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Chapter 3 - Sean

When’s the blood arriving?” I asked. “You have to meet the delivery man once a week but he will bring it straight up.” Judah told me with a nod of approval that I was taking this serious. “I will try finding out how many Amaris are at school before I leave.” Judah told me. I nodded my understanding. “I will join you.” I told him. So it was arranged. Taylor, Erin, Sam, Sep, Jessie and Kacie went shopping Kye and I went with Judah to find out what we could. We soon had the layout of everything. All possible escape routes from our apartments to the cars. The routes we could use with the cars. “It’s not that I don’t trust you.” Judah informed me. “It’s that you hate not knowing.” I told him I fully understood. “If I could drop out of school and stay with you all I would.” Judah told us. I nodded. “4 royals in the whole of college excluding lady Sepiah.” Judah found out. “So 4 royals. They would each have about 3 guards. So far we had 16 Amaris
defiantly.” Kye said doing the maths. “Only ones in your school year. So should be only 4 you have to deal with.” Judah said now looking at the records he had convinced the college to give him. “4?” I asked reassured. If it was who I had planned, this was going to be the safest year ever. Especially after what Sam had pulled. She had put us all on different courses to her. Courses we wouldn’t be bored with apparently. We all meet up 2 hours later. “Never ever let me go shopping with them again.” Jessie told me. “Did you get us one of those game things?” Kye asked him. “Of course he did he got two.” Sep said looking unimpressed. Sooner than I liked it was time for Judah and Kacie to go. “Bye Uncle Judah.” Sam said hugging him. I have to admit it we did all hug our teachers goodbye. There were a lot of us trying not to cry. But as there were humans around us cuddling their parent’s goodbye it felt right. After all for the last 2 years of mine and Sam’s life these 2 had been our parents. They had been all 7 of our parents. “I’ll see you for Christmas.” Judah insured Sam. “Remember we are all reachable and will be here as soon as were needed.” Judah told us. “We will be fine.” Sam said smiling. “Marco will be here quicker than us if you
need him.” Kacie told me. “I almost forgot.” Judah said pulling out 7 envelopes. One with each of our names on. “What’s this?” I asked suspiciously. “A present from Marco.” Judah told me. “I’m surprised he isn’t here.” Sam told him honestly. Actually so was I. “he would have been but he’s still on his honeymoon.” Judah told her with a smile. Sam gave a huge grin. She had personally gone to Marcos and Marianna’s wedding in the summer. Both were somewhere that none of knew having their honeymoon, and a well-deserved break after 17 years hunting for Alysa. “Omg Sep said looking at the bankcard with her name on.” “You each have an allowance.” Judah told us. “A way to big one!” Taylor said. I actually agreed with that. “If you need more, you just have to ring Drew or Marco.” Judah told us. “Yeah I don’t think we need anymore.” Erin said looking at the amount on the letter. “Are they traceable?” Sam asked, she seemed to be thinking along the same lines I was could someone track her if we used them. “They are not.” Judah insured us. “Although I hasten to add not to buy anything online.” Kacie said. “Because that would lead a trail?” I guessed. They nodded. “Thank you.” We all said. “Be good. Do not kill each other.” Kacie said climbing into the driver’s seat of the car she
had drove here. Judah gave us all another worried expression. “We will be fine.” I insured him. He nodded. “Goodbye all of you. See you all soon.” Judah said and with that he got into the car and was gone. We watched it drive away stood in our group of 7. We watched the 2 adults leave us, knowing we were now the adults. “Well kids” I said turning around as the oldest by 3 years I was going to take control. “Don’t bother.” Erin told me with a smile. “Come on honey time to just enjoy the time we have peacefully.” Taylor told me. She threaded her hand in mine I smiled. “You know I love you all.” Sam said. “Yeah?” Erin asked her wondering what came next. “That’s it I love you guys.” Sam said. We went back to our apartment to set up the punching bags the girls went back to their own to apparently learn how to cook cakes. “Uh?” Kye said looking in the apartment confused. “Someone’s in here?” he said confused still with the door open the girls had all gone back in there room. “They can’t be” I said and went in and sure enough stood in the middle of our living area setting up the punch bag for us was a human. “Hey you must be my roommates?” he said with a smile up at us. “Yeah we must be.” Jessie said calmly. I accessed the situation. But it was Sam who
came in the room next that caught the guy’s attention. “Hey do you guys have the eggs.” She asked. “We can’t make bloody cakes with no eggs.” She meant bloody as in cakes with blood in I knew it. But the human didn’t. He looked at her. “Hey I’m Spencer.” He said. “Nice to meet you Spencer. Are you rooming in here?” Sam asked calmly. “Yeah do you already all know each other?” he asked us. “Did we leave the toilet paper with you?” Erin said coming in. she looked at the human in shock. Again it was Sam who came to the aid. “Yeah we all went school together.” She said calmly. Kye chucked Erin the toilet paper. “You left a lot of stuff here I will bring it over.” He said grapping 4 bags. Wimp I thought. “So this isn’t awkward.” Spencer said. Getting to his feet. Sam put her head to the side I didn’t know what she was doing, but she looked puzzled. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves to your new roommate?” she asked me confused as well. What was she thinking? Jessie was the one who was friendly. Reminding me how easy it was to make friends with him in the school. “Hey I’m Jessie. That’s Sean the wimp who left with his girlfriend was Kye.” He said. “He wasn’t a wimp he just knows he has to listen to his girlfriend.” Sep said coming in the room. Taylor behind
her. “I’m Sepiah but everyone calls me Sep.” she told him. Taylor took in the situation then her eyes caught mine and she looked at Sam as well trying to work out why the girl looked confused. Had Spencer slipped through her plan? “Nice to meet you.” Spencer said holding his hand out to shake. I shock it. “Hey” I finally said. Sep took hold of Jessie hand, Erin and Kye came back in. this wasn’t awkward at all. I only had eyes for Sam, she looked deep in thought what was she doing. “So you all know each other and dating?” Spencer asked us. “Pretty much.” Sam said with a smile. “So are you two dating?” Spencer asked me and Sam. “Eww gross he’s my brother.” Sam said. Taylor threaded her arm through mine in a way to say less stress please. Sam still seemed confused. “Are you human?” she asked. What the hell I knew she was trying to get over King Derek but really?

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