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Chapter 29 - Sam

I stood in a shop. A brides shop. My black hair in my mouth. Looking at dresses. “This one will hug your figure.” Sepiah told me. “It might actually make you look less small.” Taylor told me. The shop assistants hadn’t believed we were in here. I think they thought we were kids messing about. But rather than compelling we had let a big wodge of cash do the talking for us. “I’m getting married tomorrow.” I said still in shock. “Well yeah Sam.” Sepiah told me. “I’m getting married tomorrow.” I repeated I admit it I was in shock. “This ones more you.” Erin said pulling out a dress that was all puffy. We all laughed. “Yeah that’s defiantly not me.” I told her smiling. “I have 1 day to find a dress.” I told them in shock. “You’re not having second thoughts are you?” Sepiah asked me worried. “No I either get married tomorrow or at the end of January. I chose the man I love.” I told her with a smile. “It’s just 1 day!” I said to her. “Can we have a glass of
water please?” Sepiah told the assistant. She looked at us still not believing we were in here. “We should just compel her.” Erin told me. “No its fine. I’m fine. I just don’t think any of these dresses are me.” I told them honestly. “What do you think is more you a plain white dress just a small veil?” Sepiah asked me. “Actually yeah.” I told her with a smile. “Thought so next shop girls.” Sepiah told me dragging us out.

“I love it.” I told Sepiah looking at the white dress. It was very plain really. It looked like something an ancient Greek goddess would wear. It had no straps I wasn’t sure if my boobs would hold it up. But Sepiah promised they would. “For the first time ever you actually look like a princess.” Sepiah told me when I tried it on. Erin and Taylor sat opened mouthed. “Okay girls I know I don’t normally dress girlie but it’s not that shocking.” I tried to joke. “I know why you don’t wear dresses now.” Taylor told me. “Why?” I asked confused. “Because no one would be able to look at anyone but you.” Taylor told me with an honest smile. I swirled in the dress. Feeling for the first time ever comfortable in a dress. Strange the first dress I had felt comfortable in was going to be my wedding dress. This
felt right somehow. As if I was always meant to wear this dress. We paid for the dress. The shop assistant didn’t tell us much just about fittings if I needed them. I think it shocked her when we took the dress straight with us and paid in cash. “What’s next?” Erin asked. “Meet the boys for lunch?” I suggested. “Wanting to make sure hes not got cold feet?” Erin teased me. “No I want to make sure hes not in over his head.” I told her smiling. “Hes marrying you hes in over his head.” Taylor told me with a smile. “Do you feel that?” I asked them suddenly worried. Taylor was looking around as if worried herself. “Amaris lots of them.” she told me suddenly worried. “How do you want to go about this?” I asked the girls. I looked up the stairs I could see Sean, Jessie Kye, Derek his guards and Spencer they seemed to be getting ready to move. “Get us all out so no humans get hurt.” Taylor said. The boys saw us and nodded as a way of telling us to wait for an idea. “Spencer go up to Sam and put your arms around her.” I heard Derek mumble. “What?” Spencer asked confused. “We need Sam to look like she’s with you and not us.” Derek mumbled. I looked at him worried. “Why what’s” “shut up just do it.” Derek told him. Spencer walked up to me. “Hey Sam D” “hi Spencer
come on lets go leave your roommates to their own thing.” I told him. “What’s.” “Let’s just go.” I told him. He put his arm round me nervously. “Spencer you need to make me look human and smell human.” I whispered. “Why?” he asked worried. “If they realise who I am we are all in more danger.” I said with only a quick look up. “Who?” we were going down the escalator. “Spencer just do what I say okay?” I told him. “What?” spencer asked in shock. “Hug me.” I told him quickly as an Amaris passed us. He really reluctantly gave me a hug which felt very unconfutable. I hide myself in his arms till we were downstairs. “You need to make me look human.” I whispered very quietly into his arms. That’s when the screaming started. “Change of plans we run.” I told him. That’s when Sean jumped down from 2 floors above. “What the hell?” Spencer asked. “Don’t talk run.” I told him. “There after Derek not me.” I told Sean. “Yeah but you can’t be unprotected.” Sean told me. “Don’t fight Sam.” Sean told me. I could hear the fighting. “There after Derek because they think hes the last of his line you need to get you and Spencer out.” Sean told me. I nodded. I had to trust my friends and my fiancée to get themselves out of this. No one was after me thank god.
“Who are they?” Spencer asked me. “There people that want to end the peace.” I told him. “What do you mean?” he asked. “I refuse to allow a war.” I told him quietly. “Some people think we should take over and make Humans our slaves I refuse.” I told him. “I want to stop the hiding and just come out the closet as equals not as rulers.” A fireball went whizzing past us. “Okay they know were part of the team now.” I told Sean. “I know just keep running I’ll fight you two run.” Sean throw a huge fire ball behind him. “What the hell can you all do that?” Sean asked. “Yeah. So can you but we don’t want to awaken it in you believe me.” I told him. “If I can help.” Spencer said. “You can help by running.” I told him. “This is why you’re made to run 30 miles a day no stopping?” Spencer asked. “You do realise the 30 miles and gym was our warm up. When we told you we were going to pop places we were doing more.” I told him. “Really?” “Yeah we had fights magical and physical. Didn’t you ever wonder what all the bruises were about? All the burnt clothes?” “Yeah but I never thought.” Spencer started. “Spencer Duck.” I shouted as a fire ball went whizzing and just literally missed him. “I choose to heal I choose heal I choose heal.” I told myself calmly. The black smoke in the air
told me something big was on fire. Please everyone be okay. “Spencer?” I asked calmly as I could. “Yeah?” he asked sounding panicked. “You know I told you I wouldn’t let anything happen to you?” I asked him. “You did?” he asked worried. “I’m going to get us out of here.” I told him. “Sam I told you to run.” Sean said running up behind us I had stopped. “How many people Sean?” “About 30.” Sean said sounding worried. “Can you protect me whilst I focus on them?” another fireball shot throw the air. “Sam what is your plan please don’t do anything stupid.” Sean told me. “I can’t let humans die.” I reminded him. “Sam” “ENOUGH.” I shouted. A ball went firing through the air. I blinked and it went out. “What’s she doing?” I heard Spencer say. “She’s being a suicidal idiot.” Sean responded. “STÁSI EVERYBODY STOP FIRING STÁSI.” I yelled. I must have shocked everyone because they did. Derek and his guards and my friends caught up. I noticed all 30 of the attackers appear. “NOW EVERYONE LISTEN TO ME.” I shouted. Was I using power? Nope I defiantly wasn’t. “Now everybody in the mall except those fighting have 20 minutes to leave. No attack will be had in the 20 minutes as say the laws set out to protect the innocent in 1328.” I said. Everyone
sat down calmly. Spencer looked at me shocked. “How?” he asked me. “Go spencer your human, you are not a part of this.” I told him. “Who are you to demand STÁSI?” One of the men yelled at me. “I am no one. But I know our laws.” I told him sternly. “Go Spencer now. Get on the phone to my brother and tell him. Sam said malls turning red.” I told him he reluctantly nodded and walked out with the other humans. “The word stasi wipes there memory’s?” Sean asked me worried. “It does when I demand it in a fight. Ancient Laws I’m glad Marcos been making me study.” I told him. He nodded at me. “So we have 20 minutes?” Derek asked me worried. “Yep” I said. “Any great plans?” Taylor asked. “nope.” I told her. “Like always I hate the mall.” Jessie told me. “I’m really starting to agree with you there Jess.” “Any other ancient words you can think of to get us out of this mess.” Erin asked me. “We could try talking to them it will pass the time.” I told them. “So” I said calmly. “Anyone read any good books. Watched any good films. Killed anyone important.” I asked calmly. Everyone sat in silence we were getting pined into the middle of the mall but we had 30 around us. “We watched a.” one of the man started “shut up you idiot she wants you to let your
guard down.” another one of his team said. “We watched kid’s cartoons this morning. There actually really funny. It’s such a shame you don’t seem to enjoy anything.” I told the men who were sat and stood all around me. “You just like talking gobbledygook.” Sepiah told me. “Can I ask who you’re after?” I asked the man closest to us. “King Derek. With his death will come the end of a royal family.” One of the men said. “See Derek everyone holds you as so important.” I told my fiancée trying not to panic. “Sam.” Sean warned. “15 minutes.” One of the men said to the others. “Really has it only been 5?” I asked calmly. “Your guardian Samira?” One of the men suddenly said. I looked at him. “Well I’m glad people know my main skill is blabbing.” I told him smiling sweetie. “Actually your main skills buying time to think of a plan.” He said to me. “Thanks for reminding me I haven’t actually got one yet today, I’m just willing to wing it. There are 30 of you and only 10 guards and 2 royals with us.” I pointed out. “Get ready to attack the moment the 13 minutes are up.” the one who knew my reputation shouted. “See people give me more credit than I deserve.” I told Sean. “What is the plan?” Derek asked me looking worried for them rather than us. I had my
hand flat on the floor. I smiled at Harry and Kye both are Earth user. “It’s a stupid one.” I mumbled. “When aren’t your plans stupid?” Derek asked me sweetly. “You know you’ve pissed me of.” I said loudly. “Well that’s what people do in the middle of a war.” One of the men shouted. “Were not at war.” I pointed out. “A war would be proper fighting not random attacks risking civilians.” “9 minutes.” Someone called. “You know what’s really pissed me of thought the fact you put innocent lives in harm’s way.” I told them. I smiled at Derek. “water.” I said “around us on my say.” I mumbled they all nodded. “What did you say?” someone shouted at me. “I said you annoy me are you hard of hearing?” “Escape plan 204 432 852 and 761” I mumbled. “The thing is I find no one can tell me why we want this war.” I said. “What?” one of the men asked me confused. “For some reason a lot of Amaris want to kill of their own kind. But why were on this planet for roughly 500 years. Shouldn’t we be protecting it keeping it safe from the humans? Stopping pollution.” I said. “5 minutes.” Someone shouted. “Shouldn’t we be teaching the humans better? Teaching them what loves all about.” I smiled at Derek. “I love you idiot.” I told him. “I love you Sam.”
he told me. I kissed him hey if this was going to be are last few minutes together we were going to go out kissing if not married. “With your reputation I was expecting a lot more random blabber and less kissing. You’re just a love sick child.” The Amaris said I looked at him “and you’re about 400 you should know better.” I told him. “Sam it’s rude to guess age.” Sean warned me with a smile. “1 minute.” Someone shouted. “You know what’s scary. My reputation never mentions the fact how often it’s taken to get and how many times I’ve lived.” I told the man. He looked at me perplexed. “10 9” Taylor said. “6, 5,” “well good luck killing us.” I told the man. “1.”

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