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Chapter 32 - Sam

I wanted to sleep. I just wanted a nap. 10 minutes sleep was that too much to ask. Obviously yes. But I was happy at the same time as shattered. We got back to our apartment April, Hannah, Abi, Judah and Kacie were all here for my secret wedding. “This is why you need to make sure you drink more.” Marco told me. “Okay I’ll go back to my 10 a day.” I told him. I would I didn’t realise how easily I had got out the habit. “You just talked to them?” Hannah asked me with a huge smile. “Hey chatting myself into trouble is what I’m famous for.” I reminded her with a huge smile. “Do you think it will work?” April asked. I looked at Marco. “Yes it’s worked.” He said smiling at me with what felt like proudness. Wow it must be a good day when he was proud at me. “How much blood do you need?” Taylor asked me. “Just 2 cups.” I told her. “How much blood do you have in that fridge?” Spencer asked shocked he was still getting used to this. “Remember when you
asked if we had shares in a tomato company as we drunk so much of the stuff?” Jessie asked him smiling. “All those bottles of tomato juice are blood?” Spencer asked trying not to be sick. “Not all of them we kept 2 normal in case you ever said yes to a drink.” Kye told him. “I leave you alone for a year and half to go to college and you get into so much mischief” April told me. Spencer looked at my friend April, he seemed to do a sudden double take, well April is gorgeous. “Spencer these are my Friends April, Hannah and Abigail.” I told spencer. “Is most people in your world blonde and look like supermodels?” Spencer asked in shock. “Well most supermodels are Amaris lately.” Abi pointed out. “No were not all blonde. These 3 are just some of my closet friends. Except for Hannah they have all been kidnapped and people try to kill them with me.” I told him with a smile. “You really make are world sound no fun.” Abigail said. “Is it fun?” I asked her with a smile. “Well I tell you one thing I’m jealous of your college.” April told me. “So are you becoming the king of Derek’s seat?” April asked Spencer. “No” Spencer said at the same time I said “I’m hoping you will Spencer. I want some humans to help me unite are worlds.” I told him. “Really?” Tyrone and Spencer
asked. I nodded, Marco looked even prouder of me. “It would be my honour if you would take over my seat.” Derek told his cousin. The boys had really shocked me by trying to build a relationship. “Also who else could help us learn how to be human more than a human.” I pointed out smiling at Spencer. “We won’t force you to take it. It’s yours if you want it.” I told Spencer. Spencer looked at me and then his dad. He seemed to think for a while and then he said “I will take it.” I gave him a huge smile. “Well Alysa you really are being impressive today.” Marco said with another proud smile at me. “I still can’t get over all the names.” Hannah said in nervous Hannah fashion. “Should we vote on my name?” I asked everyone they all laughed. “Sam your name changes with your mood.” Derek told me smiling as if I should know that. “Now boys you’ve all got to go.” Sepiah said with a smile. I looked at her confused. “Uh why?” I asked. “Because I hung onto your wedding dress like my life depended on it and I want to do the fitting before you fall asleep.” She said. “You went through all that and still kept my wedding dress?” I asked Sep somehow she amazed me. “Well of course it’s the first dress I’ve got you in that you haven’t threated to kill me about.” Sepiah said smiling. “Can’t I
stay?” Derek asked hopefully. “Out and before you ask no you can’t see each other tonight.” Sep told him. Derek grinned at me. I shrugged helplessly. “Can we have 5 seconds alone first?” Derek asked. Sepiah smiled “5 seconds.” Derek kind of grabbed me and pulled me into the privacy of my bedroom and shut the door. “I’m so proud of you Sally.” He told me. “You really shouldn’t have as much faith in me as you do.” I teased him. “You prove why I have the faith in you.” He told me smiling. “Were getting married tomorrow.” I told him still in a bit of shock. “What’s scarier facing down all those people that wanted to kill you or marrying me?” Derek asked smiling. “The thought of losing you.” I told him. “That’s the same fear I had today, all I wanted was to get you out of there. I didn’t want to leave you it killed me watching you and spencer leave, thinking it would be the last time I got to see you.” he told me. “I know.” I told him I had seen his face. “So you’re not getting cold feet?” I asked him, just wanting to make sure he was sure. I was 100% I had no fear about marrying him, today had proved to me how much I wanted to be with him forever. I wanted him to be the last thing I would ever see. “Ally my only fear is not having you in my life.” Derek told
me kissing me. “5 seconds is up.” Marco said banging on the door. “Do you think when were married they’ll let us have more than a few minutes?” Derek asked smiling. “I doubt it. But have you ever realised as long as were talking we get agers, it’s the moment we go silent.” I teased him.

The boys Dragged Derek of on Seps demand. Apparently they were going to have a night of Drinking and PlayStation across the hall. Prince Ben and his guards had joined. Nothing like a very last minute stag do. Marco had gone off to meet everyone who was arriving. Which for some crazy reason included the president! The strange thing, I had no fear. Kayla had arrived with Naomi which had shocked me. I hadn’t expected to see her but I was so glad I did. “qu’avezvous fait pour vos cheveux?” what have you done to your hair was the first thing she asked me when she saw me. I had the hugest smile on my face. “Elle avait coloré il” she has coloured it Taylor told her. “Can we please have English?” Erin asked. “Erin sometimes I think we should have language lessons every day.” Taylor told her. “I can’t believe you’re getting married.” Naomi told me in shock. “That makes a lot of us.” Kayla
told her. She handed me a parcel I looked at it confused. “What is it?” I asked Kayla. “It’s your crown.” Kayla told me. “I can’t believe you really are a princess I can’t believe you never told us.” Naomi told me. “I didn’t want to be.” I told her. “Well you are and if you don’t try this dress on now you’re going to be a dead princess now move your ass.” Sepiah told me. “Lady Sepiah I know we all want to see Alysa in the dress but you don’t need to panic so much.” Kayla told me friend. But I knew Sep was in Clothes mode. “She won’t know anything but about clothes at the moment.” Taylor told Kayla. I smiled at them all. “I’m going to go get into my wedding dress with a crown.” I told them in shock. I went into my bedroom with Sepiah and Taylor. When I came out again I was dressed in my wedding dress my black hair loose in curls around me. “Wow.” April and Kayla said. “Omg” Abi. “Gorgeous.” Hannah. “Beau” Naomi. I smiled at everyone. “Alysa this is the first time I think I’ve ever seen you look actual commutable wearing your crown and in a dress.” Kayla said smiling at me proudly. “Can you remember the time I wore jeans under the dress in the castle?” I asked her smiling. “Of course. I still remember you panicking how you could wear them
without getting into trouble” Kayla told me a huge smile. “Well this dress makes me never want to see my jeans again.” I told her with a huge smile. “Wow this dress is a miracle.” Taylor teased me. The night went quiet quickly as Sep insisted I got a good night sleep. I don’t think I’ve ever had her so bossy. Kayla took Naomi and Hannah back to the hotel they were using. I was still in shock I laid in my bed April lying next to me and for the first time ever I didn’t have a nightmare. In fact I had no bad dreams at all.

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