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Chapter 28 - Drew

I had arrived in Paris. It hadn’t taken as long as I would of thought. Kayla was sat in a hotel restaurant waiting for me. With Cole and Marianna. “How did the scans go?” I asked both of them. Kayla handed me the scan. “It’s another monster.” Kayla told me smiling. Trying to feed Cole who was in a highchair refusing point blank to eat anything that was on his plate. I looked at both girls they seemed so happy. Well why shouldn’t they be, after all they were both pregnant our world was finally at peace. Well until Alysa’s wedding come out. Then I think we might be murdered by the Queen ourselves. “Has Marco really thought out this plan 19 seems too young to be married.” Kayla said. “We were only 25.” I reminded her. “Yes but. Ally just seems too tiny.” Kayla admitted. “Remember tiny things are the most dangerous.” Marianna reminded her. “The thing is both actually planned to do this themselves. We’ve just speed it up.” I told them. “I wish she could have
just done college like a normal person at least.” Kayla wined. “If this bumps a girl she’s not allowed to full in love it’s too dangerous.” Kayla told me. “If bumps a girl she’s being locked in a tower till she’s 100” I told Kayla although I was smiling. “100 seems young to me.” Marianna told us. “I don’t think Marco will ever let my little niece date.” Kayla told Marianna with a smile. “Well if she’s anything like Alysa shell walk all over him.” Marianna said with a smile. “Are you defiantly having a girl?” I asked her. “Yes I’m 23 weeks with a little girl.” Marianna said. “Wow” I said. “How the hell did you get so far along with no signs and no bump?” Kayla winged. “They told you. You show sooner because you’ve had a baby already.” Marianna comforted my pregnant wife. “You ready to go invite two people to a secret royal wedding?” I asked the girls trying to put on a smile. I looked at their guard I had sent with them and the 1 with me. “We have to make sure we invite Judah and Kacie.” Dyna said smiling. “Believe me that’s already done.” I smiled. “This weddings secret with a lot of people.” Kyla said smiling. “I think the fact that it’s the only secret wedding were having to preform is a miracle.” Marianna replied.

Half an hour later with a now half feed Cole. We walked into the Café. I couldn’t see Sarah or Clement. “Bonjour comment puis-je vous aider aujourd’hui?” hello how may I help you today. The waitress asked. She looked familiar I wondered if I had meet her when I was last here. “You don’t speak English by any chance?” Marianna asked. Her language skills were almost non-existent. “Yes I speak English.” The girl told us smiling politely. “Welcome what would you like to order?” she asked with a smile. “I was wondering if I could talk to Clement or Sarah.” I asked with an innocent smile. “There both off today but I can give them a ring.” The girl told me with a smile. “That would be great if you could.” I told her. “Who should I tell them is here.” the girl asked me. “Tell them it’s Ally’s brother. I’m here with a message from her.” I told the girl. “Oh you’re related to Ally? How is she I haven’t heard from her in agers? It’s almost like she dropped of the face of the earth.” The girl told me. “Are you Lucile or Naomi?” Kayla asked with a smile. “Naomi.” The girl replied with a huge smile. “Ally’s mentioned me?” “Of course until she got sent to boarding school you were one of her best friends.” Kayla said with a smile. “She got sent to boarding school?” Naomi asked confused.
“Long story.” I smiled. “Can you ring them now please?” I told the girl. She nodded and rung. I heard a quick phone call in French. Then Naomi hung up. “They said make yourselves at home they will be here in 10 minutes.” Naomi told me with a smile. “Thank you can we have 3 hot chocolates and a glass of milk.” I asked. “Yeah.” The girl said with a smile and disappeared to play with the machine. “Can you imagine Ally actually working in here?” Marianna said with a smile. “It’s strange I can.” Kayla said with a smile. Naomi gave us are hot chocolates and milk. Then served a few others. Once it had quieted down she came back over. “So how is Ally?” she asked with a smile. I remembered her well. If it wasn’t for this girl I would never have found Alysa. The whole Amaris world owed her for dragging her into a night club underage. Ironic I know. “She’s enjoying college.” Marianna told her with a smile. “She’s getting married.” Kayla said. “She was always so anti guy are you sure we have the same Ally?” Naomi asked confused. Sarah and Clement walked in. we’ll all 3 could come to the wedding I supposed. “Clement, Sarah.” I said smiling at them. “Hello is Ally okay?” Sarah asked me worried. “Yes she would just love for you two to come. All paid trip to her wedding.” I told
them. “Her what?” Clement asked in shock. Kayla handed him an invite she must have made especially for them.

Please join us for the wedding of Her royal highness Princess Alysa Luna Amaris And His royal highness King Derek Galanis

“It doesn’t say when.” Sarah told us. “Oh that’s why we’re here it’s in 3 days.” I told her calmly. “Is this an arranged marriage?” Sarah asked concerned. “No this is them actually marrying in secret before Alysa is forced into the arranged marriage.” Kayla told her honestly. “Um Ally’s a princess?” Naomi asked very confused. “Ally is a princess we have the private plane waiting to take us. How long will it take you to shut for a few days?” I asked. “Not long.” Clement told me honestly. He suddenly started shutting. “What’s going
on?” Naomi asked. “Well you have a choice you can come to the royal wedding of your friend or you can decide not to.” I told her smiling. “Oh I’m coming, I want to see this for myself.” Naomi said.

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