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Chapter 35 - Sam

I looked at April, she looked at me. “April.” I said “don’t Sam just don’t.” she told me with a smile. I looked at her a naughty smile creeping across my face, “don’t what?” I asked as innocently as I could. “Don’t say it you’ll jinx it.” she told me smiling. I laughed. “Were going to be late for class.” I told her with a huge smile. She hit me with my pillow. We climbed out of my bed a huge smile on my face. I went to the bathroom and went in the shower. “You have 30 minutes no longer.” Sepiah called at me I laughed. I wasn’t going to be late with Sepiah on the case that was certain. The amount of times April and I had slept through the alarms during school was laughable. It got to the stage that Kacie had used to make sure we had are door banged on until we got up. My second year with Erin and Taylor as my roommates hadn’t been much better with the alarm clock. Although Erin who’s not a day person was always the best at getting up last year. Times defiantly change.
Well of course they change in less than 3 hours I’m going to be married. I quickly washed my hair and got out I wasn’t going to give Derek the chance to run away. I wanted to talk to him now. I climbed out the shower and wrapped myself in one of our fluffiest towels and went out the bathroom. April run in as I came out. “Where are Taylor and Erin?” I asked Sepiah. “Taylors in that shower, Erin’s at the boys in the shower.” Sep told me. “2 showers not enough for us?” I laughed. “Go get the outfit I put on your bed on so I can do your hair and makeup.” Sepiah told me. “Blood and breakfast first. We’re not that short on time.” I told her with smile. “Samira Alysa I will not let you be late for your own wedding.” Sep told me. “It’s a good thing most people have gone home for Christmas break isn’t it.” I teased her. “The rest of college all must think were the strangest group ever. If they saw me leaving in a wedding dress they would be in shock.” I teased her. “Actually next door are all really nice I went to a party there only 2 weeks ago.” Taylor said coming out of the bathroom. “I think it helped with everyone moving to the hotel and only coming here to yell at you.” Sepiah said smiling. “Which I’m going to do if you don’t get moving.” “Sepiah go for your own shower I’ll
have breakfast and wait for you and Taylor I promise.” I told both girls they nodded. April came out the bathroom I had been in. “we running low on hot water?” I asked April she nodded. “Good stressy needs a cold shower.” I laughed. “April do you think there’s a way I can talk to Derek when Sepiah took my phone away?” I asked her. “You can’t talk to Derek.” Taylor told me sternly. “Why.” I asked confused. “Because its bad luck and we need all the luck.” Taylor told me smiling. She throw me my phone. “Texting doesn’t count.” She said with a smile. I ran into my room with the phone and April.
Sam – Derek you okay?
Derek – I’m fine, get ready : P
Derek – Sep’s letting you use your phone?
Sam – Nope
Derek – I love you. See you in a bit. I’ll be the nervous idiot in the tux at the end of the isle.
Sam – I’m glad you know you’re an idiot. I love you.
That was Sepiah walked in my room and I guiltily hide my phone. This made April laugh. A cd went on in the living room playing take on the world, I joined in the
laughing and sang along to the cd. This felt right in so many ways. Although my friend was defiantly a lot more stressed than I was. “Sep you don’t have a future in weddings you would turn grey before your 120.” I told her smiling. I let the girls do my hair and makeup. Then I drunk some blood and coffee while they did there’s. “Who’s giving you away?” Sepiah asked me suddenly panicked. “Marco.” I told her without needing to even think. My real father was dead, I even joked that Marco was more my Dad than a brother it felt right. It had been a tossup between him Drew and Sean but I Knew Marco was the right choice. When my crown went on I looked in the mirror. My green eyes shone at me, my black hair was pinned so it hung perfectly around me. It felt wrong to be getting married as Alysa with Sam’s hair. That’s when I noticed them the Strawberry blonde hair that must have escaped my last dye now that felt right. Everything felt right. I touched the strawberry blonde hair I was both girls I would always be both girls Sam and Ally to my friends Alysa to the rest of the Amaris world. “The boys want to know if we are almost ready.” Erin said coming in dressed. “Well as you’re not dressed I take that as a no.” Erin said with a smile. “How long have we got?” I
asked her now worried. “An hour but they said we take forever so there giving early warnings.” She joked I laughed. “Tell Jessie to be ready in 20 minutes I want to make sure everything’s ready at the church.” Sep told her. “Sep calm down this will go perfect.” I told her smiling. I got into my dress and looked in the mirror. April put my crown straight and looked at me, “Ally remember when you came Christmas day to look after the dogs?” “Yeah?” I asked. “You look a hell of a lot happier than then and even then you looked like you were having the best day of your life.” April told me grinning.

“Sam you really look gorgeous. Like a proper princess.” Kye told me. “Uh Kye Sam is a proper princess.” Erin reminded him. Sean was looking at me like he was in shock. “Sean I can still kick your ass.” I told him sweetly. He rolled his eyes at me. “Has spencer already gone?” I asked I had wanted to talk to him. “He went with Derek.” Jessie told me. He seemed to be trying to get over his shock at seeing me as well. “I’ve known you were the princess for a while but this is the first time I’ve actually imagined you as a princess.” Jessie told me. I rolled my eyes. “Guys I only dressed like a
princess for about 5 months. I’m the princess of jeans and t-shirts.” I told them. I looked at Sean for help. “Sam we’ve been brother and sister for over 3 years I’ve been your guard for almost 4. This is the first time, I actually have fully seen you as a princess” he told me. “You okay with this?” he double checked with me. “Sean this feels more right than anything I’ve ever done.” I admitted. Everyone smiled at me. “Come on lets go get me married.” I said smiling. Then I looked at my brother and grinned. “You need to sit on the front row.” I told him. He smiled. “Sammy I wouldn’t not be.” he grinned. “You threaten Derek last night?” I asked my Twin. “Of course I did.” He told me smiling. “You know 5 years ago I had no family. Now I have 3 crazy brothers, who are threatening my husband to be. And I have all of you, you’re all my family.” I said looking at them all. We had a huge group hug. I turned to Sean, “you’re my only brother that’s not married. We will fix that before we graduate.” I told him, grinning at Taylor. “Can we please get you married first?” Sepiah told me. We got in the cars and drove to the church. Unlike any of my other crazy plans this one was possibly the craziest. It was also the one that didn’t scare me. “Can you go get Marco?” I told Sepiah
she smiled at me. “It’s strange I think the only one who hasn’t realised hes giving you away is him.” Sean told me with a smile. “I think he thinks id chose you or Drew.” I told him honestly. “Our little family’s very confusing.” Sean told me with a smile. “Our little family’s crazy.” I told him with a huge grin. “Got my back?” I asked him and Taylor. “Don’t we always.” Sean told me with a grin. I smiled at them all. “Always and forever.” Taylor told me. “You’re going to take his breath away.” Erin told me. Kye nodded his agreement. “If he ever hurts you I will actually kill him.” Sean told me. Marco walked out looking worried, “are you okay?” he asked me sounding panicked. I threaded my arm in his and smiled. “Did you really not realise your giving me a way?” I asked him. “I am?” he asked me confused. “Of course you are” I told him smiling.

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