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Chapter 31 - Marco

I was sat going over the last bits and pieces April and Abigail had arrived from college. Judah and Kacie with Hannah had also arrived. Even Princess Maria, Lady Lindsey and Lady Edmée were on the way. This wedding wasn’t actually going to be that small I soon realised. What with guards we had almost 100 people coming to this secret wedding. Amazingly it was still a secret wedding. “God the boy’s apartment is a state.” April told me. I looked at her, “I take it your college room is better?” I joked. “Actually ours is fine.” Abigail told me. These two weren’t royals but neither did they treat me like I was. They were not guards either. Abigail was training to be a writer and April a vet. “Wish we had chosen this college now I can’t believe they have a pool on campus.” Abi said smiling at April. “I’m afraid they don’t do are subjects.” April pointed out. “Do you think I can come here?” Hannah asked with a smile. “I think Sam would love that.” April told
her. “So you finally worked out why she chose so far away?” Judah asked not angrily but disappointed. “Did you not know?” I asked him. “No they hide it well.” Judah told me. I nodded. “He never once visited her in the dorm.” Kacie told me. “So I heard from Ally Marianas pregnant and so is Kayla?” April asked me with a smile. “They are?” Judah asked me. “Yes they both are.” I told them smiling. “That’s going to be a very hormonal college.” April joked. “We will go home when we trust Ally.” I told April. “No you won’t you’ll all move here.” Judah told me knowingly. “Let me ask how hard it was for you not to quit your job and do just that?” I asked him smiling. “Let’s just say it’s on the computer ready to print if I need to.” Judah told me. I nodded my understanding to him. “What are you doing for the leader of the country?” Judah asked me. I smiled at him, “the president is having a nice holiday.” I told him smiling. “You can’t compel they have to come of their own free will.” Kacie reminded me. “Yes he is. Didn’t take compelling just asking nicely if he would come to a Royal wedding he seemed amazed to be invited.” I smiled. “We are so getting put into prison for treason.” Kacie said not even kidding. “Well yes but I’m hoping the Queen will realise this is what Alysa wants.”
I told them. They nodded. My phone started ringing I noticed the Id was Spencer. I had only given him my number 3 days ago. Why was he ringing I answered, he seemed panicked. “SAM SAID TO TELL YOU THE MALLS TURNING RED.” He almost shouted at me. “I’m on my way.” I said Judah and Kacie and even Abigail took action straight away. We run out the college Apartments straight to a car and were off.

“She’ll be fine.” Kacie told me. “She always gets herself out of a mess.” Judah told me. I knew they were reassuring themselves rather than me. “There the highest levels to ever come out of Bennett Gaia.” Kacie said. That’s when we got close enough to the mall to see what was happening. Humans were everywhere but no one seemed scared. In fact they all seemed to be oblivious to anything that was happening. “Sam compelled?” Kacie asked. “No she’s been learning ancient Laws, she would have got them all out.” I told them actually proud of Alysa. If she was still alive I was really going to start trusting her a bit more. I saw the car then they had gone in 4 cars and all 4 cars were parked one car flashed me. There was also a lot of Amaris behind them all bowing. I stopped and walked
straight to the car I could see Sean Derek Alysa Erin and Taylor in. Erin in the driver’s seat. “What the hell?” I asked I shock I was amazed by the bowing. I admit I expected to find the mall destroyed. “I talked to them.” Alysa told me. I looked at them did she compel all of them? “Can you cover up the attack? All the humans in there won’t remember it. It just needs to be written off as a gas explosion everyone was evacuated there was no deaths at all.” Ally told me sounding tired but not as shattered as she would be if she had compelled that many people at once. How had she done this “Alysa you did all that without a single death?” I asked her in shock. “I am going to restore are humanity. I am the healer.” Alysa told me as though she was happy and shattered at once. But she was still conscious. She laid her head on Derek’s shoulder. I was staring at the men and women still bowing. I left them and walked over.

Judah was next to me Kacie my other side as I reached them. “Do we live?” a man asked me. “She said she spared us today we will serve her.” another said they were all still bowing. “We will end the fighting.” Another said. “You will end the fighting. You shall all go
back where you’re from and inform them the Amaris world is no longer at war. Any more deaths and I won’t be happy.” Alysa said. I admit I turned and faced her. “NOW GO” she demanded in a voice I had never heard her use. “We will your highness.” The all said. They all bowed and disappeared. “Alysa?” I asked her worried. What had she done? “Can I nap first?” Alysa asked me calmly. I nodded and followed her back to college.

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