’t got the brain to mouth switch working.” I told Marco. “Can I go before she gets me killed?” I mumbled. Marco looked tired. As though he couldn’t take anymore. I knew he and Elizabeth had been well interesting at our age, but I think Ally was turning him grey.

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