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Chapter 33 - Derek

“Can we have 5 seconds alone first?” I asked. Sepiah smiled “5 seconds.” I kind of grabbed Sam and pulled her into the privacy of her bedroom and shut the door. Not even caring about the rules on shutting the door. Would that matter tomorrow when we were actually going to be married? I knew she wanted to talk to me. I was afraid she was scared about this wedding. I hadn’t wanted it as much as I did now. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. If that was 1 month or 500 years. “I’m so proud of you Sally.” I told her. I was she had done the most amazing thing today. She had proved she really was a healer. I had never doubted her, she had but I wouldn’t ever. “You really shouldn’t have as much faith in me as you do.” she teased me. I could see how exhausted she was. “You prove why I have the faith in you.” I told her smiling. “Were getting married tomorrow.” She told me sounding shocked, please don’t want to cancel I prayed. “What’s scarier facing
down all those people that wanted to kill you or marrying me?” I asked smiling but I did want to know. “The thought of losing you.” she told me. “That’s the same fear I had today, all I wanted was to get you out of there. I didn’t want to leave you it killed me watching you and Spencer leave, thinking it would be the last time I got to see you.” I told her not mentioning how even though I was the one who told spencer to hug her. How annoyed I had been at another guy touching her. Even though I had looked her straight in the eye and knew she hadn’t wanted to leave me. “I know.” She told me. “So you’re not getting cold feet?” she asked me, just wanting to make sure I was sure. I saw in her eyes that she wanted to marry me. She was just afraid that I didn’t want this. God I wanted to be with her more than I had ever wanted anything. I wanted to be with her if it was the last thing I ever did. “Ally my only fear is not having you in my life.” I told her. It was exactly how I felt. It also was exactly what she needed to hear. I kissed her, tomorrow I was going to marry her. 60 Amaris wanting to kill me wouldn’t stop me unless they actually killed me. “5 seconds is up.” Marco said banging on the door. “Do you think when were married they’ll let us
have more than a few minutes?” I asked her smiling somehow I doubted it. “I doubt it. But have you ever realised as long as were talking we get agers, it’s the moment we go silent.” She teased me. I wanted to stay with her. I wanted to see her in the wedding dress right now. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow. The boys dragged me away though. If I didn’t go I think Sepiah would have killed me. “What’s it like to be king?” Spencer asked me worried. He was trying to get his own head around the fact he was going to be taking over my throne. I was so proud of him for stepping up. Especially after he had seen the Amaris try kill me today. “Well it’s not all death threats. As much as it feels it.” I informed him. “Thank god for that.” Spencer said. “We will keep you safe.” Jessie told him. “Alysa is right you are the best person for the job.” I told him. “How do you do that.” spencer asked me. “Do what?” I asked confused. “You seem to change her name in what context you’re talking about her in.” Spencer told me. “Sometimes I don’t even know how I do it.” I told him truthfully. “Are you ready to get married?” Spencer asked me I looked at all the boys. “yes.” I said. Sean smiled at me I think if had said anything else he would of killed me. “She’s a handful.” He warned me.
“A real livewire.” I told him smiling. “Its strange tomorrow we get married and to me that can’t come quick enough.” I said smiling at them all. “Although I’ll tell you what does feel wrong?” I said smiling. “What?” Sean asked worried. “Not having Drew and Marco here threating me.” I smiled. “I can threaten you if you want.” Sean told me seriously by the look he gave me he meant it. “That’s fine if you want to threaten me go ahead. I will never hurt her.” I told him smiling. “I know. I also know that Marco and Drew both know that or they wouldn’t be arranging this.” “How much is the queen going to kill you when she finds out? Surely shell be upset she didn’t get to go to her daughter’s wedding.” Spencer asked. “Alysa and Queen Jennifer try to have a relationship but neither actually knows each other.” Sean told him sadly. “It will just be another thing her mother couldn’t be a part of.” Jessie told him. “It must suck being an Amaris.” Spencer said honestly. “Sometimes. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” I told him with a smile. “You can help bring our humanity back.” I told him. “I don’t think any of you aren’t human.” Spencer said honestly. “You don’t?” Kye asked. “What are we doing after Christmas break on the room situation?” Adam asked we all looked at
him. “Well if you and Alysa are married you’ll.” He started. “You think the rooms are changing you are so wrong.” Sean said matter of fact. “Yeah I doubt Marcos ever going to leave.” I said with a smile. “Next year though we will make sure all are Apartments are on the same level just take a level of college over.” I said smiling. “I actually prefer you 2 levels above.” Sean said with a smile. We then played on the PlayStation and drunk blood beer for a few hours until I went back upstairs to my own apartment. Tomorrow I would no longer be King Derek Galanis. I would be Prince Derek Amaris. Spencer would be King Spencer Galanis a name until recently he had never heard. I would no longer be secretly dating Alysa I would be secretly married to her. I honestly can’t wait to be with her forever.

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