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Chapter 5 - Sam

I let the phone call go to answer phone. “You can’t avoid him for ever.” Sep told me looking serious. “It’s the plan.” I admitted. “It’s a sucky plan. From the leader of sucky plans.” Erin told me. “Hey all my plans are brilliant.” I said jokingly. “Whose bright idea was it for you two to ever date?” Erin asked me. I went red as I always do it’s so obvious on me as well. All the girls laughed and the flour from are cakes went everywhere. Lady Seps phone started ringing. She looked at it. “Let me guess Derek?” Taylor said rolling her eyes. “You should just admit where you are Sam” Sep said. “Or he’s going to panic thinking you’re dead somewhere.” Erin told me, I sighed. “Fine let’s just finish these cakes then I’ll go ring him.” I said admitting defeat.

My black hair now in a loose plait in my pjs I had nicked from Derek. Yes sad I admit it. I had nicked a few of his tops and wore them a lot. I was head over heels in love with him. He was willing to give up the crown for me. I wasn’t willing to let him. I knew we couldn’t do it. I picked up my phone and took a deep breath here goes nothing. It rang only 2 rings before he answered. “Sam?” he said my name with so much meaning. With love and hurt and question. “Bonjour Derek.” I said calmly trying not to cry. “What’s up Derek?” I asked, trying to stay strong. Trying not to say where I was and to come. “What’s up is you left and didn’t tell me?” he said sounding extremely hurt. “You knew I was going to college.” I told him trying to stay calm. “You know full well that’s not what I meant Sam.” he said. “It hurts Derek.” I said truthfully. “Well maybe we should fight it?” he said. “We both know we can’t.” I told him. “You’re a king Derek. You can’t marry me.” “Like you said when we first started dating. Marriage is a long way away.” He told me. This was true. We had started dating in secret, only our guards knowing. Not even Kayla and Drew knew. Especially not Marco. “Maybe I love you too much.” I told him, “I need some time away from everything. To think.” I told him. “How
long?” “If we still love each other at Christmas break then.” I told him. “I’ll come you or you me?” he asked seriously. “Believe me we have a pool on campus and live in perfect accommodation. you’re coming here.” I said seriously. “Hey I have Judah close.” He told me. “Somehow freedom to make mistakes beats everyone treating you like you need to be perfect.” I told him. “We all make mistakes.” He told me. This was why I loved him he never tried to make me feel anything but normal. He even understood I was Sam and Ally I was both girls, he even used both names depending on my moods, he could work me out better than all my friends. Believe me if the two of us could make it work I would. “You know I never wanted to be king.” He reminded me. “I know but you’re the last member of your line. You can be with anyone in the world. Just not me.” I told him sadly. “I would give up my line to be with you.” he said. “That’s the problem Derek. I can’t let you.” I told him sadly. That was the problem; he would give everything up to be with me. I couldn’t, yeah I might threaten my mum that I will if she doesn’t give me freedom. But I know I can’t. This was too much on teenagers. Whose bright idea was it to ever give a teenager the chance to be Queen of a whole
population of people. My mother had even admitted if Derek’s parents were still alive it he and I being friends would have been perfect, they could have had another child and I could have been with Derek. Apparently the reason Drew was born was so Marco could marry my sister. Yep talk about information I could have lived without. Thanks mum, it was why Kayla now sat with Drew as joint King and Queen and Luke was the king for her Line. Yep and Luke was out of question for me as well. Now he was a king and the last of his line. I needed to date a lord or a prince who was second in line or had a younger sibling. So yeah not dating at all anymore thanks. I’m going to die a spinster. I wonder what would happen if I did? “When I’m Queen if I can overturn the rule I will.” I told him and I did mean it I would do that. “Technically if we had 2 children one could sit on each throne.” He tried to joke. “Hey no children talk till I’m at least 200.” I replied jokingly. “So how is college?” he asked me. “It seems okay. The girls and I have an apartment to ourselves. The boys unfortunately have a human roommate.” I told him “I bet they’re confused.” Derek replied calmly. That was the thing with him he never tried to pressure me into anything. “The thing is he doesn’t feel human.” I said.
“What do you mean he feels Amaris?” Derek asked sounding worried. “No but he just feels familiar. Not Quiet human but not Amaris.” I said. “Is there others like us?” I asked wondering if maybe he was something else. “Well there’s Witches. Then there are vampires.” He said the last one jokingly. “Not funny. I’m being serious.” “He could be a half Amaris?” he said seriously. “Do the others think he’s human?” he asked me worried. “Yeah they all told me I was just tired.” I told him remembering Taylor telling me she wasn’t sure what I was on about he was as human as they come. “I am tired.” I admitted. “Want me to check him out?” Derek asked concerned. “It’s okay. I’ll do it when I’ve had more rest. It is possible it just my nerves of being round humans again.” I told him I actually was starting to believe this was the case. “If he was half would he know?” I asked. “No he wouldn’t unless he tried to use the powers in an emergency that would awaken that side of him. Or the Amaris parent was in his life” Derek said sounding worried. “If he is half the boys can’t compel him.” he told me strictly. “But I can?” I asked. “Yeah you can. You could compel everyone if that’s what you wanted. You could compel me to forget I love you.” he told me I rolled my eyes.
“Sometimes I wish the only person I could compel to forget that is me.” I joked half-heartedly. “I love you Sam.” he said. “I love you too Derek.” I admitted. Then I hung up. Turned and looked at my bed and screamed into the pillow. I was so in love with him. I laid awake for an hour before I finally gave up.

Sam – How’s Cole. 
Kayla – He’s fine I’m glad to see you love him more than us. : P
Sam – Well if I asked how you were first he would be mad at me. : p
Sam – How are you and Drew?
Kayla – I’m fine. Drew’s fine he’s finally potty trained. 
I couldn’t help but laugh.
Kayla – You okay at college do you want us to come?
Sam – You can’t follow me around the whole world. Oh wait you already have : p
Kayla – What time is it there?
Sam – 3am sometimes I don’t know if I’m on human time or vampire.
Kayla – Are you okay though?
I wanted to right I love someone I can’t be with help me. But instead I looked around my room.
Sam – It’s strange but I’m fine.
Sam – I love you. Be good.
Kayla – Do not do anything stupid love you.
I put my phone down and still couldn’t get comfy. That was it I was going for a walk.

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