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Chapter 44 - Derek

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the man, how dare the queen. I know she is the queen but we all had rights to vote on it. She obviously had gone behind Andrews and Kayla’s back. Lucky for us it was too late. Ally and I were legally married, in both Amaris law and human law. There was nothing she could do about it. We had heard the rumours of course that was why Marco had rushed are wedding. But I had never expected her to do it so secretive. Then to tell the guy about Alysa like she didn’t have a mind of her own. She prefers to talk French, she’s wild. There is more the queen should be able to tell him about her daughter. Would she even know Ally’s favourite colour is green. That she has a dislike of the colour red because school used it way too much. That her favourite food is Pizza followed extremely closely by snails. But she wouldn’t touch fish even if she was starving. What Her Favourite film was
her favourite restaurant? How she hide behind her hair, how she chews it when she is nervous. How she loved it when you weren’t afraid to look her in the eyes, when you were arguing and she could compel you and you show her you fully trust her not to. How she loved to climb trees and sit and listen to them, how they comforted her when she was scared or sad. Better than anything else could accept a hug in a tree. How she loves to lie at the bottom of a pool and stare up at the reflection above. What her favourite element was, even though she was afraid to admit to them she had a favourite. That her rambling on was actually a way she protected herself. How yes she liked to talk French but why she had chosen French. I looked at my wife. She was nattering away to Taylor about why she had sent Erin rather than her to protect Spencer’s mum and siblings. Spencer’s dad was listening to her ramble as well nodding his agreement. Marco and Marianna were sat chatting calmly about how they defiantly had done the right thing. “Mum couldn’t have someone she loved. Then she lost my sister. Then me. Then my dad.” Ally’s words kept repeating in my head. I had told her “Darling she still has you. You need to show her how to love again.” I knew she could do it. I just hoped her
mum was willing. Both were as stubborn as each other. Samally used her stubbornness to hide her feelings, but she was always willing to find a common ground. Here was hoping her mother was to. I noticed something then Sam had her hair back in her mouth. She was trying to seem like she wasn’t worried and was talking at 50 words a minute. But that was another sign she was nervous. I went over to her and she wiggled so the chair would fit me in to. I squeezed her hand and she smiled at me nervously. Her eyes said it all. “So what’s the plan when we get there?” Sean asked worried. “Drew’s and Kayla’s house?” Ally asked Marco. We really did rely on him. “Spencer you’re welcome to stay at my parents’ house with me and guards.” I told Spencer he nodded. Well my parents’ house could be his or we could get him his own house. But my parents had a lovely pool. “Ally I think you need to stay in the palace the stay but we will dye your hair first.” Marco told her. I looked at her. She hated the palace she claimed it had felt like a prison. I hoped she could cope. “Do I need to?” she asked worriedly. I threaded my fingers in hers and squeezed. “I’m sure Cole would want to nick you and make you sleep on his bedroom floor. But you’re safer in the palace.” I told her. She
looked at me her eyes begging me to stay with her. “I will if I can.” I told her pushing her hair out of her face. She might like to hide behind it but I liked to get her out of hiding. She hides herself to much. It was strange I can’t imagine her with her natural hair. I know I should. But it was just a colour at the end of the day. I had recognised her with coloured contacts and different hair when I had only seen her a few times. Even when she denied it was her. When the plane landed I looked out at the runway. It was mostly empty except for a few cars waiting. Cole waved at us from where he was sat with Drew. Waiting for our plane to land. Sam had made sure she stood with the other guards as we got off the plane. In case anyone was watching. I looked at them all suddenly knowing how to act. It felt so wrong not just getting off as friends. We got straight into the cars waiting. Sepiah sticking close to her friends me my guards we knew what we needed to do.

When we got to Kayla’s and Drew’s house I was impressed. They had never seemed to be at it long enough to have decorated, but they had obviously put more effort in making it there’s than I would of
thought. More than I had my parents. My parents still looked like they would walk in the door any moment. How I wished they would just one day do that. But they couldn’t. Sam watched me carefully. I know as much as I knew her she knows me. “Straight upstairs into my bedroom it’s waiting for you.” Kayla told her. She was cooking a batch of blood cakes. I had to smile. I knew her and Marianna ate them by the dozen. So did the girls. Sam nodded at her friend and gave her a huge hug. Reluctantly putting Cole down who had literally insisted in only auntie Sam the moment we got in the house. Sam Taylor Sepiah went upstairs. Both Marianna and Kayla couldn’t due to the dye. Drew showed us around there property calmly explaining to Spencer were you found us on a map. After a while Sepiah came down she looked at us all. She smiled at me encouragingly. It was hard to believe this was the same girl who had failed her senior year just so she could go college the same time the girls did. That was when Ally walked down the stairs. In a dress looking everything like a princess. Looking so much like the girl from Christmas who had got my attention but also still looking exactly like the girl from the pool who I couldn’t take my eyes of. Her eyes caught mine as if
looking into me for my encouragement. I went up to her she was stood 2 steps up, she was actually close to my height. “It’s hair.” I told her pushing it from her face so I could see her. “You could shave it all off and it wouldn’t change you.” I told her. I kissed her. “The dress though well let’s just say no one would ever doubt you weren’t hot in that dress, although not as hot as your wedding dress.” I told her with a teasing smile. She hit me. Proving it’s what she needed her smile came back. “Is it time to go face my mother?” she asked us. “1 hour till court starts you’re going to make a grand entrance when everyone’s sat down.” Drew told her with a huge smile. “You look almost exactly how you did last time I saw you at the palace unconfutable.” Drew told her. “I know I miss my jeans already.” Samally told him. “Derek are you ready for this?” She asked me looking for answers in my face. I grinned at her. “Let’s give your mother hell.” I told her.

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