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Chapter 38 - Derek

The wedding had gone great. I can’t believe I’m now married to Sam Ally. I was so happy at are wedding and now. Sam defiantly took over at the speech. I never realised how much blood she would actually loose today. My head was in as nervous a blabber as she went into. “Well I’m going to bed.” April announced loudly “You are?” Sam asked her confused. “So am I.” Spencer said. Hmmm well they had been chatting away were they going to sneak of together. They didn’t need to hide it. “You do understand you need protection nowadays?” Kye asked Spencer worried. He had a point we would have to arrange for a permanent guard for spencer. Although technically he was always in classes with Peter and Grace and Sam although she counted as a guard I didn’t want to count her. He was also rooming with 3 of the best guards ever to graduate maybe he would be okay for now. Although we would have to make sure he understood he
couldn’t be alone without a guard. “Yeah that’s why you’re going to come back with me” Spencer told Kye. “Erin go with Kye tonight I’m going to sleep in your bed.” April told her. Oh now I got what they were doing. I wanted to laugh. This really was as bad as our first date. Which might as well have just been a group date. “You are” Sam asked confused. I stifled a laugh oh I wanted to tell her what they were doing but even Erin and Kye seemed clueless. Erin shrugged and went with Kye. She wasn’t going to say no to that. “I’m going to spend the night at Jessie’s room to.” Sep said getting up and leaving with Jessie. Whose actual plan was this? Adam and Harry were laughing there heads of my wife still seemed clueless. “What’s going on?” she whispered to me. “There trying to leave us as alone as they can safely.” I told her really trying to stifle a laugh at the fact they were being so obvious about it. “Well Sean you can spend the night in my room as your apartment sounds packed.” Taylor told him. Well I would have preferred if Sean and Taylor went to, but that would be ditching all Ally’s Guards. I suppose a guy can’t push his luck, even if Sean’s Sam’s brother. “Actually Sean’s Apartment possibly better.” Sam said laughing finally working out what was going on. “No
you’ve got rid of enough guards.” Taylor said laughing. “Well Harry, Adam I think I have enough guards with Sean and Taylor here.” I said as a symbol for my own guards to go. “Is this really going to be how it goes every night?” Adam asked laughing. “This is as bad as our first date.” Sam told me trying not to laugh. “You mean our alone date that had 10 tagalongs?” I asked remembering it well. Adam and Harry left. “Remember how they all had their own tables yet we both knew they were all watching us like hawks?” Sam asked me smiling. “Sam I need to talk to you alone first.” Taylor said grapping her hand and pulling her out the room. “Sean thanks.” I said to Sean. “Well you know I do kind of understand.” He said to me smiling. “Although if you ever do hurt her. I really will kill you.” he told me. “If I ever do hurt her you can. But I never plan to.” I told him smiling. “So is this really how every nights going to go?” I asked him worriedly. “We will sort out a plan. Although being on college campus kind of speaks for itself.” He reminded me. “We are safer on campus than of?” I checked. “To be honest I’m not sure we need to worry until you’ve faced the Queen.” Sean pointed out. “I am so dead but at least we will have a month before I’m dead.” I told him. He actually laughed. “I remember
the time Alysa asked if she could leave the palace.” Sean said laughing. “Let me guess nightmare?” I asked. Ally barley mentioned her time in the palace except her feelings of being alone surrounded by people. As all the guards wouldn’t talk to her. Taylor came out her room without Ally. What had the girls talked about? “Let’s just say it involved climbing out of windows.” Sean smiled. “Did she get told of?” I asked wondering how hard the queen was on her. “No she had Kayla and Drew flown all the way across the world in less than 24 hours without her even needing to say.” Sean said. I felt confused. “The queen and Ally don’t have a relationship. Everyone knows that. But the queen will do anything ally says to in the end. If she threatens to leave.” Sean said. “Oh so she will come around to our wedding?” I checked. “Yeah she will otherwise Marco wouldn’t have done it.” Sean told me smiling. Ally came out of Taylor’s room then and walked straight to the kitchen and got more blood. She obviously still needed more. She was still extremely pale. Her wedding dress she was in. had a lot of bright red blood patches on. Sean mouthed to me. Hurt her and I’ll kill you before he and Taylor went into her room. Sam burst out laughing. “Well Mrs Amaris what
is so funny.” I asked her with a huge smile on my face. “Yeah that’s not our last name.” she told me with a huge grin. “Oh is it not.” I asked laughing. “Only at the palace.” She teased me. “God one day we will live at the palace in court?” I suddenly realised. Could the two of us cope in the actual court? We were both used to so much freedom. “Do we by law actually have to?” she asked me. God I didn’t know I hoped not. I couldn’t imagine her trapped in the castle. She would go stir crazy. She goes stir crazy being trapped in lessons for a few hours a day. “That’s a question for Marco.” I told her actually laughing at the fact we were really not the best people for this job. “So if were not Mr and Mrs Amaris?” I asked her teasingly. “Mr and Mrs Galanis” she told me smiling. “That really sounds as bad as Amaris.” I had to laugh. We really should update are last names into something more this century. She came up to me and hugged me smiling. We sat on the sofa and she asked me. “so how do you think the wedding went?” I told her how proud I was at her for it all. How it was by far my best Christmas present I’ve ever had. We even went on to talking about are really rubbish speech. We both defiantly needed to work on our speeches. Once the snoring started Sam smiled at me
and grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room. She shut her bedroom door I picked her up as I had wanted to all day and started kissing her. She took my tie of and throw it on her floor. I laughed when I saw her outfit from earlier in the day. “You wore one of my shirts?” I asked her smiling. “I’ve been sleeping in your clothes for about a year don’t question It.” she told me. “I’ve got forever to question you.” I told her running kissing down her neck. “You know I don’t want you out of that dress.” I told her with a huge smile. “You don’t?” she asked worriedly. “If you’re out that dress I’m afraid I would think this was all a dream.” I told her smiling. “What if it was a dream?” She asked me worriedly. “Then I would never want to wake up.” I told her and pulled her back to me. “Although you wouldn’t be covered in any blood in my dream. It makes you look way to fragile.” I told her. “You think I’m fragile?” she asked teasingly. “Oh defiantly princess.” I told her teasingly. I undid her zip and her dress fell straight onto her bedroom floor. “Well prince Derek like what you see?” she teased me. “Well I’ll tell you what. 500 years is defiantly not long enough with you.” I said and I lifted her up to me. I deepened my
kisses and ran my hands getting to know her in a complete different way.

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