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Chapter 30 - Sam

With 1 the floor gave way under us. We fell straight through with a water barrier above us. “Plan 204 432” Sean said looking proud. “It’s not over.” I pointed out. “Can’t we just take it as a good sign?” Erin asked smiling. “Now go.” I told them. “Wait Sam?” “Come on I have four choices we run forever. Or we kill them. Or I demand enough or I take away their free will.” I told my friends. “You won’t kill them.” Derek told me certain. He had a lot more faith in me than I did. He only saw the best in me. “I’m not going to unless it’s my only option.” I told him. “I’ll stay to stop you.” he told me running his hand over my hand. “No go if I’m the destroyer it’s what I do.” I told him. “No you’re not the destroyer you’re the healer.” Derek told me sternly. I kissed him. “You have more faith in me than I deserve. It’s a shame you never saw me in my dress I looked hot.” I told him and squeezed his hand. “Go.” I told my friends. “We are not leaving you we can all go.
come on we have about 10 minutes head start.” Taylor pointed out. “That’s the thing Taylor I’m sick of running and hiding.” “We won’t leave you.” Sean told me. “Go” I demanded, they couldn’t not do what I had said. Even Derek who I had never demanded to do anything had to listen to me, it felt wrong demanding them. They reluctantly left. When the baddy’s arrived I was again sat down calmly. I knew one thing they wouldn’t kill me unless I tried to fight. “You missed your chance to kill him I’m afraid.” I told them not angrily after all today not a single death had been had, not a single human or Amaris had been killed. It was now up to me to decide if any would die or if all would live. “Why didn’t you escape with them?” the one who I had been talking to during the countdown asked. “I wanted to give you some options.” I told him calmly. “We are broken, all the Amaris are broken.” I told them making a water ball into my hands. They all watched me but none attacked well I was alone. Even my reputation hadn’t mentioned last time I had been threatened like this. Nobody had survived it to tell. They wouldn’t kill me sat here calmly they wanted me to attack so they could justify my kill. “We have been fighting among ourselves since we cut away from humans. We do not
think of ourselves as people anymore. We just see the power we hold. The thing is we share this planet. The humans share this planet. Yes they are about to go into their own war. That if we could stop we should. We have been alive for 100s of years longer than they have. We have a much longer lifespan. But we’ve forgotten what livings about. We’ve forgotten what loves about. Your options are to put your weapons down. Stop fighting. Or I will make you.” I told them all calmly. “Who are you to make us do anything?” one of the men asked me. “I AM PRINCESS ALYSA AND I SAY ENOUGH.” I said. I used a lot of Force behind my voice. “Now you have the options. You can stop yourselves. I can compel you and take away your free will. Or I can prove what a destroyer actually can do.” I said calmly. “The thing is, if I am the destroyer I will not stop. The whole world will be destroyed. If I chose to heal the whole world can be great again. But I do not want to be a dictator. I want us not to be hidden anymore.” I said all this with power. I admit I wasn’t compelling but the amount of Charm behind me was draining. People started bowing to me, it shocked me. Okay I was hoping for this praying for it even, but never did I actually think it was achievable. My real powers never
had been my Elements. It had never been my fighting it’s always been my way of talking myself into and out of a situation or running. “Now I would like everyone to stop.” I said calmer. “It’s time for us to stop being a killer race. We may drink human’s blood. But in order to have our food source we need to respect them as well as each other. If they die out we die out. If we die out they die out.” I told my people calmly. “Now unless anyone kills someone. Today has been a win on both sides. No one has been lost. No one has been hurt. No one has lost there free will.” I told my people. Everyone was bowing at me. “Now I demand respect. For every Amaris and Every human. We will no longer be a broken race. If there is any more killing. I will take action. This time I have spared you.” I said. With that I stood up and walked out the malls car park. I didn’t look back. I admit I was too scared to. If I looked back they might realise I was just a kid, what harm could I do. I looked at the shocked face on my friends, as I walked to where they had pulled over, when they had realised I wasn’t with them. “Anyone got any blood?” I asked calmly. “Sam did you?” Sean asked. I shook my hand and pointed behind me. Everyone was still bowing and out in the open. “Did you take away?”
Taylor asked. I shook my head. Derek smiled at me proudly. “I knew you could do it. You just talked chatty.” he told me proudly. “Yeah although I did put a lot of demand in my voice.” I told him smiling. “I’m proud of you.” he told me. We flashed Marco over. “What the hell?” he asked shocked. “I talked to them.” I told him he looked behind us at the calm Amaris who were starting to disappear. “Can you cover up the attack? All the humans in there won’t remember it. It just needs to be written off as a gas explosion everyone was evacuated there was no deaths at all.” I told Marco with a tired smile. “Alysa you did all that without a single death?” Marco asked me amazed. “I am going to restore are humanity. I am the healer.” I said with a tired smile and happy I had chosen to heal and today I had confirmed my option. It really is time to heal the Amaris. I laid my head on Derek’s shoulder. “Go sleep Sally.” He whispered stroking my hair. I smiled at him. “You have so much faith in me.” I told him calmly. I saw Marco go over to the Amaris, but if they didn’t attack I trusted him not to. “You’re crazy but I love you.” Derek told me. I wanted to fall asleep but I got back out the car.

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