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Chapter 6 - Sam

The girls were all snoring away. I felt a small bang of guilt as I slipped on my clothes and snuck out. It didn’t take me long to find Dyna. “Hi” I said walking up to her. “Is everything okay Sam?” she asked me worriedly. “Thought I would help you with night watch.” I lied how could I tell her I couldn’t sleep due to boy issues. “You should be in bed.” She told me, not as a demand she wouldn’t even try to boss me about. “I can’t get over the time change.” I told her. She looked at me not fully believing. “I know this is a long shot but is there somewhere with loads of trees or a lake or something that no one would be able to see me from?” I asked her. She nodded. So half an hour later I found myself sat in a tree. “Would you like me to stay?” Dyna asked me worriedly as if she wanted to stay but needed to get back to the job the college thought she was here to do. “No I’m fine.” I told her the truth. I looked at the lake and let the tree comfort me. What was wrong
with me? I should be happy I should be excited I hadn’t been made queen yet, I had college. 5 years longer with my friends why did I feel like something was about to happen. I was about to climb down when I felt them. I knew it was Amaris, there was no denying them. one was a tall 6 foot gorgeously muscled Black Amaris with Black hair that seemed to stand on top of his head in a thick afro. His muscles alone told me he was a guard. The man with him I took to be the prince or lord he was protecting. He was very similar just not with the muscles but god they both were hotter than any human you could imagine. They hadn’t seemed to notice me. The guard didn’t seem to have eyes for anything but the prince, the prince the guard. Oh I thought when they started to kiss they must be a couple. Who cared? I know it’s not normal for royalty to full for their guards in fact until Marco and Marianna’s small wedding everyone had told me it was never to happen. Was that why they were at this college hiding their relationship? Or the fact they were gay? I hated the prejudges of my kind hey I was going to be Queen and all I had done was be born. I must have moved a bit too loudly, as they both sprung apart and looked straight up at me. Well so much for my
peace in a tree. “NAME RANK.” The guard yelled at me, looking embarrassed to have been caught. Who cared? Believe me anyone could marry and be with who they want I didn’t give a monkeys ass. I was being denied the only person I wanted to be with. Why would I do that to others? “Get down from that tree right now.” Commanded the prince. I sighed and stood up. I think the guard knew what I was about to do as he said, “No not that way.” But it was too late from the top of the tree I jumped doing 4 roly-polies on my way down landing perfectly. If I was in school I would have taken a bow. I admit since Taylor and I read in our books last year we could jump from 15 floors and still land on our feet we had been testing it out. Not 15 floors yet that would be stupid, but the 8 floor school building had been brilliant for practising. “Name rank.” The guard asked me looking slightly impressed with my jump. They looked like 2 people who had their hands caught in the cookie jar. “Can I tell you this now I failed guard etiquette and I really don’t care your both dating.” I said with a smile. Both just stared at me. “I mean it if you’re in love you shouldn’t hide it by 3am sneak outs. Lady Sepiah is with her guard and no one bats an eyelid in are group” I said. “You didn’t need to choose a
college in the Amaris’s version of hell to be together.” I told them. Both stared at me, but both seemed in a bit of shock I didn’t seem fazed at all by a prince. “Name rank?” the prince asked me trying to stay calm and not yell at me for being rude. I sighed what I hate is people assume I have a name and rank. Was it how I dressed, oh yeah it was the black jacket. The same black jackets and coats that used to give me nightmares. I now owned 3. I smiled at him. “Goodbye. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t be together.” I told him and extremely rudely I walked of. If they wanted to the could of stopped me but both just stood there opened mouthed at me. I would tell Sep to apologise for my rudeness, say I was shocking I managed to pass school. Or something along those lines. “Sam?” guardian Cyrus said as I came out the woods straight into his view. “Hey Cyrus. How much trouble would I be in for not telling a prince my name and rank?” I asked him calmly, walking back to my dorm with him escorting me. “About 85% if his guard was senior to you which I doubt. Or 95% if he reported you. Although that would disappear, so for you none.” Cyrus told me truthfully. “That’s good to know.” I smiled at him. Cyrus and Dyna had started school with me as the guards there and
now they were the guards here. “So what do you think is easier protecting in a school or college?” I asked him calmly. “School was safer” he told me. He dropped me of at my apartment, “Sam if you’re going on walks please take someone with you.” he told me trying not to boss me about, but letting me know it was for my safety. “It’s okay I wasn’t alone.” I said remembering the royal and guard. “Do you know who you saw?” he asked me. “Nope but I know it was a royal.” I said shrugging. “I’ll look into it.” he told me. “Its fine don’t worry, but can you find us somewhere to hit each other. We all need to fight or Taylors going to end up killing Erin.” I told him remembering there argument earlier. “I will see what I can do.” He assured me. I nodded and walked into my apartment building up the stairs to my apartment. I went straight back into my room, the girls were still all snoring. I got out of my clothes and curled up in bed. Finally I was able to switch of and sleep. Although my dreams were just as messed up as my reality.

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