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Chapter 39 - Sam

The knock on my door woke me. “Go away” I mumbled. “Come on Sam. Marcos rang hes on his way round.” Taylor called. I buried myself back into Derek’s arms. He kissed me and sat up. No fair I didn’t want to get up. “Come on you need a shower.” He told me trying to wake me with kisses. I pulled the covers back around me. “Somebody defiantly isn’t a morning person.” He laughed. But he was already getting dressed. “Don’t go.” I mumbled. “Well I don’t really want to see your almost dad right now.” He said laughing. I groaned at him. “I’ll get my own shower changed and come back. I will leave some clothes here for future.” Derek told me. I sat up groggily. “You think there’s going to be a future?” I asked teasingly. “Oh 500 years’ worth of future.” He told me and kissed me on the head. “I love you” he told me. He looked me straight in the eyes, his blue eyes seeing straight through me like always. “I love you.” I wiggled back
into bed. “I’ll start you a bath before I go. Get up or you’ll flood campus” Derek said smiling. He left my room then. I heard him mumble something at Taylor and I heard the Running water to let me know a bath was indeed running. I dragged myself out of bed. Put his shirt I normally sleep in on and some baggy Shorts and went to the bathroom. “Blood Coffee?” Taylor asked me. I nodded still groggily. “Where’s Sean?” I asked her. “Oh they have all gone on a run. We thought we would leave you both to sleep although as it’s now 3pm we’ve left you quite a while.” She pointed out I grumbled at her again. “Come on Sam its Christmas eve.” Taylor tried. “Does that mean more of our bad cooking?” I asked smiling. “That means bad ginger bread house making.” Taylor told me with a smile. “I’ll make you a cup of blood coffee you go have the bath your husband half run for you.” Taylor teased. “Husband.” I repeated with a huge smile. I sank into my bath and almost fell back to sleep. Muscles hurt that I didn’t even know I had. Taylor came in with my blood coffee and sat on the bathroom floor. “Want some pain killers?” she asked me. “Yeah.” I told her feeling less groggy with every sip of coffee. “So who’s coming?” I asked her. “Everyone Marco Marianna
Drew Kayla Cole Clement Sarah Naomi All the girls.” She told me with a smile. “In are 4 bedroom apartment?” I asked with a smile. “You know it barley fits the 12 of us that seem to live here.” “It’s Christmas eve. Tomorrows Christmas. Then Boxing Day then Hannah’s going back school and Drew’s going to take you French family back.” She told me smiling. “Does it feel weird not spending Christmas with your parents?” I asked her worried. “Slightly but we are a family. A messed up family but were all family.” Taylor told me smiling. “Do they know who you’re protecting?” I asked her. I knew her parents and her really got on. In fact Taylor had the best relationship with hers. She used to get 4 weeks of school randomly to go visit because they couldn’t get the same weeks of as she did. She used to always go visit at least one of them for Christmas. She hadn’t spent the last 2 summers with them she had spent them with me. “No they don’t but they are still proud of me. They don’t need to know.” Taylor told me I splashed her she laughed. “Okay so we both know you’re bringing my parents up so we don’t talk about other things.” Taylor teased. “Me I’m innocent.” I told her. “Yeah until last night.” she said splashing me. “Have a quick bath everyone will be here
in a minute.” I splashed her again. “Thank you for making me need to change my top again. This will be my 3rd of the day.” Taylor told me. “3rd?” I asked her. “Yeah well 1 I spilt Gingerbread mix all over.” She said. “Oh we really are having gingerbread men?” I asked with a smile. “Yeah and it’s a shop mix so eatable.” Taylor told me. I laughed. “Does that actually make a difference?” I asked teasingly. “You’re married now we really need to learn to cook.” Taylor told me. “I think there’s a cooking class. Do you think all of us should register?” “Well there are 8 of us then another 8 with Derek. Ben would possible join and there’s 4 of them then Leona so another 3.” Taylor said listing of how big are group actually had grown. “I think Maria and her 3 are going to move here.” I told her trying not to laugh. “That would make 27 of us we might as Well hire a private teacher that can teach us how to cook with blood.” Taylor said. “Now 5 minutes or everyone will arrive while you’re in the bath.” She told me and walked out.

“Where’s spencer?” I asked an hour later. “He and 3 of my guards have gone to spend today tomorrow and Boxing Day with his parents.” Derek said calmly. “Don’t
worry there in constant contact.” Marco assured me. “It feels weird having a king so fragile.” Drew pointed out. “Hes not fragile.” Sean pointed out. Cole was sat on my lap and was eating a ginger bread man with no fear. If he was eating them maybe they were eatable. Taylor hadn’t put blood in them well we had human guests as well. “Are they eatable?” I whispered to the almost 2 year old. “Yes Auntie Sally.” Cole told me. “You trust a 2 year old more than me?” Taylor asked me smiling. “I trust Cole to tell me what’s been poisoned.” I told her smiling. “You watch it or I will poison you.” Taylor told me. “Is she allowed to threaten you?” Naomi asked confused. “Not really but she gets away with it.” Marco told the girl calmly. As I stuck my tongue out at Taylor. “So your one day going to rule every other person like you?” Sarah asked. They were still trying to get their heads around it. “Yes although I think there stupid for wanting me to.” I told them smiling. “Everyone else is starting to think that too.” Drew teased me. “It’s strange to think you’ve always been a princess.” Naomi said. “I remember how much you used to save as if you couldn’t waste any money now you have more money than you can spend.” Naomi said. I laughed at her. “I think
everyone’s glad I never had access to my bank account. They might never have found me.” I told her smiling. “How did they find you?” Naomi asked wonderingly. “You know that fake id you snuck her in the nightclub with?” Drew told her. “Yeah?” Naomi asked. “Really bad job.” “You still look to young to be drinking.” Naomi pointed out. “Oh ill look like this at least for another 100 years.” I told her smiling. “We grow normal until about 25 then we slow right down.” Marco explained. “How old are you?” Naomi asked him. “38 in human years.” He said calmly. “I wouldn’t of put you any older than 25.” Clement admitted. “Our aging’s weird. I think we sort are selves out as time goes on.” Kayla told them. “I’ve meet 190 year olds that barley look 20” Taylor told us. “You have?” I asked her. “Yeah my parents are 230 and don’t even look like they have left school more than 20 years ago.” Erin said. I shrugged. “How olds my mum?” I asked Marco suddenly working things out. “439 I think.” Marco said. “God no wonder she wants me to take the throne soon. What did she do wait to have me and Elizabeth at the last possible moment?” I tried to joke. “Actually yeah no one ever expected her to even have you.” Marco admitted. “It’s nice to feel so loved.” I told him
with a smile. Derek pushed me. We had the doors open between the 2 apartments for all of us. “It’s been loving spending Christmas eve and coming to your wedding but we do need to be home for Christmas.” Sarah told me. “You do?” I asked sadly. “Well of course darling we have all the kids come to us for Christmas.” Sarah reminded me I nodded. “You do understand you can’t tell anyone about this?” Marco checked. “We understand that. They would think we had gone crazy and lock us up on top of that.” Clement told us. “I’ll get the pilot to fly you both back to France.” Drew told them smiling. “I would love to stay but I need to go to.” Naomi said hugging me. “I know you have your family.” I remembered. “So do you now Ally.” She told me with a huge smile. “I know they’re crazy aren’t they.” I told her with a huge grin. I and Derek with Sean and Taylor accompanied them to the airport where I gave them a huge hug and said my goodbyes. “It’s strange you have a private plane.” Naomi told me. “Out of everything that’s what you find strange?” I asked laughing. “Well that and the fact you’re out in daylight all the time.” she told me smiling. “I told you were not vampires.” I laughed. But I gave all 3 a huge hug. “Thank you so much for coming to our wedding.” Derek told them
actually hugging them himself. “Look after her.” Clement told him. “Oh believe me forever and always.” Derek told them as they left.

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