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Chapter 42 - Sam

Okay technically I always knew I should have guards in my class. I’m not stupid. I knew it wouldn’t always be safe for me even as Sam. Sam alone was just one guard. I was stupid to think they would let me protect 2 royals, plus myself. Mrs Meany was staring at us. I knew she wanted a few comments and I shrugged at her to say go ahead. She looked at the other 3 guards who had suddenly transferred into her class. For group project week. She would have to suddenly find them groups. “She looked at their names. “Sean RiverBae?” she asked my brother as he handed her his transfer notes. “My twin brother he doesn’t trust me not to get myself killed anymore.” I told my teacher truthfully. “Samira.” Sean said rolling his eyes. Mrs Morton looked worried. “It’s to protect us from you. Not for us to hurt you. There more worried you’re going to attack us. We were breaking protocol.” I told her. “Samira.” Sean said again. “My full name will get said a lot more.” I told my
teacher. “Assign them wherever they know they have to do the work.” I told her with a smile. She nodded and assigned them to 3 different groups. Erin got assigned to Spencer’s. Sean the same as Grace Jessie a random group, but Jessie was the one I least worried about. Jessie could make friends with anyone. Sepiah and I weren’t even in the same group. Peter was with Sepiah and I was with Leona. We had 4 humans in are group making us all be in groups of 6. “There really going to struggle.” Leona told me seriously. “I know.” I told her. “You going to help them?” she asked me worried. “Of course, I am.” I told her with a smile. I meant it they might annoy me but I wasn’t going to let them fail. They never let me fail. My group had 4 kids in I had never spoken to. “Hey I’m Sam this is Leona and you 4?” I asked them politely with a nice smile. I fully checked them out I wasn’t going to be shocked by another Halfling. Nope all human. They were called Paige, Kaden, Zach and Tyler. “So we got to do this group project together?” Paige asked getting to the point. “I take it so.” Leona told her. We looked at the task set. A mock court case. We had a case. We were the defence team for a criminal who was being accused of robbing a convince shop at gun point. “What you
got?” I asked Spencer who was the row below us. “jury.” He told me, I nodded. “So where should we meet to work?” Tyler asked. “Library outside?” I suggested. “When do you want to meet up?” Kaden asked the group in general. We all looked at each other. Well this was awkward on a completely human level. “Are you really married?” Paige asked me. The boys looked at me confused to. “Yeah. I’m married.” I told them. Looking at my wedding ring with a smile. “What about Tuesday?” Zach asked. “Can’t do Tuesday I got an important meeting I’ll be away Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday be back for Wednesday is Thursday any good?” I told them. They all looked at me confused. We technically had classes those days. “I’d come to the study group but I won’t be in America.” I told them shrugging. “We should get a start on it today, then.” Leona said. So we did.

I looked at my friends and husband. We were sat in a restaurant that Mrs Morton’s mother had asked us to meet her in. “I don’t like it.” Sean said for about the millionth time. Spencer’s dad was sat with his wife and children here to. he had come completely clean with them. “Well sometimes we have to do things we don’t
like.” I pointed out. That was when Mrs Morton and her mother walked in. both looked like they wanted to run away. I had told Marco what was happening. He was here to. “Hello Sarah.” Marco said standing and greeting the old Amaris. The 480 plus Amaris shook his hand politely. She looked to be in her 90’s in human years. I’d be surprised if she made it to her 500 birthday she looked to frail now. I’d be surprised if she would make it to see me change the law. “I am Prince Marco. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to our first Halfling King Spencer.” Marco told Sarah. “A Halfling king so my daughter was correct?” Sarah asked in shock. “The princess is changing the laws. She wants the Amaris to re-join back into the human world, to no longer be hidden. But in order to do that, she needs to bring the Halflings back and apologise.” Spencer said. We had been talking about this a lot. “Apologise?” Sarah asked. “For people ever feeling like they had to hide. She wants to reunite are worlds.” Marco said for me. I stayed quiet which was so unlike me. I was actually doing what the others were doing and making sure the royals stayed protected. Marianna sat down next to Marco and if she wasn’t pregnant I knew she would be on guard duty with us. “Who is the princess
now? When I left the Amaris world Queen Jennifer and King Robward still had no children. Rumour was the queen wouldn’t even let the king touch her. That’s what comes out of an arranged marriage you know.” She told us. “Yes we know. Thankfully the princess is putting a stop to the arranging of marriage to.” Derek told the lady. I wanted to ask if that’s why my parents never actually sat close to each other. And I had no younger siblings. Only 1 older. Well I was glad I was going to piss of a lot people. I never had the real chance to get to know my dad. But I felt they had deserved better than that. Maybe divorce should be something I bring into the Amaris world and not just as a threat to my husband when hes being overprotective. “The princess Alysa is a new world princess.” Marco told her. New world I wanted to ask. God I had been called a lot of things over the years but new world? “Is she the Royal child from the Prophecy?” Sarah asked excited. “The destroyer or the healer.” Marco said for me. “Yes and she choose to heal when the green turned red. And she now choices to reunite us.” Derek told her. He had way too much confidence in me. “So she’s made a Halfling a king? Just the one?” Sarah asked. “Just the one so far.
Although she apparently has a lot of stuff planned she’s still extremely young.” Spencer told her. She nodded. “It’s a shame it’s so late in my life. I hope I at least get to see it.” Sarah told us. “How long do you recon you have left?” Marco asked the lady worried. “Oh weeks maybe months but not years.” Sarah told him looking happy and sad at the same time. “When one has lived as long as I have, you are ready near the end.” She told us. “You’re all kids really.” She told us. She looked at Spencer. “Be thankful you age. Be thankful you’re half human. It is a blessing.” Sarah told him. “I am thankful.” Spencer told her. She nodded. “I wish to see the change in laws. If I live I will come back. If not I hope the best for both humans and Amaris.” Sarah told Marco. “Thankyou Sarah.” Marco told her smiling nicely. “I think today was more about the kings and Queens at your daughters college feeling safe and helping your daughter feel safe to.” Marco told Sarah. Being the ever polite prince that he was. “Thankyou prince Marco can I ask what family you are from?” Sarah asked him. “Kyrios.” Marco told her calmly. “I’m sorry I don’t know your family well. I take it your father King Matthew, is doing well.” she asked Marco. Marianna kind of took his hand. Oh Marco I know it’s
hard. “My father died 2 years ago now, my brothers on the throne.” Marco told Sarah calmly. “But King Andrew would of only been 200 same as king Robward.” Sarah said. Wow my dad was 100s of years younger than my mum and I had refused to marry someone a 100 years older, oh well. “King Robward is dead to.” Marianna told her calmly, Sean who was closest to me gave me a look to say be strong. I was okay I knew I would never get to know my father. “He is?” Sarah asked worried. “We lost a lot of people. When the green turned Red.” Marco said calmly. I tried not to feel guilty. It was technically all my fault. But no one would let me blame myself. “A lot of the new royals are actually under the age of 50.” Derek told her calmly. “Oh I see so it is a new age council.” Sarah said calmly. “Under 50? Should try under 30.” I kind of butted in. My husband gave me a grin I wanted to laugh. It was so strange people talking about me as if I wasn’t in the room, I even could do it about myself. “How old is the princess?” Sarah asked concerned. “Let’s just say she’s under the legal drinking age.” Marianna said. I tried not to laugh. Hey I’ve been drinking since I could remember I don’t binge drink though. “So the future queen of our entire race is a
child?” Sarah asked. Well I no I’m young but a child, okay I suppose being just 19 makes me young even for a human, and yeah I wanted the normal human college experience. Did that make me a child? “The princess maybe young but she’s advanced.” Tyrone told Sarah. Well thankyou Spencer’s dad. “She’s a bit wild, she does what she wants then tells people what she’s done.” Derek said with a grin. “Sometimes honey I think you love her more than you love me.” I teased my husband. Marco put his head in his hands and sighed. “Your princes are now marrying there guards and so young?” Sarah asked in shock. “I did tell them most marriages end in divorce especially if they have 500 years together.” Mrs Morton told her mother. “Yes the princess got rid of the law to marry guards and let’s just say a lot of us have taken advantage whilst it’s granted.” Marco said with a smile at Marianna. Derek gave me a grin. “So wouldn’t that make them both at least a lady now and not guards?” Sarah pointed out. “Could you imagine Sam as a lady?” Derek asked in general, he teased me so much on how un princess like I was and now he was going to add lady to it. “no.” everyone said even my teacher. “That’s what you call love.” I said smiling at Sarah. “I’m so confused.” She
admitted. “Let’s just say a lot has changed. There is no need for fear at all.” Spencer’s Mum said helping us out. “We would love to stay longer and explain more of what’s actually been changed but we have to go to court.” Marco said looking at his watch. “Do I have to?” I asked him worried time to face my music. I knew what today was. Today was the day they took my Marriage licence. “Oh Samira your coming to.” Derek told me. “Sam if you don’t go I’m not going.” Spencer said. “Do you and the princess not get on?” Sarah asked me concerned. “Oh no were best friends.” I told her with a smile. “It’s the queen who might have the problem with me. I don’t do authority very well. Ask your daughter.” I told Sarah. “You really are the strangest group of Amaris I have ever taught, that’s for sure.” Mrs Morton told me. I smiled at her. “That’s for certain.” Derek told her with a smile. “So you’re going to not fear us anymore?” Derek checked with her. She nodded, but didn’t look fully sure. “I will bring you back something signed by Princess Alysa.” I told her calmly. “Alysa? The Queen always said she would name her first child Eliza.” Sarah said not sounding like she doubted us. I looked at Marco. I think we all did, yes he was married now and had a child on the way. But even
Marianna knew that my sister still held a lot of his heart. “The queen had 2 girls. Elizabeth and Alysa Luna.” Marco said squeezing Marianna’s hands. I took hold of his hands “it’s okay.” Marianna told him. “Elizabeth was murdered as well.” I told Sarah calmly. Every time Beth came up Marco got hurt. “Alysa was raised in the human world after her sister was murdered and she was kidnapped. It is why she has a love of humans.” Derek said calmly. “How do you know the queen so well?” I asked actually wanting to know and I wanted to know more about my own mother I admit it. “We went to school together. At one point I would have classed us as friends.” Sarah told me. “What happened between you?” I asked her wanting to know. “That is something between me and Jennifer that I won’t share.” Sarah told me. I debated compelling it out of her, but knew that would be wrong. “So would the queen welcome you back?” I asked interested. “Sam.” Derek warned me. I looked at me husband, wondering if he thought I was going to compel her but no, he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the 4 Amaris that had walked in. the others had all gone on defence.

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