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Chapter 27 - Sam

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked Derek worried. Had he thought this through? Yes I wanted to be with him. But I thought we had 100s of years not days to find a way. “I’m sure.” He told me. I put my head on my shoulder and looked him in the eyes. He met my gaze. He had full 100% faith in me. He had more faith in me than I did. “What if everything gets destroyed?” I asked him. “If it does it will be because you’re dead.” He told me. He pulled my chair over I sat on my bed. We sat facing each other. “You know I remember the time I first saw you fight.” Derek told me. “When I wanted to prove myself?” I asked him. “Yeah I had heard the guard mumble how he would pay to see me fight.” Derek told me. “I think he meant it about me not about you.” I told him with a smile. “I remember seeing your determined face. You were determined to prove yourself. That you could do everything you set your mind to.” Derek told me. “I
watched you and Kye fight in a way I would never have imagined.” Derek told me smiling proudly at me. “Kye kicked my butt that day.” I pointed out. “Yeah but you were still amazing.” He told me squeezing my hands. Drew walked in. “Before I go pick Clement and Sarah up, are you two sure you want to do this. We could find another way but I’m not promising it would work as well as this.” Drew told me coming and sitting next to me. “What do you think we should do?” Derek asked him. “You don’t want to be king.” I reminded Derek. “No Sam I don’t. But I want to be with you. We both said 2 years ago we wanted to protect and take care of people rather than rule them. I still stand by that.” he told me. “You will be stuck with me for the next 500 years.” I told him with a grin, I knew he had already decided. He was doing this. He just wanted my say that I wanted this, I did. I just didn’t like the fact it was more hiding. “Yeah that I can live with.” Derek told me with a smile, which told me he meant it. “So your both sure you want to do this?” Drew checked. Derek nodded, I nodded. “Thankyou Drew.” I told him hugging him. “Ally I never thought I would be doing this. I thought we would have years. But I’ve thrown it out 2 times.” Drew pointed out. “I know.” I told him
calmly I only had eyes for Derek. “Can you tell Clement and Sarah.” I stopped. “Tell them I love them and I want them to be at my wedding.” I told him he nodded. “Want me to go with him?” Derek asked me. “No I don’t want you to leave me.” I told him truthfully. Drew left then. “I love you Derek.” I told him. “I love you too.” He said and pulled me into his arms. “Remember what you told me our first date?” Derek asked me with a smile I was sat on his lap. “That Sepiah had forced me into a dress if you didn’t like it I was going to kill you?” I asked him with an innocent smile. “That we shouldn’t be doing this. We couldn’t.” Derek told me with a smile. “Yeah?” I asked not sure if he was going to say no to us getting married after all. “Remember how I responded?” he asked I smiled. “Where’s the fun in life without a bit of fear?” I asked smiling. “Not that no but that’s still true.” He told me smiling. “That if we weren’t meant to do it. We wouldn’t want to?” I asked smiling he nodded. “The fact is Ally neither of us said no, we both just actually accepted that this was going to happen. That we are getting married. It was never a question of if it was always just a when.” Derek told me. “I love you idiot.” I told him. “Now who’s the idiot, the one that loves the
idiot or the idiot that loves back?” Derek asked me smiling. “Oh defiantly the idiot.” I told him standing up. “Where are you going?” he asked me as I walked away from him. “To shut the door.” I told him with a grin. I very quietly shut the door. I walked back to him with a huge smile on my face. “You know what else?” I told him with a smile. “What?” “Marcos just gone out.” I kissed Derek with a huge smile on my face. “You know what else?” I asked him with a smile. “What?” he asked confused. “I think you’re going to get to see me in another dress.” “Now it must be my birthday.” Derek told me smiling. “I can still kill you.” I warned him. “Oh Sally you could kill me in so many ways. It’s what makes you so exciting.” Derek told me kissing me. We were making out when the door was banged. We didn’t even bother breaking apart. “If you’re not decent you have 5 seconds.” Taylor shouted. “We are decent.” I reluctantly shouted. She came in with Erin, Sep, Sean, Kye and Jessie. Even Adam and Harry hovered in the doorway. “You know were sneaking behind the queens back?” Sean warned us. “Yep.” Derek said. “You know you both will be dead meat when this comes out?” Taylor offered. “You know this is so romantic.” Sep said. “Just give us a hug.” I told
them. “Even better were going shopping.” Sep told me with a smile. “Uh shopping?” Derek asked confused. “Yeah you’re getting married apparently in 5 days we need to get you a dress.” Sep told me. “5 days?” I asked abit shell shocked. “You didn’t know that?” Sean asked us. “We knew we were getting married quickly.” I told him. “You both sure you’re ready for this?” Sean asked me. “Sean don’t try convince us out of it.” I told him giving him a weak smile. “If I ever wanted to convince you out of it. I wouldn’t have helped.” He pointed out smiling weakly. “Spencer’s a bit shell shocked at the moment.” Jessie told us. “What’s he been told?” I asked. “Oh before we left just that his dad and Marco are old friends. Also that his dads Derek’s uncle.” Kye told us. “It’s strange I still haven’t actually talked to my uncle properly.” Derek pointed out. “But you and spencer get on so maybe it’s best to start building the family bond there.” I told him smiling. “Now that’s defiantly better human relationships than we’ve had in years. No wonder me and Spencer both have the same taste in girls.” Derek teased. “Let’s go face Spencer and my uncle” Derek said gripping my hand.

“So you are really rich?” Spencer asked his dad a bit shell shocked. “I walked away from the business when I didn’t want it.” Tyrone told Spencer. “What kind of business makes everyone so miserable?” Spencer asked. “Spencer?” I asked calmly he turned and looked at me. “You know I told you about my kidnapping?” I said calmly. “What do you think my mum does? That only the female child can take over?” I asked him putting my head to the side not compelling him. “That requires us to actually have body guards.” I said indicating my friends. “Uh?” “My names not Sam.” I told him. “It’s not even Samira RiverBae.” I told him. “My name is her Royal Highness Princess Alysa Luna Amaris I am the future queen of a species very similar to Vampires.” “Did you have to swear?” Tyrone asked me. “Vampires is no longer coincided a swear word. It just coincided dirty.” I told him with a smile. “Vampires are not real.” Spencer told me looking like he thought we were all insane. “Did you never wonder why everyone baby’s me so much?” I asked him. “Kye can you go get me a bottle of tomato juice from the fridge?” I asked Kye who was the closest to the door. “Spencer did you never wonder why I drink so much tomato’s?” I asked. “Yeah I thought you all just were
health freaks.” Spencer told me. Kye returned with the tomato bottle I handed it to spencer. “Smell it.” I told him. He did and he suddenly seemed scared. “We do not drink from people.” I quickly told him. “We wouldn’t ever drink from you.” Jessie quickly reassured him. “Spencer I have kept you and your siblings hidden in a small town for a reason. You excel at everything you do. You’re half human half Amaris.” Tyrone told his son. Spencer was about to freak out. “SPENCER YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FREAK OUT. YOU UNDERSTAND BUT YOU’RE GOING TO KNOW THAT WHAT WE SAY IS TRUE.” I compelled. “Now I would have left you to live your normal human life.” Marco told him. “But we need your help.” I told him with a reluctant smile. “How?” he asked me still in shock but he couldn’t freak out like he obviously wanted to. “I have to marry Derek.” I told him “you’re too young to marry unless you’re not 19?” Spencer told me. “How old am I?” I asked Marco. “You don’t know how old you are?” both Spencer and Tyrone asked me. “Your 19.” Marco told me looking like he was trying to work it out to. “This is what happens when you never have a birthday.” I told him. “You don’t have a birthday?” Spencer asked confused. “That’s a story for another day.” I told him.
“The problem is. I have to elope to Derek quickly.” “Why?” Spencer asked confused. “If we don’t elope Sam will have an arranged marriage to another prince.” Derek told him. “So you need to get married?” Spencer asked. “Couldn’t you just refuse?” he asked me. “I’ve been refusing since I was 17.” I told him. “I would quiet happily refuse to marry the guy mum wants to put me with for politics forever but I’ve run out of time.” I told him. “The thing is if Ally’s married before her mum can announce who she’s marrying she can’t stop the wedding.” Marco told him. “Spencer my people are freaks yes I know. It’s why I didn’t want you growing up in there world. I’m giving you the option now. To decide if you want to know the truth or live not knowing what you really are.” Tyrone told his son. “Does mum know?” Spencer asked. “Yes your mum knows. In fact she gets me my daily blood needs from work.” Tyrone told his son. “Is that why after she gets home you always disappear with a carrier bag up to your office?” Spencer asked. “You never thought that was weird?” I asked. “No I thought he had a small alcohol problem.” Spencer said honestly. “Well blood is a bit of a drug but we can’t live without it.” Derek told him. “I know this is shocking. Well I thought I was the
last of my family. Now I know I have an aunt, uncle and 3 cousins.” Derek told him. “So we are really related?” Spencer asked him. “Of course you are you both have the same eyes. Same nose. Same taste in girls.” Erin told him. “Erin last one wasn’t needed.” I pointed out.

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