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Chapter 34 - Marco

I was so proud of Alysa. Today she had shown what a real leader she was going to be. I had wanted to see her in the dress. But the girls had all insisted I left and I had to meet the President and her French friends. Drew was keeping Clement and Sarah happy with baby Cole. Kayla was at the dress fitting. I had dealt with the president. I had kind of explained that this wedding was an extremely important princess and unfortunately the queen couldn’t make it. So we had to improvise but a royal wedding like this one was a once in a 500 years event. He had told me it was a privilege to be invited. Now I was sat relaxing with my own wife. “You’re going to have to leave them alone once there married.” she teased me. “She’s not a little kid anymore.” Marianna pointed out with a smile. “Alysa will always be that baby on the swing.” I told Marianna trying not to believe my shock at this. “I understand why everyone’s saying our little girl will be
overprotected.” Marianna teased me again. “Hey she is not dating full stop.” I told her. “The scary thing is I know you don’t mean that. She will have you wrapped around her little fingers.” Marianna told me smiling. Princess Maria, Lady Lindsey and Lady Edmée had arrived at the hotel then so we had to go greet them. The hotel was in a bit of uproar at the moment what with the president staying. Then all these Model type girls arriving it was lucky we were managing to keep the paparazzi away. I was thankful to hit bed that night. Hoping everything would go to plan tomorrow. Praying it would. Well Alysa had completely stopped 30 people just by talking, I’m sure the fact she wanted this wedding would mean it would happen. I felt guilty about going behind the queens back. But why change a habit of a lifetime.

In the morning I went down to breakfast we didn’t have long at all. My brother was sat talking French with Clement and Sarah. I was actually shocked at how bad his French was nowadays. Considering he had chosen to live there for a year. The president sat on another table looking at the French couple with curiosity. They were obviously human surrounded by Amaris. Princess
Maria, her guards, Lady Lindsey, her guards, lady Edmée and her guards were sat with Hannah, Judah and Kacie on another table chatting away about how college was treating the girls and what school was like without them. According to Judah peaceful. I managed to get everyone to the church. How I haven’t got a clue. “Are you sure about this?” Drew asked me, “I’m sure we haven’t got another choice.” I told him. “I know but they just still seem so young.” Drew told me. I looked at the church strangely it was fuller than I would have expected for a secret wedding. Prince Ben stood with his boyfriend. I was impressed with Alysa for sorting that out within her first week here. He had enough cousins to take over after him. It wasn’t like his family tree was lacking. My wife and Kayla were being very diplomatic and were sat talking to the president. “Is there any order we have to sit for this wedding?” Princess Maria asked. “As long as you’re not the driver I’m sure anywhere will do.” Lady Edmée teased. “How many times have I apologised for driving on the wrong side of the road.” Maria asked her. “And the wrong way “Every day but it’s something I’ll never let you forget.” Lady Edmée teased her. “Anywhere is fine.” I told the girls. “You just both need to sign that you
witnessed it.” “Isn’t this considered treason?” Princess Maria asked. “Not exactly treason but the queen won’t be happy.” Drew told her. “King Andrew isn’t that the same thing?” lady Edmée asked. “No we piss of the queen a lot.” Drew told her honestly. “You seem to do it a lot according to dad.” Princess Maria told him. “Well you know if she wasn’t arranging Alysa’s wedding to a 100 year old I might have not gone to this extreme.” I told them honestly. “But giving a throne to a human is that allowed?” Maria asked me concerned. “Actually we’ve looked it up there’s no Laws against it. The law is the next in line and technically for Derek that is a Halfling.” Drew told him. “It also happens that princess Alysa can by law change the king herself without her mother’s permission.” Drew pointed out. “So does she have to change Derek and Spencer first or after the wedding?” Hannah asked in nervous Hannah babble. “Hannah how are you ever going to be in charge of the bank if you’re so nervous talking.” Maria asked the girl teasingly. “I’m hoping never to be in charge of royal’s bank account that’s just too much money to keep a track off.” She replied. “She has to give King Derek’s title to Spencer first.” I told Hannah ignoring the girls chatter. “I can’t believe Sam’s actually
going to look like a princess for the first time.” Maria said excitedly. Hannah who had seen her in her dress smiled “you haven’t seen anything yet,” she said. Derek and Spencer arrived then with Tyrone and Derek’s guards. I don’t know what I had expected of Derek. Maybe the fear I had the day I married Marianna. Well my wife could literally kill me if she wanted to so could Alysa. He seemed very relaxed, although he did keep watching the clock. I went up to them. “Are you to both ready for this?” I checked. “Yes.” Spencer said very nervously. “I told you it’s not all death threats. You’re already training anyway and your dad and I are always there to help.” Derek assured his cousin. “How is the human priest coping?” Derek asked me. “He seems a bit in shock to have the president here.” I told him honestly. “So am I.” Derek told me truthfully. I looked at Derek he showed no fear at all. Derek saw my tension. “You all have my permission to kill me if I ever hurt her. I gave it to Sean and I give it to all of you.” he told me with a smile. “Well that’s good to know because if you do ever hurt her, we will be doing a funeral and it won’t be a secret one.” Drew told him. Spencer looked at us all worried. He went to say something but Lady Sepiah and Jessie
walked in and Sepiah walked straight up to us. The bossy Lady looked like she was on a mission. I thought she was going to say something to Derek but instead she looked at me and pointed out the door. “Alysa wants to see you.” she told me. “Places people.” Lady Sepiah shouted. “Lady Sepiah you really need to remember you’re the boss.” Drew told her. She smiled at him sweetly. “You need to get at the top with Derek and Spencer now move it King Andrew.” Lady Sepiah told him. Derek went to say something “move it.” she told him. I went out the door to see Alysa. Guards positioned themselves around the church.

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