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Chapter 37 - Sam

At the restaurant they had booked I was sat at the head table. “You eat normal food?” I heard Naomi check with Marianna who was sticking with my human friends a few tables away. I think as a way to reassure them. “We eat normal food. God could you imagine life without pizza?” I heard Marianna reply who was watching Cole for the day who was stropping over something. I drank my blood quietly. Derek was sat at another table currently talking to his uncle, Spencer, Jessie and Sepiah. Taylor sat next to me as my guard with Sean my other side. Everyone else was flowing about the room. “You look so happy.” Sean told me smiling. “I am.” I replied with a grin. I had done the rounds and thanked everyone for coming and had been told to go sit down before I passed out by a very bossy husband. “You ready to give another speech?” Taylor asked me hugging me. The girls from school were all sat at a table chatting away, it seemed like we all missed each other. They were all debating
transferring to my college. Yeah the poor college was defiantly going to be overrun soon. The president was still here I think he was afraid to appear rude. So Marco and Drew were sat talking to him. I wanted to thank them both for this so much. I had a few hugs with both of them but not managed to say a big enough thankyou to cover this. The dinner was starting to be served so Sean moved along one seat so Derek could sit next to me. “Speech or eat first?” he asked Marco. “You two realise you’re in charge not me don’t you?” Marco asked him. “Can we just pretend you’re in charge?” I asked him sweetly. But I stood up. “I would like to thank everyone for coming and witnessing mine and Derek’s wedding.” I said. I looked at Derek who smiled at me encouragingly. “As some of you know well all of you I suppose.” I said going into blabber. “One day Derek and I are now going to be main king and queen of all Amaris. Well I don’t actually know what to say. Which as some of you know for me is a really rare thing. As normally you can’t shut me up. Even if you want to. I don’t.” everyone started laughing. “Okay I’m getting side tracked. I would like to thank you all for arranging and coming to our wedding. A special huge thankyou to Marco.” I said. I sat down
as quickly as I could. “I would like to thank everyone for coming. Marco and Drew and Sean for not killing me and arranging my wedding. My cousin for stepping up and taking my throne.” Derek said and he sat down. “You two are going to have lessons on royal speeches.” Marco told us. “Hey I stopped 30 people killing me with just talking but I’m nervous here.” I told him smiling. But I stood back up with Derek. “We would both like to thank you all for everything. Especially on such short notice. Well I only found out I was marrying Derek 5days ago.” I said with a smile at my now husband. “And basically don’t tell the queen until we have to.” Derek said with a smile. “Now eat drink be happy. And we hope to be invited to all your weddings.” Derek said. “Everyone laughed again. Thank god this was just are friends. Even the guards here where are friends or people we had been school with. “Oh and thanks for not killing us when you found out we were dating.” I told them. “Yeah thank you all for not killing us. And those who knew we were dating for covering for us.” Derek said. “I think that’s a big enough speech” Drew told us laughing. After dinner the music went on the president left with a huge thankyou and a we shall keep in touch. I told him if he needed to speak to me I
was reachable through my brothers. But I knew he had heard the girls talking about college. So I flat out told him. “I go to the local college here. I’m studying law and politics, if you do need to reach me you can, please let me know about my say in your laws and I would like to hear ways for you to have more say in ours.” He had agreed he would let me know. He left. He wouldn’t risk insulting us. No one knew how many of us were about. My first slow dance with Derek as Husband and wife. Was technically are first time dancing at a dance together. “I love you mischief maker.” Derek whispered to me. “I love you idiot.” I responded. We had danced 3 songs with no one disturbing us. When we finally realised we still had loads of people here. I said my thanks so many times to everyone. Even had a talk with Hannah about her joining us at college in September well it did her course. Maria Abigail April Edmée and Lindsey all wanted to transfer to but as I explained to them they couldn’t well except Maria as we didn’t have what they were studying here. I was now dancing with Sep to what a girl wants a Sepiah favourite. Everyone had started to go back to bed. They would stay around a few days but couldn’t for long. Well I was going to have Christmas with my very
muddled family. Then they needed to go back where they all needed to be. “So how many days have we got before you all have to go court and announce what you’ve done?” I asked Marco with an innocent smile sat holding Derek’s hand. “Courts the 22th of January. So we got a month roughly.” Drew told me with a smile. “How mad do you think she’ll be?” Derek asked squeezing my hand tight. “Very.” Marco told us but he was still happy. Well today had defiantly been a qualified success.

I looked at my husband and smiled at him. We were snuggled up on my sofa watching a cartoon and drinking some blood in the last bit of the champagne. Kye was cuddling Erin, Jessie was cuddling Sep. Sean was cuddling Taylor. Spencer was sat talking to April who was trying to explain to him that it was normal for Amaris to randomly swop languages. “We will tutor you.” Derek promised his cousin. “Hey we will be nicer than my teacher at the palace. he used to throw books at me.” I told him. “That explains why whenever someone said something wrong you used to duck in languages at school although master Giles would of possible thrown stuff at you.” Taylor teased me. Adam
and Harry sat together chatting Harry had got a date with Lady Lindsey tomorrow. “You’re all such naughty royals.” Adam teased us. “Can you imagine us as good ones?” I asked him smiling. “no.” he replied. April whispered something to Spencer and then she said really loudly “Well I’m going to bed.” “You are?” I asked her confused. “So am I.” Spencer said. “You do understand you need protection nowadays?” Kye asked him worried. “Yeah that’s why you’re going to come back with me” Spencer told Kye. “Erin go with Kye tonight I’m going to sleep in your bed.” April told her. “You are” I asked confused. Derek stifled a laugh. Erin shrugged as if she didn’t think anything strange of It. and went with Kye and spencer after all he now needed protection. “I’m going to spend the night at Jessie’s room to.” Sep said getting up and leaving with Jessie. Okay normally the girls would just go over whenever they wanted to. I didn’t care why were they all giving me locations. Adam and Harry were laughing there heads of. “What’s going on?” I whispered to my husband. “There trying to leave us as alone as they can safely.” Derek told me trying to stifle a laugh at the fact I really hadn’t clocked on. “Well Sean you can spend the night in my room as your apartment sounds
packed.” Taylor told him. Now I really had caught on. “Actually Sean’s Apartment possibly better.” I said laughing. “No you’ve got rid of enough guards.” Taylor said laughing. “Well Harry, Adam I think I have enough guards with Sean and Taylor here.” Derek said. “Is this really going to be how it goes every night?” Adam asked laughing. “This is as bad as our first date.” I told Derek trying not to laugh. “You mean our alone date that had 10 tagalongs?” Derek said laughing as Adam and Harry left. “Remember how they all had their own tables yet we both knew they were all watching us like hawks?” I asked him smiling. “Sam I need to talk to you alone first.” Taylor said grapping my hand and pulling me out the room. “You do realise leaving him alone with Sean’s the worst thing possible?” I joked at Taylor when we were in her room. She laughed “yeah you’ll possibly have to compel him to get rid of this image out of his head.” she told me laughing. “You been taking that pill Sepiah’s been giving you all week?” Taylor checked. “No way I thought Sep was trying to drug me.” I told her honestly. “Sam please don’t make this as cringe worthy as it feels. There’s a box of condoms in my top draw take some whilst I’m not in the room please.” Taylor said then walked out. I had to
laugh. I opened her top draw and took a handful, without looking to see how many were gone from the box. I went out her room. Straight to the kitchen grabbed 2 cans of coke and a bottle of blood still in tomato juice carton. Taylor and Sean went into her room. I burst out laughing. “Well Mrs Amaris what is so funny.” Derek said. “Yeah that’s not our last name.” I told him smiling. “Oh is it not.” Derek said laughing. “Only at the palace.” I teased him. “God one day we will live at the palace in court?” Derek said. “Do we by law actually have to?” I asked. “That’s a question for Marco.” Derek told me laughing. “So if were not Mr and Mrs Amaris?” Derek teased. “Mr and Mrs Galanis” I told him smiling. “That really sounds as bad as Amaris.” he told me laughing. I wrapped my arms around him and smiled. We sat and drunk the blood cokes in the living room chatting about the day. Chatting about our wedding. Chatting about my really bad speech. How public speaking was something we both would need to actually work on. Once we heard snoring was when we finally went to my bedroom.

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