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Chapter 41 - Derek

I was with Adam Harry and Edward today. Well I always was with for classes. We walked into our next lecture, when I saw Sam getting herself into trouble. She couldn’t even go a few hours. She is such a little mischief maker. Although she could just be over hyper on the amount of ice-cream we really have been eating lately. Marco had finally claimed enough was enough, we apparently all had to start having proper meals. Sam and I had talked about it last night and again this morning. Lunch was still going to be ice-cream. “We need to bring the humanity of the Amaris back.” Sam told Mrs Meany with a smile. What had she gone and done now! “I would love to talk with you and your mother with my Father.” Spencer told her. What had the both of them done? I started making my way over to the teachers desk to find out. Sam looked at me, her eyes seemed to light up, and I loved how much she seemed to shine at the moment. “You know this
college is the one naughty Amaris choice.” She told our teacher. Oh great so Mrs Morton knew we were Amaris. What had she gone and done now. She got herself into a lot of trouble. Yes I trusted her to get out of it. But it didn’t mean I didn’t cringe sometimes myself when she got herself into more mischief than I thought could be possible. “The only naughty thing me and my friend’s choose to do is to date each other. As you know it’s frowned on for Guards to date there charges. Well I married mine.” She told the teacher grinning, oh so the teacher knew she was a guard. “Hello Mrs Galanis getting into trouble early?” I asked Sam trying to stop myself asking her what the hell was going on. Well the class was feeling up. “Aren’t I always Mr Galanis?” she told me smiling. Yes Sally you always are in trouble, how the hell had she ever made it through school. “I promise you illegal children are the least of our worries at this school.” Sam told the teacher calmly. “I need to get to my next lecture but if you need to talk about anything please just ask us. Don’t be afraid.” Sam told her. Oh great our teachers a Halfling? No wonder she doesn’t like us. Sam kissed me a quick peck. “What the hell have you done?” I whispered in her ears. “Tell you later.” She told me.
The whole lesson Mrs Morton kept staring at us. “What should we do?” Harry asked me looking worried. “Trust Sam.” I told him. “Yeah that’s easier said than done. She married you.” Adam told me jokingly. “She really doesn’t have much common sense.” Harry joked. I looked at both my friends and smiled. “My wife has more common sense than the 2 of you.” I told them still smiling.

After the lecture we went on the hunt for the others. We found Sean first told him about Mrs Morton. “What another Halfling. What is it with this school and Halflings?” Sean asked actually like he needed the answer. “It must be your welcoming personality.” Taylor told him from where she was stood tying her shoelace. “I don’t like the fact Sam and Sepiah are in there with no guards.” Sean told me. “As my wife would tell you she’s Sepiah’s guard.” I told him, “but I don’t like it either.” I admitted. I had told Sam a lot that I didn’t like the fact she was unprotected. Yes she was a guard. She had the same qualification to guard at the end of the day as most guards. In fact some she was even a much higher level. But she wasn’t the highest and her guards were extremely high levelled
and they were meant to always be with her. “I’ll see if I can get at least myself into her lesson.” Sean told me. “Yeah because she won’t feel like you’re undermining her demands.” Erin told Sean. “So you all trust me to get us out of a situation with 30 Amaris, yet you don’t trust me with a Halfling?” Sam asked us coming over. “Actually we didn’t trust you with the 30 Amaris you made us leave you.” Erin reminded her. “Tomato tomato.” Sam told her. “She’s fine I can calm her if I need to.” Sam assured me and Sean. “I still don’t like it. She was watching us more than usual today.” I told her. I really didn’t like it. “That’s because she had just told me 42% of marriages end in divorce and I had just told her you were my husband. She was possibly thinking ours defiantly would.” Sam teased me. “Divorce what is this foreign word?” I replied. “Something I might bring into our country if you start treating me like I’m fragile.” She told me looking serious. “I still don’t like it.” Sean told her. “Even if it’s not to protect you. Sepiah should technically have 2 guards in there anyway.” Sean pointed out. Sam looked at him, and then seemed to weigh her options. “Okay 1 Guard.” She told him. “And not Taylor I need her to help me in court.” Sam said. “See I told you there was a
reason I got put on language courses.” Taylor told Erin with a huge smile. “Yep I might be good but you’re a genius.” She told her friend with a grin. Kye was sat with his laptop; he looked at her and said. “I’ll come do law.” “Kye I need you to get your hacking skills and computer skills to the top level whatever that is. You stay in your class. Also I broke my laptop again” Sam told him with a smile. “Again?” both I and Kye asked her. Whilst Erin rolling her eyes asked her “so what one of us are you willing to have with you?” “Well Jessie or Sean.” Sam told her with a smile. “Why not me?” Erin asked actually confused. I remembered Erin was studying Languages with Taylor. “Because you need the language lessons.” Sam told her friend with a huge smile. “But I hate them.” Wined Erin. “Yeah but if we’re going to travel the world, you can’t just keep asking people if they speak English.” Taylor pointed out. “It’s all I ask in class.” Erin told her with a smile. “I know and not surprising if I wasn’t helping you with your classwork you would be out of there by now.” Taylor told her. Sam seemed to think, “Okay Erin you can drop it but if you drop it Sean can’t.” She told her friend. “I can?” Erin asked happy but confused. I was confused as well. Sam nodded. “I don’t want you un happy in
your college class. But I don’t think you’ll enjoy mine.” Sam told her. That was true. Erin was looking at Sam for answers as to why. “So it’s agreed you’ll have more guards in your class. 1 more for Sep and 2 for spencer.” I told her. “Hey we never agreed on that.” Sam told me looking like she was about to fight me on that. I looked her in the eyes, she seemed to realise I was willing to fight her on it even if she compelled me out of it. Which I trusted her not to do. “Fine.” Sam said almost defeated. “Come on everyone we need to go lunch. Before we actually have more classes.” Sam pointed out. “I scream for ice-cream.” Sep told us from where she had practically been sat snogging Jessie the whole conversation. I think they had decided it would be Jessie before they came here. I looked at Sam who smiled innocently at me. “Yeah you can act innocent.” I told her trying not to laugh. “You knew we would insist on you having a guard.” I said. “God none of you give me credit.” Sam told me with a smile. “You know you’re not just having Erin.” Sean told her. “You have me and Erin or just Me.” he told Sam. Sam looked at me. “Either that or one of my guards it’s up to you.” I told her. “Fine Sean Jessie Erin welcome to politics and law.” Sam sighed. “Thankyou we look forward to
starting.” Erin told her. “You say that now you haven’t done the work.” Sam told her. “I really do want icecream.” Sep said. Sam smiled “Sep trusts me to protect her.” Sam said threading her arm in Seps. “Uh yeah because if anyone kills me it will be you.” Sep told her with a huge smile. The girls walked on in front of us. “Well that was easy.” Sean said. “Yeah she knew it was coming.” I told him with a smile at the back of my wife’s head. “Sometimes she is really annoying.” I told Sean. “You’re only just starting to work that out?” Sean asked me with a smile. Sam turned and stuck her tongue out at us. “Yeah only just.” I told him laughing.

“You don’t trust me anymore to keep myself safe?” Sam asked me looking hurt. We were sat in her room. Kye had taken her laptop away to fix it. Turned out she had dropped it. “I trust you to keep you and Sepiah and Spencer safe.” I told her honestly. “I don’t trust that 1 guard can protect 2 people and herself though.” I told her. “I told spencer he needed guards.” I pointed out to her. “But if you felt like that you should have done it before today. She’s a Halfling like Spencer I can take care of a Halfling.” Sam told me looking like she was willing to fight tonight. “I know you can.” I told her and
I meant it. “But even you can’t protect Sepiah and Spencer at the same time.” I reminded her. She looked at me confused. “This is the first time I’ve been actually mad at you. And even now I’m not mad at you.” She told me. I smiled at her weakly. “I’m not treating you like you’re going to break darling. Because I know if anyone breaks it would be them.” I told her with a weak smile. “If I was treating you like you were going to break I would insist they all transferred. Which Marco would do.” I reminded her. “It’s going to come out at the end of the month me and you are married. So people are going to start looking for you in places I am.” I pointed out to her. She seemed to think this through. “So I might not be able to get away with being a guard soon?” Sam asked me worried. “Oh Sally darling, no one can take your guard level away from you. No matter what you earnt it.” I told her smiling. “Marcos even trying to find a name for royals with guard training.” I told her pushing a black curl away from her face. “What about Princess Kickass.” Taylor said walking straight in the room. “Taylor the door was shut for a reason.” Sam told her rolling her eyes. Taylor sat on the bed and looked at Sam. “There was no keep out sign.” She told her with a smile. “Also Marcos here
with apparently someone important wanting to talk to you.” She said. Sam and I nodded and we followed Taylor out the room. “Well you would have to ask princess Alysa that. I’m sure that would be fine. I will have to ask her. Please may you hold the line?” Marco said into the phone. “Who is it?” Sam asked him confused. “You’ve been invited to a meeting at the white house.” Marco told her. “Oh who by?” she asked calmly. “The president and a few other important human politicians.” Marco told us. “Fancy a posh meal we won’t eat a bite at?” Sam asked me calmly. “Sounds good when?” I asked shrugging. “Hello yes she would feel privileged to come to dinner. Could I possibly have a proposed date? A few guards will have to arrive before hand. Yes I understand none of your people would hurt her.” Marco said into the phone. Sam rolled her eyes at me. “You’d think I was someone important.” She told me shrugging like the actual teenager she is. I laughed we went and sat on a beanbag. “February the 14ths?” Marco said questionably into the phone. “Valentine’s day.” I told her. “Oh that’s a downgrade from laser quest last year.” Sam told me with a smile, god I remembered laser quest. We needed to go play that again. “You play
Laser quest?” Spencer asked who was sat on the sofa talking to Jessie and Sep. “all the time. It gets a bit aggressive.” I warned him with a smile. “Hey I killed you fair and square.” Sam teased me. “That wasn’t fair at all and you know it.” I teased back. “Should try paint balling with us. Some of us couldn’t walk for a week.” Kye told him with a smile. “Again we point out we get a bit aggressive.” Sean told him. “Didn’t we get told never to go back to the paintballing?” I asked them. “Yeah we did.” Taylor told me with a naughty smile. Kye hadn’t been the only one who couldn’t walk after I remembered. Erin had done something to piss the girls of and they had all ganged up on her. Even innocent Hannah had tag teamed with them to get Erin. Who was meant to be on their team. “Were not really welcome many places nowadays are we?” Sam asked me smiling. “Except the white house.” I reminded her. “Except the white house. But that’s only if we survive telling my mother were married.” Sam pointed out. “Well that’s a good point.” I told her. “Princess Alysa and Prince Derek would like to confirm they will be attending, as will I and my wife and King Andrew and Queen Kayla.” Marco said into the phone. “Well that’s Valentine’s Day sorted we have a lot of chaperones.”
Sam told me with a smile. “When don’t we have a lot of chaperones?” I asked her smiling.

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