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Chapter 36 - Sam

Marco was taking deep breaths. “Marco you’re more nervous than I am.” I told him smiling at him. He looked at me and smiled. “I just can’t get over the fact after 19 years, I am giving you away at your wedding.” He told me truthfully. “You searched for me my whole life. You’re now stuck with me. I’m not joking when I call you dad.” I told him smiling. “One day I’m going to make you draw your very interesting version of our family.” He grinned at me. “I’ll get to work on that. Although I haven’t worked out how Drew could be your brother and mine as my dad. But I’ll make it work.” I told him smiling. Marco laughed. “You look so beautiful today Alysa. Elizabeth would be so proud of you. I am so proud of you.” Marco told me. “I know Marco.” “One day I’ll make a relationship with my mum.” I told him. “I know you will.” Marco told me smiling. It felt strange to actually think of my mother. I hadn’t wanted her here, even if she could have been.
She hadn’t even crossed my mind when I arranged who I wanted to come. “How nervous is Derek?” I asked worried. “Strangely not as nervous as I am.” Marco told me honestly. “Can you remember what you need to do?” Marco checked I nodded. “You’ll be with me the whole time?” I checked. “Of course.” Marco told me. “I feel like I can take on the world.” I told Marco with a huge smile. “The thing is Alysa, I think that’s what you have to do.” Marco grinned back at me. That was when the music started playing and the doors opened. Erin and Kye walked in before me. Dressed so they could fight but still dressed for a wedding. “Ready for this?” Sean asked.” “Ready.” I said and started walking down the aisle.

I saw Derek the moment I walked in. his look of pure love made me 100% certain I was doing the right thing. I only had Eyes for Derek. When I got up to the top of the aisle I smiled at him. He was wearing a crown and there was another one on a pillow. I knew what I had to do. “Kneel King Derek Galanis and Prince Spencer Galanis.” I said as royally as I could. Both boys kneeled. “King Derek, do you give up your rights to your family’s throne. And hand down to your next in line willingly.” I
asked Derek. “I Do.” He told me. “Prince Spencer do you take this crown and the throne willingly.” I asked please say I do, please say I do. I wanted to say. Thankfully Spencer nodded at me and said “I Do.” Marco handed me a sword. Really he had told me about this but I thought he was joking. Spencer’s eyes when he saw the sword told me he was as nervous for me being handed a sword as I was. I cut myself slightly with the sword so a bit of my blood was on it. With my blood on the sword I touched spencer’s left shoulder with the sword flat rather than downward. Then I touched his other. Then his head. I then took the crown from Derek’s head and placed it on Spencer’s. “Rise King Spencer Galanis.” I said with a smile. “I present King Spencer Galanis.” I said as royally as I could. “As witnessed and signed by 5 members of royal family’s.” I said. I then did what I thought was wired and put a drop of my blood on Spencer’s forehead. We then got handed a piece of paper, Kayla had stolen from the palace. I put another drop on the paper as my version of a signature. Then I signed it in my blood. I handed Spencer the special pen he looked at me. “You need to sign it in a drop of your own blood.” I whispered to him he nodded as I handed him a pin so
he could prick his finger. He did just that then put his finger where I told him to and a signed his name. Then Derek did the same on the piece where he had to. Then Drew Luke Ben Maria and Leona all did the same for me. “This is a legal contract it has been passed.” I said with a smile. “Rise Prince Derek Galanis.” I said to Derek he rose. “That it?” Spencer whispered. “That’s it.” I smiled as the others finished signing. I looked at Derek and Marco and smiled. “Well done Alysa.” Marco told me. “Thanks Marco.” that was when I took hold of Derek’s hand and my wedding started. The priest did mostly a human wedding, but did the changes Marco had written down for him. “with this ring do you His Royal Highness Prince Derek Galanis take Her Royal Highness Princess Alysa Luna Amaris to be your lawful wife?” he asked, I knew he couldn’t be compelled and Marco had chosen him specially as he had done Amaris weddings before but I think his shock was who he was actually marrying. “I do.” Derek told him smiling at me. “With this ring do you Her Royal Highness Princess Alysa Luna Amaris take His Royal Highness Prince Derek Galanis to be your lawful husband?” He asked me. “I do” I said smiling. “With the exchange of Rings, blood and a kiss do you take Each
other to be lawfully married, in the eyes of Amaris and Humans alike?” The priest asked. “We do.” We said. Derek handed me a Pin I was already bleeding but I pricked my finger. God no wonder I had been told to have a lot of blood this morning. He pricked his own. First we put a drop of our blood on a bit of paper then into a bowl then I put a drop onto Derek’s mouth and he put a drop of his on mine. We then kissed. We then took hold of a clean specialist pen and signed in both of are blood mixed. “Now I ask for 5 royal family members to sign witness and 5 humans to sign witness.” The priest said. That was when the president 1 of his bodyguards and Sarah Clement and Naomi came forward. “Thank you.” I told them “I’m not pretending to have a clue what’s going on. But if the President is signing I take it is safe.” Naomi said to me in French. They all pricked their fingers and signed. Once it was signed the Priest said. “I now announce the marriage of Princess Alysa Luna Amaris and Prince Derek Amaris.” Drew as the most senior royal then said “Princess Alysa Luna Amaris and Prince Derek Amaris.” Everyone then bowed. “Do we bow back?” Derek whispered, “You both Bow to no one now.” Marco told him. “Is that the end of ceremony?” I
whispered to Marco he smiled at me “Yes that’s the end your now married.” he told me. “Thanks everyone for coming.” I said. “Everyone laughed. Derek and I kissed again then holding hands we went up to talk to people first was the president. “Thank you for coming.” I told him actually very thankful. “The pleasure is all mine your majesty’s. I cannot pretend to have a single clue what is going on.” He started. “Oh I just got married behind my mother’s back before I went into an arranged marriage and made a human a king. I hope we can live in peace with your kind soon.” I told him. “By the sound of you your majesty you have always lived in peace with my people?” he asked me. “I have indeed sir and wish for us to reunite soon.” I said. “It would be a pleasure to talk soon but I am afraid I have a lot more ceremony stuff that needs to be done.” I told the president. He nodded. “Would you be okay talking to King Andrew?” I said motioning my brother who I knew had been talking to the president most of the day. “It would be an honour your majesty” he told me and bowed to me. His secret security bowed to me. “Can I also ask a favour before you do?” I asked the president. “As a wedding gift?” I asked him sweetly. “I would like a say in human politics.” I told him honestly.
“You would like a say in human politics?” the president asked me confused. It had never been done before. “I am going to start letting humans have a say in mine.” I said indicating Spencer. “Please talk to the others first.” With that I indicated Drew who came over to talk to the president with Kayla. I would hug them later. “I’m proud of you.” Derek whispered. “You know how much I want to run and hide?” I whispered back to him. “yep.” He told me. He held my hand tight as we went up to Maria Ben Leona and Luke. Who were still stood together with our paperwork. “Can I hug them all without you getting jealous?” I teased my now husband. He smiled at me and I kissed him again. “Thank you all of you.” I said hugging them each individually. Derek shock their hands. “You are welcome Princess Alysa.” Leona and Ben said bowing at me. “Welcome Sam.” Maria said hugging me again. “You’re welcome Ally.” Luke said although he didn’t look 100% happy. Well he technically was an exboyfriend. “We really should leave the church soon in case someone realises there’s all these Amaris in here.” Sean said who was still right behind me. I hugged him. “Okay where are we going?” I asked wondering what I was doing next.” “Well first you need
blood.” Derek told me smiling. “I’m fine I got to say thanks to everyone first.” I told him kissing him again. We then went up to my 3 very worried looking human friends. “I know I kind of owe the 3 of you an explanation.” I told them. “Yeah kind of.” Naomi told me. “I’ll give all 3 of you one I promise, I just don’t have much time today. But on a ruff scale I’m a princess of an ancient Race. We have lived alongside you since the birth of time. Mostly in secret we have our own royal families. Which I am a member of. You think of us as vampires but we are not. It’s actually considered a swearword among some of my people” I told them. “So when you said you were a princess of a country?” Sarah asked me confused. “You never questioned it because I told you not to.” I told them. “You never questioned anything about me because I told you not to.” I told them. “But we still did.” Clement said confused. “Oh I never took away your free wills I would never do that.” I told them. “All I did was make you never question what I said.” I told them. “So when you asked how old I was where my parents were. Why I was homeless alone in France. I told you they were about and because I was exploring the world. With how I said it you never brought it up again.” I told
them. “So you were allowed to run loose around the world?” Sarah asked worried. “No she wasn’t that’s why she got sent to boarding school.” Marco told them coming over. “So are you really 20?” Naomi asked. God time had gone so quick 2 years at school 1 year as a princess and on the run time had gone so fast. “I’m still 19 when I told you I was 17 I was actually still 16.” I told them honestly. “Is that 19 in human years?” Sarah asked. I was still giving of my air to not panic and not to freak out. “Yes I’m 19 in human years.” I told them. “Don’t you think 19 is a bit young to be married?” Clement asked worriedly. I looked at Derek he was trying to keep a straight face. “So you don’t question the fact were vampires or writing your names in blood on a marriage certificate. or a 16 year old alone in the world. But you question 19 and getting married?” he asked laughing. “I’ll explain it all better I promise. But I would never hurt any of you. I promise that.” I told them. “I know that Ally dear.” Clement told me. I hugged him. “I love all 3 of you.” I told them and I hugged them all. “We are hugging everyone but are husband today?” Derek teased as we walked away from them. “Have I told you I love you since we got married?” I asked him. “Not yet.” He smiled. “I love
you.” I said and kissed him. “I love you too.” He said smiling. “Now you need blood.” “Who else have I got to see?” I asked him smiling. “You can make a speech at the restaurant.” Marco told me coming over from where I had left him with clement and Sarah.

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