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Chapter 4 -Sam

“Hey do you guys have the eggs.” I asked walking into the boy’s apartment. “We can’t make bloody cakes with no eggs.” I said not paying attention anyone who heard me would just think I was using the word bloody not meaning blood. “Hey I’m Spencer.” Said a boy in there room. I looked at him and something felt strange about him, had I met him? No that didn’t feel right. “Nice to meet you Spencer. Are you rooming in here?” I asked calmly. I thought I had arranged the 4th room in here to be empty, had I messed up? “Yeah do you already all know each other?” he asked us. “Did we leave the toilet paper with you?” Erin said coming in. she looked at the human in shock although he didn’t feel human. Maybe it was because he wasn’t French? No he still felt familiar just not human. “Yeah we all went school together.” I told him trying to keep the situation calm. I tried to work him out. “You left a lot of stuff here I will bring it over.” Kye said grapping 4 bags.
“So this isn’t awkward.” Spencer said. Getting to his feet. I tried to sense what it was that was strange about him. It was so confusing. But the situation wasn’t funny the boys standing like lemons didn’t help anything here. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves to your new roommate?” I told Sean I tried not to look as confused as I felt. But I saw him accessing me rather than Spencer. “Hey I’m Jessie. That’s Sean the wimp who left with his girlfriend was Kye.” Jessie told Spencer friendly. At least one of us knew how to be friendly. God we would all need lessons on how to be friends, without beating the person up first. “He wasn’t a wimp he just knows he has to listen to his girlfriend.” Sep said coming in the room. Taylor behind her. I wanted to laugh poor Spencer possibly just thought he would have 3 roommates not a group, who all knew each other. That he could never fully be a part of. “I’m Sepiah but everyone calls me Sep.” she told him. Taylor and Sean were both watching me. “Nice to meet you.” Spencer said holding his hand out to shake. Sean finally shock it. “Hey” he finally said. Sep took hold of Jessie hand, Erin and Kye came back in. this wasn’t awkward at all. “So you all know each other and dating?” Spencer asked us. “Pretty much.” I said with a smile it
was all a bit mushy really, but I wasn’t going to deny them there loves when I was being denied mine. “So are you two dating?” Spencer asked me and Sean. I think even he realised Sean was watching me. “Eww gross he’s my brother.” I said it was exactly how I and Sean felt about each other. Taylor threaded her arm through Sean’s in a way to say he’s mine to Spencer. I wanted to laugh. To this guy it possibly looked like we had all gone to college with are school sweethearts. All it would take would be Derek and his Guards transferring here and then we would be a huge group. Well what was the harm in him thinking that? Something about him didn’t feel human. But he didn’t feel like he was Amaris. “Are you human?” I blurted out I admit it I wanted to know. Everyone stared at me like what the hell. “Sorry about my friend she reads a lot of horror books.” Taylor said looking at me like I had lost the plot. “I’m human.” Spencer said looking straight at me his Blue eyes seemed to look straight into me. Eyes that I recognised but couldn’t place. Then he looked as confused as I was. I shrugged. “I’m Sam.” I said holding my hand out. To him. I looked him straight in the eyes. “You will forget I asked you the human question.” He blinked a few times. “Nice to meet you
Sam you have the same name as my little brother.” Spencer said forgetting I ever asked the human question. “Sams a good name. Sorry we all seem in a bit of shock.” I told him. “You weren’t expecting a 4th roommate?” he asked honestly. I nodded, so did everyone in the room. “Well this isn’t awkward.” Spencer said. “Sorry we are just not used to new people. We were raised in boarding school.” I said indicating all of us. “What are you rich snobs?” Spencer tried to joke. We all looked at Sep. “hey I might be a snob, but we are all rich.” She said indicating her pocket I tried not to laugh. “Let’s just say none of us struggle for money.” I told Spencer keeping a smile on my face. “Well we will leave you all to get settled and get to know each other. We’re going to make some cakes.” I told Sean. “Have you rung home and told them you’re settled?” he asked me. “I texted Drew and Marco I’m going to go ring Derek.” I said with a smile. He rolled his eyes at Derek’s name. “Are they all coming here?” Kye asked trying to keep a straight face. “Derek wants to.” I admitted trying not to say that I wanted him to. In one way I did and didn’t in another. I walked out with the girls following me.

“Don’t laugh.” Taylor told Erin who was giggling over the cake mixture. “Your meant to crack the eggs not just put them in!” I told her trying not to laugh myself. “They’ll cope.” Sep said looking serious. “Yeah we will just have all the blood in our fridge and no room for food.” Erin said. “Why don’t we just put the blood in there fridge and tell him he can’t see it?” Sep suggested. “Because that’s playing with people’s heads. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” I told her “Says the girl who made him forget something 5 seconds into talking to him.” Taylor said throwing flour at me. I throw flour back and my phone started ringing. We all stood in silence suddenly. “Are you ready?” Taylor asked me. I had purposefully not told Derek where I was going. Was I ready for this? I did love him, he loved me. Why couldn’t it just be simple?

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