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Chapter 40 - Sam

I admit it I had spoiled Cole. I had in fact spoilt everyone. The boys now had more games for their PlayStation than I thought was ever going to be needed. I even had managed to find Kye that program I had invited to keep him distracted. Yes it was a real one. Christmas went fast like it always seems to do when time is going perfect. Soon all the girls had to go home. Judah and Kacie giving us the riot act again before they left, taking Hannah back to school. If we need them they would be here as soon as they could. Private planes still stood by. We like always insured them everything would be fine. Even Drew and Kayla had to go home with Cole. Soon it was just us again and Marco. Well in his hotel. He was going soon as well. Well Marianna needed to be around Amaris doctors and there weren’t any close to here. What with it being so hot and sunny. The moment staff had come back to campus me and Derek had gone to change our
last names. We had chosen to be Mr and Mrs Galanis. We kind of compelled when we needed to charmed when we didn’t. As I cuddled my husband I got ready to go back to classes tomorrow. “A lot has happened since our last class” Spencer said seriously. “A hell of a lot.” I told him smiling. “So do I need to sit with you lot now?” Spencer asked me. “Sit where you want. We have to start mixing better.” I told his seriously. “You’re defiantly up for the run after class?” Sean asked Spencer. He was going to be putting him through the same as us from now on. “I need to be able to run for my life so 30 miles a day seems understandable.” Spencer told him with a smile. “You know I haven’t seen you in a dress since are wedding.” Derek tried. “Not happening.” I told him kissing him.

The next morning our alarm went off. Mine and Derek’s. Well he had slept round again. Waking up to him felt so right. “Do we have to go back to class?” he asked kissing me gently. “Think of it as a day job.” I told him with a smile. “I wish I was in your class.” he told me pulling me back down into bed. “Well you’re a year above so you can’t be.” I reminded him. “I don’t like the fact you don’t have guards with you.” Derek said
for about the millionth time. “Could you imagine them in my class? Kye can’t actually sit still for 1 second. Sean would be half way up the wall in 10 minutes.” I told him he laughed. “Okay I admit class is a bit boring for them.” Derek said. “A bit? I can only get just get through it myself.” I told him wiggling out of his arms. I slipped on some fresh clothes. Today’s outfit was just simple jeans t-shirt my black guardian jacket. I run my brush through my hair and plaited it in a loose side plait. Derek dragged himself out of bed. And started getting himself dressed. “You got Meany first?” Derek asked with a smile. “When don’t I have Meany?” I asked with a smile. I had told him what I called her the first day he had her. He had agreed, Meany defiantly had stuck. “Lunch?” he asked. “We are all going for icecream of course.” I told him smiling. “Of course what else would we eat?” He laughed. He and his guards all walked us to our class. “Derek I’ll be fine. Honestly its a few hours.” I teased him. “Good luck.” he said planting a kiss on my head. “Really she doesn’t need luck she needs a gag.” Sepiah told him with a smile. “A gag possibly wouldn’t stop her.” Leona said. She finally knew who I was and the gossip teller was compelled not to mention it to anyone, she was also finally
coming around to treating everyone like we were just friends. “You all have so much faith in me.” I said with a smile. “That’s because we all know how you can talk yourself into trouble.” Derek teased me. “Yet my public speaking apparently needs work.” I teased him. Our teacher walked in so it was a hint we needed to get to are lecture. “See you in a bit.” Derek said with a smile. We quickly did another kiss goodbye and me and the girls went into class. With Spencer already sat with his friends. We took our usual seats although grace sat close to Spencer. “Miss RiverBae you’re no longer on my list. Please don’t tell me you’re actually leaving my class.” she asked me. She actually looked worried that id decided to quit. I remind myself she wasn’t actually mean. “No mam I just decided to change my last name.” I told her smiling. “You decided to do what?” she asked me confused. She looked down the register and noticed my new name. “Mrs? What did you do decide randomly over Christmas, to get married?” she asked me in shock. I shrugged calmly. “Pretty much.” she looked at me more confused than she normally did. We confused her. She had had too many Amaris in the past that had played with her mind badly. “If you want I can show you my wedding pictures it was lovely.
The president even came.” I told her with an innocent smile. “Sam.” Warned Sep peter and Leona. “Ever thought about being a defence lawyer?” my teacher asked me. “Why because I come out with such random stuff?” I asked her sweetly. “Because you actually look like you’re telling the truth.” My teacher told me. I smiled at her sweetly. She thankfully moved on and took the class. Even though I kept catching her looking at us puzzled. I needed to sort her head out one day. “Honestly no wonder everyone wants to kill you.” Sep told me jokingly. “She’s fun to play with.” I told her. “I think you would get into trouble. If you didn’t charm so much.” Peter told me honestly. “I wasn’t even using it.” I told him. “Okay your next project is a group one.” Meany said loudly. I looked at my little group. “I have assigned groups.” She told us. Peter looked really worried. “You stay with Sep and Grace Leona.” I assured him. He looked at me like he wanted to say to protect me but he held his tongue I was after all higher levelled to him and Grace. Yes I’m the princess but I am a guard. “Also you will find your results posted from your test before Christmas on the same board.” Meany said. “How do you think you did?” Leona asked us. “As she didn’t lay into me average.” I told her. They both
smiled. “If you got average we all failed.” Sep told me with a smile. After the lecture was over everyone started moving to look at the board. I was about to go look at it when my teacher said to me. “42% of marriages end in divorce Samira.” She told me. “My religion doesn’t allow divorce mam.” I told her with an innocent smile. That was why us signing in our blood was so important. “What religion would that be?” she asked me interested. “A very strange one mam.” I told her smiling. “ What do the black jackets mean? I have taught a lot of people like your group over the years. The ones in the black jackets always seem to hover, never work except your group.” Meany asked me calmly. “You know what’s strange every single group I’ve taught like you always leaves me feeling like I have lost a year.” She told me honestly. “You seem to hate us without knowing us. But you don’t actually do you?” I asked her as confused as she was. “Of course I don’t hate you.” she told me shocked. “You in fact scored the highest on the exam.” She told me. “I’m a bit of a know it all. Except maths I suck at maths.” I told her. The rest of the class started to leave spencer was hovering. I suddenly had a moment of understanding. “You’re a Halfling you know what we are its why us compelling
you makes you upset all the time.” I told her. Spencer looked at me confused. “She is?” he asked me. I nodded. “The thing is Mrs Morton. I think you know you’re a Halfling. It’s why you’re so cross at us.” I told her she looked at me opened mouthed. I realised not many of my people would be able to tell. “I also realise as you’ve chosen our version of hell you obviously either try to avoid us. Or like scolding the naughty ones who come here to get into trouble.” I said. “Sam. I now understand why people say your name so much, when you’re talking.” Spencer said looking at me like I was the hardest person to get on with. “You know about Halflings?” she asked me confused in shock looking like she was afraid of me for the first time rather than trying to work me out. “I should have realised sooner but then it took me a while to confirm Spencer was one.” I told her with a smile. “They really won’t hurt you.” Spencer told our teacher. “How can you say that you’re a Halfling with your father still in your life? You know we are illegal.” She told him “Halflings aren’t illegal. Raising your Halflings illegal. But that’s due to change.” I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy. “We really won’t hurt you.” I told her putting charm into my voice. Not like the others do. Unlike a normal
Amaris she wouldn’t be able to tell. “In fact the princess made the first Halfling King over Christmas.” I told her with a smile. She looked at me in shock. “Is your Amaris parent still in your life?” I asked her calmly. “Sam.” Spencer warned. “yes.” My teacher said. “Do you know how old that parent is?” I asked actually wanting to know. Well she alone had to be in her late 40s. At youngest I could put her Amaris parent would be 60s/70s. “488” she told me scared. “Oh bless very old. I’m really actually still 19. But our worlds changed a lot since your mothers time.” I assured her. “Please don’t freak out about us, we will do all the work. The girls need the qualification.” I told her with a smile. “You’re extremely smart for a guard.” My teacher told me. Proving how much she did know about our world. “According to everyone I’m too smart for my own good.” I told her with a smile. “Your group has never tried to compel me?” my teacher asked confused. “Oh believe me they all suck at it.” Spencer told her smiling. “They pretty much all do.” I told her. She looked at me confused. “Please just treat us like were normal kids. I promise it’s all we want. We all need to graduate.” I told her smiling. “Talk to your mother. But tell her if she has any questions she can
talk to our new Halfling King Spencer.” I said smiling at him. “You’re a king? But you’re a Halfling” she asked him confused and worried. “We need to bring the humanity of the Amaris back.” I told her with a smile. “I would love to talk with you and your mother with my Father.” Spencer told her. Her next class started to arrive I noticed my husband. “You know this college is the one naughty Amaris choice.” I told her quietly my husband come over with his guards. “The only naughty thing me and my friend’s choose to do is to date each other. As you know it’s frowned on for Guards to date there charges. Well I married mine.” I told her grinning. “Hello Mrs Galanis getting into trouble early?” “Aren’t I always Mr Galanis?” I told my husband smiling. “I promise you illegal children are the least of our worries at this school.” I told her. “I need to get to my next lecture but if you need to talk about anything please just ask us. Don’t be afraid.” I told her, a quick kiss of my husband and a “what the hell have you done?” I left the class room with Spencer. “Is that the fear I would have of you, if I had been raised knowing what I am?” Spencer asked me quietly. “I think so. It’s a shame as I will try my hardest to help every single person.” I told him. “Now I know more about you. I
know you will.” Spencer told me honestly. “You’re really going to help me restore my people?” I asked him with a smile. “I couldn’t imagine Stacey and Sam with the same fear as Mrs Morton.” He told me honestly. “It’s why your dad choose to hide what you were.” I admitted. “Those that don’t want to come back I won’t force. But I want everyone to know there welcome.” I told him smiling. “Sam I do feel welcome.” Spencer told me. “Yeah April told me you swopped numbers. She snores bad.” I warned him. He laughed. We went into are next lecture only slightly late.

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