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Chapter 7 - Sam

“Come on lazy bones it’s time for a 20 mile run.” Taylor said coming in my room. “If I grumble do I have to run another 10 miles?” I asked her only half joking. “Yes now up.” Taylor told me throwing my trainers at me. Sometimes I loved my friends sometimes I wanted to tie them up and feed them to lions. I walked out my room dressed in my old Guardian training kit. The red jogging bottoms and white t-shirt. Every one of us was still wearing it. “We look like we should be doing a team sport.” I laughed at them. “Can we do no sport?” Sep asked lying on the sofa. “Unfortunately Sep you got to do it.” I reminded her. We dragged Sep along although she could keep up with us now. We had been torturing her and helping her learn since we survived our kidnapping. She wasn’t guardian level, but she was amazing compared to a lot of others. “We have a new recruit.” Sean said bringing Spencer in. Erin had been drinking her blood. She looked taken aback that the
boys would bring a human in here. “You up for a 20 mile run?” I asked him. He looked me up and down and the girls around me “are you?” he asked. “Do you all want some special tomato drink?” Taylor asked the boys. The 3 of them nodded. “Tomato drink?” Spencer asked. “Believe me you don’t want to try it.” I told him. He shrugged “some of my old friends used to drink raw eggs I suppose tomato juice is just as good?” “Let’s just say it gives us a plus” Kye joked. Bad blood pun I thought trying not to laugh. “Have you ever run 20 miles before?” I asked. “I used to be on track.” He told me shrugging as if a 20 mile run was nothing. If only he knew that had used to be our warm up. “If he’s going there are 7 of you I can sit out?” Sep tried. “Sepiah Ass of the couch.” I told her with a smile. “Who died and made you Queen.” She joked sticking her tongue out at me. “You’re going to a special hell.” Sep told me grumpily as I pulled her to her feet. “I visited once they told me they needed a break.” I told her with a smile. All my friends laughed Spencer just looked worried. “Sam might be the smallest but she makes up for it in bossiness.” Erin told him. “Hey I’m not bossy.” I said a bit sulky. “No your perfect.” Taylor told me giving Erin a playful high-five. So we started our run. To mine and
everyone else’s surprise not only did spencer keep it up, he managed to run the whole time talking to Sep and Jessie. Well Jessie always slowed down to run with Sep they were running hand in hand. I was impressed. We passed the royal I had seen last night and had the issue with. I saw Sean take them in even whilst running. “I got a confession.” I told him. “What?” “Well I went out last night. Don’t worry I was with Dyna, but I came across them and I kind of told them to drop etiquette and not hide their relationship.” “I take it I need to apologise on your behalf?” he asked seriously. “I’ll come with you.” I told him. “Keep running Guys we will catch up. Go straight to the gym and I want an hour of weights.” He shouted at the group they all nodded. “Really he’s joking right?” Spencer asked Jessie. “Don’t let him hear you he’ll give you two” Sep said to him only half kidding. We ran straight back to where I had seen the royal he was still sat there with his guards enjoying the sun. Well I suppose I couldn’t be the only Amaris who preferred the day. “Shouldn’t you all be running 30 miles?” Sean said as way of greeting everyone’s eyes turned to look at us. “Name Rank.” The guard from yesterday asked seeing us. “Sean River Bae Royal Dragon Captain level 5.” Sean
said almost bored. I tried to keep a straight face as every one of the princes guards suddenly sprung to attention. “I’m sorry about my rudeness last night. I really did fail etiquette.” I said bowing at the prince. The prince was looking at his guard. My brother looked at the 2 guards that wasn’t the one I had seen with the prince and said. “Would you two please go join the guard training session in the gym they are all higher ranked and can instruct you what you need to do. If you see any guards looking bored drag them with you even if they have royals.” Sean said both nodded and run of. “Your Sawyer’s son?” the guardian from yesterday asked Sean. “Yes.” Sean said. “Can’t we just pretend to be normal people for once?” The prince asked looking worried that his boyfriend was going to get in trouble. “Yeah we can.” I said with a smile. “I meant what I said last night you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to hide your relationship.” I told him. Both stared at me. “What’s your name and rank?” Sean asked the guard. “Guardian Edwards.” The guard said. “So you must be Prince Ben?” Sean asked bowing his respect to the prince. “Yes.” Ben said looking confused still at what was going on. “This is the problem with school.” I told Sean. He rolled his eyes at me. The guard
saw and looked so confused after all Sean would technically be everyone’s senior member of staff. “They teach us how to act around each other. But never how to talk to each other.” I said. “That’s because guards are not meant to talk to the royal.” Sean said rolling his eyes wondering where I was going with this. I knew Prince Ben’s parents supported me. I also thought we should all stick together as the only Amaris in a human world. “I think Prince Bens right we should make friends not enemies. I’m sorry I came across rude last night. I didn’t want to be seen and both of you seeing me when I had snuck out made me scared I would get into trouble. With stress pants.” I told them with a smile. “Do you really let others insult you?” Edward asked in shock. “When she’s my twin sister yeah.” He told Edward. “Hey I’m Sam not as high a level as my brother but you might have heard of me.” I said. Edwards jaw dropped. “I thought you. I thought you would be protecting Princess Alysa.” Edwards said. “Well duh why else would we be in Amaris hell.” I said. Sean shot me a look to say shut up. “I talked to her about your situation she said if people tell you, you can’t be together. Tell them she said you can. She can’t be with the person she loves and knows how it feels.” I
told them all 3 of them looked at me in shock. “Sam.” warned Sean I shrugged. “It’s her message. She also said if they tell anyone she’s here shell personally wipe every memory out of there pretty heads about each other. And curse them with a life of never being able to be with the one they love.” I told them. “Bit dramatic this morning?” Sean asked me I shrugged. “She didn’t get much sleep, I left her in a tree most the night.” I told him still talking about myself in the third person. It made me feel like I was two separate people. Ally and Sam. I did it a lot. “Well I’m sorry I seem rude all the time but I got to go check on something. I left the princess at the bottom of a lake” I said. “They let her protect the princess?” Prince Ben asked in shock. “Crazy isn’t it. I would discipline her but there practically the same so I can’t win.” Sean said I could tell he was trying not to laugh. I laughed as I ran away.

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