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Chapter 43 - Sam

“Sam could you take Marianna out please.” Marco told me. “Marco I can still fight.” Marianna told him. “Friend or foe?” I asked the Amaris calmly. “Samira.” Sean warned me. “Are you here to hurt and kill or just for your daily blood? As this restaurant serves blood?” I asked the men, I had noticed one of them was royal the other 3 guards. Derek looked at the royal and then asked calmly “Lord Léon Auvray?” “ Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche pour la princesse Alysa. je suis son fiancé et je voudrais la rencontrer.” “What did he say?” Erin asked Taylor. “Hello I am looking for princess Alysa. I am her fiancée and would like to meet her.” Taylor told her. “Oh English. The queen told me French.” Lord Léon said calmly. I’m afraid princess Alysa has left college and run of to elope is what I wanted to say. Instead I looked at Marco for help. “Sean can you and your sister. With the others please take my pregnant
wife and King Derek to our plane please. And escort our human friend’s home.” “Adam Harry Jessie please can you stay with me.” Marco told us calmly. “Yes sir.” Sean said turning polite. “Please come with us.” I told the ones who looked human. They followed quickly. “Is the princess with you?” Sarah asked Derek worried. “In what way?” Erin asked smiling. “Move it quick.” Sean told them. “We got to get Alysa out of here.” Derek said quickly. “Hes 100 he looks the same age as Marco?” I asked Derek confused, not that I wanted to marry him at all. I just couldn’t work out how we aged. “Oh hes defiantly 100.” Sepiah told me. “Yeah I think it’s time we take the princess home to the castle.” I told Derek. “Move it quick.” Derek was telling Spencer. “Ah so the queen doesn’t know the changes the princess has made?” Sarah guessed. “She doesn’t know a lot of things. Alysa quiet a handful.” Sean told her. “Alysa’s fine she just doesn’t get on with her mother.” Derek pointed out. “Alysa is not marrying a 100 year old.” Marianna said. Looking cross. “The Queen wasn’t even meant to be bringing the wedding up till court tomorrow. We still had time to fight her. It’s meant to go into vote as well first.” Derek told us crossly. “So the queens broke one of the laws?” I asked confused.
“Yes.” Derek, Sarah, Sepiah and Marianna answered. “Would you like a lift home?” I asked Mrs Morton and her mother. Spencer’s family except his dad had got in a car. “Erin, Kye go with Spencer’s family.” I told them. “Text us.” Erin said hugging Sepiah bye who was closest to her. “We will.” She assured Erin. “I think it would be best if you just get the princess to the castle.” Sarah told us. “Mrs Morton. Derek, Adam, Harry, Sepiah, Spencer, Sean, Erin, Jessie and myself won’t be in class Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.” I told my teacher calmly “We will be back on Thursday.” Sepiah added. Sarah laughed, “I think a few missed classes are the least of your groups worry. If you’re actually allowed to return.” Sarah told us. “Oh the princess is a handful. We will be back.” Derek told her with a huge smile. “You’re welcome to join us. If you could talk sense into her.” I said. “I haven’t talked to jenny in 50 years.” Sarah told me. “What did you fall out about?” Sepiah asked for me. “I had fallen in love with a human.” Sarah told us. “Doesn’t she understand love?” Sep moaned voicing my opinion of my mother. “She once did then she lost him.” Sarah told her calmly bowing at Sepiah. Oh if she wanted to think Sepiah was the princess I was going to let her. “Not to rush you but
we do need to go.” Marianna said. Sarah seemed to think. “I won’t be coming, I’m afraid.” Sarah told us. “But good luck.” she told us. “Thank you.” Derek told her shaking her hand. “Thank you.” I said. With that they got into a taxi and were gone. “Are you okay?” Derek asked me worried. “Mum couldn’t have someone she loved. Then she lost my sister. Then me. Then my dad.” I told him worried. “Darling she still has you. You need to show her how to love again.” Derek told me. We climbed into the back seat of our own car. I put my head on his shoulder. Sean drove Marianna in the front Spencer the other side of Derek. Sepiah and Taylor went in another car with spencer’s dad. “I can’t be forced to marry him now I’m married?” I checked praying they couldn’t. Marianna turned in her seat so she could look at me. “No Ally that’s why we rushed your wedding and made sure we followed every law.” She assured me. “Thank god.” I said and smiled at my husband. “You’re so much handsomer.” I told him with a teasing smile. “Oh thanks but I don’t think handsomer is a word a princess should use.” Derek teased. “You remember those rumours saying Kayla and Drew were the bad royals?” I asked my husband teasingly. “Yes?” he asked me wondering where I was
going with this. “Time to go show my mother what a real bad royal can do.” I told him kissing him. “Oh Sally. Your mother won’t know what hit her.” Derek assured me. “Is anyone else worried what your mothers going to think of me?” Spencer asked worried. “Not thought that far ahead. I thought you knew I make my crazy plans up as I go then give them random numbers?” I told Spencer with a grin. “Why am I even more worried?” Spencer asked his cousin. “Because you know that crazy is the understatement.” Derek told him smiling.

We arrived at the airport and parked the cars up. “Are we waiting for Marco?” I asked everyone now we were here I didn’t know what to do. We walked straight onto our private plane that was sat on the runway. There was another one very similar obviously for the lord. Derek looked at it worriedly. Our pilot came over looking as worried as I felt. Well he had been at my wedding. My wedding was the busiest secret wedding ever. “They told me who they brought I take it we need to rush to the palace?” he asked us calmly. “Give Marco half an hour.” Marianna told us all. “Anyone for tea?” Taylor asked. Even pilot said “yes.” Marianna
looked at my hair. “Ally it’s time to go back to your natural hair.” she said pulling out a few bottles of Colour stripper from the overhead. “For a few days only.” She quickly reassured me. I nodded, “I left the palace as Princess Alysa, and I should go back as Princess Alysa.” I told her. I looked at my husband. “You’re going to see me as Alysa fully now.” I teased. Then I looked at Marianna. “You can’t do it. You can’t be around the chemicals.” Taylor and Sep smiled at me. “Come on girls first time for all of you get to see me as Ally fully, you damage my hair your asses are getting burnt.” I told them with a smile. “I take it you packed my crown and a dress?” I asked Sepiah. “Of course I did.” Sepiah told me with a smile. I nodded. Taylor handed us all a cup of tea laced with blood. We all sat and drunk them calmly. With the pilot telling us how he could outfly the others no problem. Even if they set of half an hour before us. “Really?” Sepiah asked him with a smile. “I have been fly planes for 300 years I can out fly everyone.” He told her with a smile. I looked at the pilot he only looked to be in his 50s how the hell do we age? “What you thinking?” Derek asked me worried. “How people actually age?” I told him truthfully. He laughed. “You really don’t need to worry
about It.” he assured me. “Everyone’s different. Look at your mum she looks to be in her 40s but she’s nearer the end of her 400s.” Marianna told me. “Sometimes humans are a lot easier.” I told them. Spencer who was sat looking amazed around my private plane nodded. “Humans are a lot easier.” He assured me. Marco walked onto the plane then with Jessie Harry and Adam. “How quick do you think we can get to court?” Marco asked the pilot. “I made it to California and back in 6 hours before. I can make it in 5 I recon.” He told Marco who nodded. The pilot stood up. “Anyone want to help?” the pilot asked. “Hes joking right?” Spencer asked worried. “I will” Adam and Harry both said at the same time. “Adam its Harrys turn you flew us to Egypt.” Taylor pointed out. “Actually I flew us to Egypt.” Derek said with a smile. “You can all fly a plane?” Spencer asked us shocked. I shook my head. “We can’t fly yet. Were all still learning. Give us 50 years. Some of them don’t even have driving licences” I told him with a smile. “It is Harrys turn though.” I told them. They all high fived and both boys went with the pilot. “If you want to learn you can without me in the plane.” I told him with a smile. “You’re really kidding I hope?” Spencer asked
me shocked. “There’s another one of those PlayStation things over there.” I told him pointing at the TV. “Come on I’ll give you a game whilst the girls die Sam’s hair and turn her into Ally.” Derek told his cousin. Sean smiled. “We can’t do it on the plane.” I suddenly said. Everyone looked at me confused. “Honestly read the back of it.” I said, they did. “Oh we will have to get you ready at Kayla’s and Drew’s.” Sepiah suddenly said I nodded. So we all played PlayStation drank tea had scones read law books on my first flight back to what had felt like my prison. “What happened after we left?” I asked Marco as he poured himself another cup of tea. “Well I told him Princess Alysa was not with us. That he would have to see her after the meeting as she had flown out earlier that day with my brother.” Marco said calmly. “It took you that long to tell him that?” I asked. “Yes as he wanted to know why we were talking to humans.” Marco said calmly. “What did you tell him?” Derek asked worried. “I told him we were working on human Amaris friendships. To improve the relationship between are kinds.” Marco said proudly. “Bet he didn’t like that response?” Derek asked. “Actually he didn’t seem to care, he was more worried the fact hes been told the princess is wild and a human
lover.” Marco said. “What did you tell him?” I asked worried. “I told him the princess loves humans and Amaris alike.” He told me with a smile. “And about me being wild?” I asked trying not to laugh. “He told him you were out of control. That if he did the smart thing he would fly the plane the other direction and run.” Jessie told me laughing. We all laughed. “Do you think hell listen?” I asked still laughing. “If he knows what’s good for him.” Derek told me smiling. “Oh are we going to be possessive Mr?” I asked my husband smiling. “Only when I need to be mischief.” Derek told me.

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