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Chapter 45 - Sam

My strawberry blonde hair surrounded my face in loose curls. My crown on top of my head. I felt exactly like I had last time I was at the court. Afraid. But one look at my husbands and my friends faces. I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. Princess Alysa was back although I could not claim the palace was home. It wasn’t where I lived that was my home. It was the people I was with. As long as I was with my friends I was home. Derek had said the right thing when I was as nervous as to what he would think. He gave me an encouraging kiss as he left with Drew and Kayla. Spencer sat in the car with me. It had black out windows so no one could see in. “you ready for this?” I asked him as well as myself. Sean, Taylor and Sepiah, Adam and Harry, Marco and Marianna sat in the huge limo with me. Sep quickly rearranged my tiara. She had been since I put it on. I wanted to tell her if she touched it once more I would take it off.

But I knew she was as nervous for this as I was. After all this was the princess coming back to the Amaris world. We were waiting for the text. The text that would symbol for me to start my walk into the palace. We were sat on the drive. Although there was guards around us. They weren’t coming up to us. The phone buzzed. I looked at everyone “I’m scared. I wasn’t even scared when I walked down the aisle. But I’m petrified of them.” I told Marco mainly. “You are the bravest person I have ever met. Do not let them scare you.” he told me the others nodded. I smiled weakly and nodded my ready to Marco. He opened his door and climbed out. The guards seeing him all looked confused, but stood to attention. Next Sean got out the other side. I looked at Sepiah. “I can do this.” I told her. “You can defiantly do this.” she told me smiling. I nodded as everyone climbed out the car.

The guards were obviously not worried as knew who Marco and Marianna were but were over to greet him. Marco put his hand into the car for me to take I took 3 deep breaths and took it. And climbed out the car, in a very princess way. “Don’t announce her arrival.” I heard Marco say. I smiled at the guards who bowed at me respectably. They opened the palace doors. I walked into the building.

Calming my nerves. I held my marriage certificate tight in my hand. Everyone I passed bowed at me, the same girl who would fight them in class. I was more one of them than the princess I wanted to tell them. We got to the door that I knew they were all sitting behind and I nodded to the man who sat ready to open it. He looked amazed. A lot of people had never seen me. Now I was here looking like a proper princess. He opened the doors I walked in. the whole room suddenly went silent. I saw my mother. Her shock was all over her face. I saw Drew and Kayla smiling at me encouragingly. “Hello mother.” I said walking up to my mother’s chair. Everyone bowed as I passed them. “Alysa?” my mother asked in shock. I smiled at my husband his seat was exactly where he said it was near the back. “I hope I’m not intruding on anything important.” I asked her calmly. “No Alysa it’s just a shock to see you.” my mother said trying to seem happy about it. I looked at Spencer’s dad who was with me. Spencer looked as nervous as I felt. “I would like to reintroduce you all to king Tyrone Galanis. King Agapes Galanis elder brother. King Derek Galanis uncle.” I said. “The next in line for the Galanis throne as the eldest son of Pylades Galanis, his son is the next heir to his throne.

Not king Derek.” I said projecting my voice. I caught Drew’s eyes they were encouraging me to go on. “In front of 5 Amaris royals and myself with proper ceremony. Which I have video and documental proof, as well as all the legal paperwork. His Halfling son was kinged and King Derek stepped down.” I handed my mother the proof. She looked at me in shock. “But a Halfling can’t be king.” An elder king yelled. “Actually there is no law against it. There isn’t even a law against having Halfling children. Just raising them. Which is a very stupid law to be honest and I have found 18 different loophole ways around.” I told my mother with a smile. She looked at my letter. “Why Alysa?” my mother asked me confused. “Because we need them.” I told her. “By law King Spencer Galanis Now sits on the Galanis throne.” I said with such a royal voice.

That I couldn’t believe I owned. I nodded at spencer he went over to Derek who hugged his cousin and stood up and walked over to me. “Why?” my mother asked confused again. “I would also like to announce that in front of 5 royal members and 5 humans and the leader of the country I was in.” I started. “You didn’t?” my mother suddenly said. As she saw Derek thread his hand in mine. “I married who I choose.” I told my mother and
the court. There was complete uproar. I let the uproar last a few minutes, I wanted to run. I always gave the news then walked away. Today I had to force myself to stay still. I can’t run anymore. I can’t run I have to face this. I then handed my mother my marriage certificate. She looked at it in absolute shock. Not believing what I had handed her. But it was 100% legal. She couldn’t deny that. I grinned at her and held my husband’s hand.

“I choose who I wed. You rushed me. I would have loved you at my wedding but you gave me no choice.” I told my mother. Then I put power in my voice. “I PRESENT MY HUSBAND PRINCE DEREK AMARIS.” I said again there was uproar. “But how?” my mother asked me looking at it in shock. “I have also got us a voice in human politics.” I told her quietly. She looked at me in shock. “Can we talk about it in private?” I asked my mother calmly. I looked around the room at everyone. She nodded and stood up as calmly as she could. I nodded at my friends. Adam and harry went to stand with Spencer and his dad whilst Jessie Taylor and Sean, Marco and Marianna stuck by me and followed me through the door. I was shocked it was Drew who spoke in the court as we left. “The Queen will be right back. Please feel free to talk among
yourselves.” He said I wanted to laugh. I could do the queen thing if I had Derek and Drew and Kayla by my side. I could do this. I can do anything.

“What did you do?” my mother asked me when the door was shut. Oh actually it wasn’t me she asked I realised it was Marco. “You were going to let Elizabeth marry for love. To the point you encouraged my parents to have another child. Alysa chose her own husband. I allowed her to follow her heart. The fact was she discovered the Halflings herself with no help. They just all found each other it was meant to be.” Marco told my mother. “When you say it like that it comes out so romantic.” Sep told him. I wanted to laugh and hug my friend tight, she had done so much for me. “The thing is mother. I choose I didn’t want what you had. You hated your arranged marriage, I don’t know if you even liked dad. You loved someone else you couldn’t have. You then lost Elizabeth.” I told my mother she stared at me in shock. “How do you?” she started. “I met your friend Sarah.” I told her. “What have you been doing at college going on a Halfling hunt?” My mother asked me angrily. “No they weren’t even looking for me either. I was meant to meet
them.” I told my mother. “You choose to have Elizabeth. You choose her name when you were 20. 100s of years before you had her.” I told my mother. “You loved her before you even knew her. Yet you weren’t even willing to get to know me.” I said. Everyone stared at me wondering where I was coming from, I was known to babble. Derek looked worriedly at me he always seemed to know when I was thinking of doing something stupid before I did. “You knew what I was. You always knew what I was.” I said it sinking in she had known from before I was taken. “That you were the child of the prophecy. Of course I knew. You started using magic from the moment you were born.”

My mother told me looking frightened. “You always knew I would choose to heal the humanity?” I asked her. Derek squeezed my hand, but I had seen my mother’s face and I knew, it hurt worse than if she had stabbed me in the heart. “You thought I was going to destroy the world. That’s why you tried to have me killed.” I said sadly. Everyone looked at me confused, and shocked. But I knew I knew the moment my mother had looked at me when I said heal our humanity. “Your right we will never have a relationship.” I told her. I looked at my husband I
wanted to cry but I wouldn’t give my mother my tears. Everyone was staring at me wondering what was going on in my head. “I will take over the throne when the people want me to.” I told her and walked out the room, my friends all following. I wanted to get out of there I wasn’t going to face her. I was going to run. I couldn’t face her. What I had forgotten was that I had to walk through the court to get out. I looked at Drew he must had seen my face because he went to come over. I shook my head slightly not obviously. I walked through when I was near the door I kept my voice steady and said “I am going away.

If the Amaris does want me. I want everyone to want me, every Amaris needs to vote.” with that I walked out the room. I walked out the palace. I went to the car. Climbed in. my friends, my family all with me. “What?” Marco started. I shook my head at him he was still in shock. Spencer and his dad had joined us. “Can we go straight to the airport please?” I told the driver. He nodded and started driving us away. I sat stone faced, looking out the window. Looking at the court as we drove away. I saw my plane sat waiting for me, I looked at it. I took my crown off. “It’s up to all of you. You can come with me or stay or go live your lives. I’m not going to make
you do anything you don’t want to do.” I told all my friends. Derek took hold of my hand, he put it in the middle of the car. And put his hand on top of mine Sean put his hand on followed very quickly by everyone. I looked at them all. Taylor and Sepiah grinned at me.

Marco looked at me a mixture of proudness and worry. Jessie smiled at me. Adam and Harry nodded at me. Spencer smiled weakly not knowing what was going on. But telling me he was willing to follow me. Even his dad nodded at me. Marianna said “so are we going back to college or somewhere else?” she asked me. “It’s up to everyone.” I told her with a smile. “But you are flying to a doctor whenever you need one.” I told her, that was when Spencer’s dad said “the Halflings have their own Amaris doctors. Dealing with pregnancy’s Marianna will be fine.” I nodded. “That’s great.” Marco told him with an honest smile. I looked at everyone. “So where are we going to go?” I asked honestly. “Back to college.” Spencer told me with an encouraging look. I nodded.

“We all agree to go back college?” I asked. Everyone nodded. “Come on then let’s fly.” I told them and climbed out the limo. It wasn’t till we were in the air and I looked down on the court getting smaller and
smaller that I knew. I wasn’t going to come back again, not until I was actually wanted by everyone. “They have 500 ish years to decide if they want me, I’m here if they do.” I said out loud to all my friends. “We want you.” Derek said all my friends nodded there agreement. “Then let’s just enjoy no one trying to kill us for a while. As I’m sure they possibly will try.” I told them.

Good luck and Wish me luck xxx I wrote to the president. “Are you really putting kisses at the end of an official letter?” Marco asked me. Derek looked at my letter trying not to laugh. “It looks the worst excuse to not go to a party I’ve ever seen.” He laughed at me I smiled at him. “Well it’s the truth.” I smiled. Then I sealed the letter and posted it. One day our worlds will be reunited, todays just not that day.

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