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Chapter 26 - Marco

Alysa was not making it easy on me. She was never going to. God I hope the baby’s not a girl. I had sent them to get blood from the fridge why hadn’t they returned. The door out had only gone once when Sepiah left. Alysa was still in here, so was Derek I suddenly realised. I looked up nope they weren’t in the kitchen. Then I noticed the Bedroom door was shut. I could hear them chatting, whilst they were chatting there wasn’t a problem if they went silent then there would be a problem. Drew knocked my guard opened it. He had a very shell shocked Tyrone with him. I should have gone to get him myself. “Marco?” Tyrone said in shock. Oh yes Alysa had wiped his memory of last month. Of course she had, she wanted him to be free to enjoy his life without stress. “We are not going to hurt you.” I quickly assured him. “Has the law?” he asked. “Not yet but that’s not our problem at the moment.” My problem was Alysa’s arranged marriage
had been brought up again she was getting married next month if I didn’t stop it now. It didn’t give me long enough to do what I wanted. But by law these two could get married and then Derek could present the papers, it would cause uproar but it would have to be passed. It just had to be witnessed by 5 royal family members also Derek needed a family member to take his throne. Funny as I currently held all the skills to do just that. King Derek would not count as a royal family member, as it was his wedding neither would Alysa. But King Tyrone, King Drew, King Luke although reluctant did count. Spencer would have done. But I had discovered a better way to bring Tyrone back into are world until it was announced the law had changed. I was going to announce he had been secretly working at finding the Rebels and he had just managed to get back into contact. It couldn’t be questioned. But we were going to have to have their wedding first. Although it felt wrong making her get married so young. She didn’t have a clue about my plan. So with Prince Ben, Lady Sepiah, Princess Leona. Queen Kayla Myself. I could quiet easily do this. Her mother is going to kill me. They had gone silent. “Excuse me to seconds Tyrone.” I said and I banged on her door. “You can
come in.” Ally shouted at me. I didn’t know what I was expecting but them laid on her bed staring at each other wasn’t it. “Oh come off it Dad we haven’t even gone past 1st base” Ally said. What the hell was first base? She kissed Derek he looked like he wanted to run for his life, I wanted to kill him. “How was Marianna’s scan?” Ally asked. She climbed of her bed and walked straight out of the bedroom a smile on her face. “Nice to see you again Tyrone.” she said with a smile. “1st base?” I asked Derek wanting answers. “It means just kissing honestly where is the trust.” Ally said. “Do you believe they won’t let me be alone with my boyfriend? yet both there wife’s are pregnant.” Ally told Tyrone, who must still be in shock with the dad comment. “Alysa.” warned Drew although he sounded like he had given up and wanted to burst out laughing. “You really both thought we were having sex. Honestly you think I would do that when you’re both here? Or when the girls are? I am waiting till we run of too elope.” she told Me. the scary thing them eloping is what I was arranging. “She hasn’t got the brain to mouth switch working.” Derek told me looking worried for his safety. “Can I go before she gets me killed?” Derek mumbled, these two were going to be in charge of everyone
that’s the scary part. This was just too much. Sometimes I wished Alysa was back to the baby stage. I liked her as a baby, she was easier. Well no that’s a lie shed never been easy. I sunk into my seat in the dining area. Tyrone looked at me very confused as I put my head in my hands and counted backwards from 10. “Want a blood coke or a beer?” Ally asked Spencer’s dad calmly. “Alysa.” Drew warned her obviously not knowing what was needed here. “Andrew” she replied. If no one murdered Alysa, I might do it myself. “Drink?” she asked again calmly. “I’ll help.” Derek said. 8 “we run out of coke can you get some cans from opposite?” Alysa asked Derek. “Uh yeah did anyone actually want a beer?” Derek asked us. 10. “I’ll have the beer I think we’re going to need it.” Drew told him sighing. 10. “Is counting back from 10 actually helping?” Ally asked me smiling innocently. “How?” I asked not wanting to know. “You told me every time you want to kill me you count backwards I wondered if it was working?” Alysa asked. “I’ll go help Derek get the drinks.” Alysa tried. “Alysa.” Drew warned her pointing at a chair. She sighed and sat in it. “What’s going on?” Tyrone asked. “Yeah what is going on?” Ally asked me. “Hello Uncle Tyrone.” Derek said calmly. “Uncle?” Tyrone looked at
Derek now and he seemed to take him in. “Marco you know you tell me off for telling no one my plans?” Alysa smiled innocently at me. “Yes because your plans are stupid idiotic reckless.” I told her still trying to stop myself from killing her. “Well if I didn’t do my plan you wouldn’t be able to do yours?” she said. “What’s going on?” Tyrone asked me. “Oh sorry Spencer’s dad, I wiped your memory, we’ve meet before you’re the future king for you Nephews here’s seat. I’m going to change laws when I’m older. We were meant to be leaving you to live your human life until then. With me slipping money to you. I don’t know what all this is about.” Alysa said. “Ally.” Derek warned her that time. “Okay Alysa shut up.” Drew told her. “What’s going on is we have a month to get you two married before you get married of to someone else.” Drew told her. “Oh my arranged marriage back? So I am running away to elope?” Alysa asked calmly. “Where in the world did running away to get married come from?” Drew asked her. “It is our original plan last time it came up.” Derek admitted. “This is why I’m worried. Do you two not understand that you will one day rule all of the Amaris?” I asked them seriously. “I’m hoping they come to their senses” Alysa told me. “Your majesty.”
Tyrone said bowing his head respectable to Alysa. “The first thing I’m getting rid of is no one bowing to me.” Alysa said with a smile. “Enough Alysa go to your room.” I told her. Yes I was sending a college student to her room. “Fine.” Alysa said and stormed of. “Derek sit down at least one of you needs to be understanding here.” I told him. “She’s just panicked she doesn’t mean to seem so wild.” Derek told me. “Is she yours and Beth’s?” Tyrone asked me motioning where I had sent Alysa. “She’s Beth’s little sister.” I told him with a small smile, if she was mine I would have bloody locked her in her room. “What’s all this about Marco?” Tyrone asked me still looking worried. But he wasn’t panicked because it was me. “This is about the future Queen falling for your nephew, who has no other family member but you and your kids. Them being in love and us needing to go behind the queens back to get them married, before the princess has a forced marriage to a 100 year old.” “Wont Beth?” Tyrone asked. Oh I remembered he still didn’t know. “I have been trying to find you to tell you for years. Beth died almost 18 years ago.” I told him trying not to let the pang hurt me again. It did every time I thought of it. Alysa was not her sister. I put too much pressure on her to be her.
“But Beth she can’t” Tyrone started. “Unfortunately she was killed when Alysa was a baby.” I told him sadly. “Alysa in there is are future queen.” I told him trying not to sound as panicked by that as I currently felt. “She doesn’t seem to want to be Queen.” Tyrone told me. “Well yes Alysa has kind of had a very strange upbringing.” “Strange how?” Tyrone asked. “Have you got a year?” Drew asked. “She was kidnapped raised on the run hidden all her life. It’s why she refuses to let people stay hidden. She wants everyone back. Eventually no one will have to hide.” “The healer.” Derek mumbled with a smile proud of Alysa. “Why do I need to know this?” Tyrone asked me concerned. “Because the Queens trying to marry Alysa to someone.” Derek told his uncle. “Let me guess you’re in love?” Tyrone asked Derek sighing. Derek smiled at his uncle. “Love makes you do crazy things.” Tyrone told him. “Believe me I know. We’re willing.” Derek said. “So you need me to bypass the Queen by stepping back into my role as king.” Tyrone guest. “Why can’t your dad do it?” he asked Derek. “My dad died 2 years ago.” Derek told him trying not to show how much it hurt him. I wondered how he and Ally seemed to talk constantly when both hide their
feelings so well. “Agapes dead?” Tyrone asked in shock. “Let’s just say a lot of people are dead.” I told him “who else is dead?” Tyrone asked really worried. “King Robward. My Dad, Queen Alba.” I said listing names to start. “We almost had a war.” Drew told him. “Almost?” Tyrone asked really worried. “Yes. Can we not go into it that’s a problem for another day?” Drew told him. “The problem is I’m dead.” Tyrone reminded us. “That’s where I can fix things. Although currently I can’t bring your children and wife into our world, I can you.” I told him. Everyone looked at me. “I can say I had you assigned to something I needed to fake your death for.” I told him. “You can do that?” Tyrone asked. “I can do that.” I confirmed. “So what exactly is happening?” a much calmer Alysa asked walking out her room. “Did you hear all that?” I asked her. She nodded calmly. I noticed her sit calmly and take deep breaths. This was how she had been before she started getting lost in her own cover story. “All I needed was 5 royals to witness your marriage and a king to take over Derek’s throne.” I told her. “So I’m getting married before my mum can marry me of?” Alysa guessed I nodded. “Can I talk to Derek alone about it first?” Alysa asked me. I hadn’t expected this. “We haven’t got long
Alysa.” I warned her. “I know.” Alysa told me. Derek stood and they walked into her room and shut the door. I had no clue how she felt there. I was worried had I misjudged what they wanted. No I knew I hadn’t. “Where are you getting the 5 humans from?” Tyrone asked me worriedly. “I was hoping your son. Alysa’s old human friends. Hopefully one of the teachers here.” I told him. “Alysa has human friends?” Tyrone asked impressed. “Alysa was raised to live with humans. She has never and will never drink from a human.” I told him. “I will go get Clement and Sarah.” Drew told me. “Yes please.” I told him he nodded he went into Ally’s room for 5 minutes then left. I noticed loads of guards follow him. I told Tyrone “let’s go see your son. I think it’s time we start getting you back into the Amaris world. “How?” he asked me. “First you’re going to go tell your son whatever you think he needs to know.” I told him and regrettably we walked out of Alysa’s apartment. They couldn’t get up to much in 10 minutes surely.

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