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Chapter 8 - Sean

“I got a confession.” Sam told me. What the hell had she done in one day? “What?” I asked trying to stay calm with her. “Well I went out last night. Don’t worry I was with Dyna but I came across them and I kind of told them to drop etiquette and not hide their relationship.” She told me indicating the prince and guards we had just run past. Why was this morning’s run so hard. First Spencer had insisted on joining us now this. Although giving Spencer his credit the old track star, which he claimed to be could keep up. “I take it I need to apologise on your behalf?” I asked Sam knowing how rude she often comes across. She never understood etiquette princess or guard alike. “I’ll come with you.” she told me sounding innocent, which filled me with more worry. I trusted Sam to keep herself safe ish. But I didn’t trust her in social situations. That’s how she had fallen in love with a king. She might say she was okay with it, but she wasn’t. I knew her well
enough to know when she wasn’t saying how she felt. The problem with her not saying how she felt was someone always got hurt before she finally crashed down, normally it was herself. “Keep running Guys we will catch up. Go straight to the gym and I want an hour of weights.” I shouted at the group they all nodded their understanding that I needed time with my sister. “Really he’s joking right?” Spencer asked Jessie I wanted to tell him I wanted 2 from him see how much I could put him through, before he insisted on a room change. “Don’t let him hear you he’ll give you two” Sep said to him. The fact was Spencer thought she was kidding but I had done it to Kye last time he complained and the gym wasn’t even the last of my groups exercise routine today. If he stayed for all of it his 6 pack he already had would be rock solid by the end of the week. We ran straight back to where we had seen the royal he was still sat there with his guards enjoying the sun. “Shouldn’t you all be running 30 miles?” I said as a way of greeting I loved to see older guards jump at my demands. I know its mean but I felt like I needed to prove myself to my level. A level I hadn’t wanted to claim, but Sam, Judah and even Sawyer had insisted that I did. Because I could do it.
The thing is it allowed me to always be Alysa’s guard and that’s what I was going to do. Sam was like my baby sister and nothing would make me not want to keep her safe. Even when she was a pain in the ass, and got herself into situations without thinking. Which surprisingly she did a lot. Everyone’s eyes turned to me. “Name Rank.” A guard asked me as a similar way of greeting, I wondered what his level was but no one was as high as me which was always impressive Marianna was 1 level below me as was Jessie. Taylor was 2 and Erin 3. Sam and Kye were the weakest in our group well except from Sep but she didn’t actually count. Even Sams and Kye’s levels where higher than average both were dragons. “Sean River Bae Royal Dragon Captain level 5.” I said trying to seem bored. Not that I would ever be bored of seeing people’s faces, when I told them. I could see out my corner of my eye Sam was trying to keep a straight face. Sometimes it scared me she was going to be Queen. Every single one of the prince’s guards sprung to attention. I wanted to laugh with Sam. “I’m sorry about my rudeness last night. I really did fail etiquette.” Sam said bowing at the prince. The prince was looking at his guard, so that one must be his
boyfriend. I looked at the 2 that were hovering. I didn’t want to out them in front of the other 2, In case they didn’t know. “Would you two please go join the guard training session in the gym, they are all higher ranked and can instruct you what you need to do. If you see any guards looking bored drag them with you, even if they have royals.” I said both nodded and run of. “Your Sawyer’s son?” the guardian remaining asked me looking more than a little impressed. “Yes.” I said this was a question I hated answering, in case the real Sean took insult. But he was currently being called Michael and was training to be a doctor something he wanted to do and his father had agreed on with Sam telling him to. The real Samira was in fact in a famous pop band with a different name now something she had wanted to do. “Can’t we just pretend to be normal people for once?” The prince asked looking worried that his boyfriend was going to get in to trouble. “Yeah we can.” Sam said with a smile I could tell she was kind of enjoying this. She wanted them to realise they didn’t need to hide their relationship. She had also said it would be easier if we were all just friends on campus. “I meant what I said last night you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to hide your relationship.” she told
him. Both stared at her rather than me. “What’s your name and rank?” I asked the guard. “Guardian Edwards.” The guard said. “So you must be Prince Ben?” I said working out who the prince was. Also by doing that giving Sam the ability to work out how she wanted to go from here. I bowed my head to the prince showing my respect. “Yes.” Ben said looking confused still as to what was going on. “This is the problem with school.” Sam said looking at me I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at her a habit I had picked up from her. The guard saw and looked so confused he possibly thought I was that laid back a captain I was letting an under guard sass me. If only he knew that the guard with the obvious attitude problem was his future Queen. “They teach us how to act around each other. But never how to talk to each other.” Sam said, it was true most of our training was about how to avoid talking not how to. “That’s because guards are not meant to talk to the royal.” I reminded her, wondering where she was going with this. “I think Prince Bens right we should make friends not enemies. I’m sorry I came across rude last night. I didn’t want to be seen and both of you seeing me when I had snuck out made me scared I would get into trouble. With
stress pants.” she told them with a smile. I hated when all the girls called me stress pants. As much as I hated it when they all talked about how pretty there asses were. I never could work out there obsession with asses. “Do you really let others insult you?” Edward finally asked me in shock. I could tell he had been thinking it for a while. “When she’s my twin sister yeah.” I told him. “Hey I’m Sam not as high a level as my brother but you might have heard of me.” Sam said. Edwards jaw dropped. Well Sam’s record spoke for her. The real Sams and the Fake Sams. Both were known for no off switches and no mouth bloody filters. If you let her she could talk her way into and out of any problem. Mostly into. Although she was also known to take on 4 Amaris at once. Something my little group could all do. “I thought you. I thought you would be protecting Princess Alysa.” Edwards said. “Well duh why else would we be in Amaris hell.” Sam said. I hated when she let her mouth get away with her I shot her a look to say shut up. “I talked to her about your situation she said if people tell you, you can’t be together. Tell them she said you can. She can’t be with the person she loves and knows how it feels.” she told them. So she was finally willing to admit she was hurt
she couldn’t be with Derek? “Sam.” I warned her she had also given away the princess was at the school I realised. “It’s her message. She also said if they tell anyone she’s here, shell personally wipe every memory out of there pretty heads, about each other. And curse them with a life of never being able to be with the one they love.” Sam told them rather than me. Someone was a bit of a diva today. “Bit dramatic this morning?” I asked her, all I got was a shrug to say she felt that way. “She didn’t get much sleep, I left her in a tree most the night.” Sam told me. Letting me no where she was when she was spotted, so I wouldn’t have been mad at her. I hated her climbing trees, I understood she needed to show all the elements equal amounts of love. Apparently they sulked if she didn’t. Although that time I think she had a bet with Kye, on how much damage a Hurricane could do indoors if it was the size of a cat. I tried not to ask anymore after the bum burning incident for leaving a toilet seat up. Kye again. Erin Kye’s girlfriend encouraged her. Sometimes I wondered how Kye stayed in one piece. All the girls seemed to use him as a moving target. “Well I’m sorry I seem rude all the time. But I got to go check on something. I left the princess at the bottom of a lake”
Sam said, I wanted to hit her then. She was always doing that thinking of the most, wackiest reason to leave and going. Sometimes her excuses sounded to made up not to be real. “They let her protect the princess?” Prince Ben asked me in shock. “Crazy isn’t it. I would discipline her but there practically the same so I can’t win.” I said trying not to laugh. Sam ran away towards the gym. I would follow her in a few minutes. “Would you like me to send your guards back? Sorry I sent them away your majesty. I just didn’t want to out you In case they didn’t know.” I said politely. “That’s fine we will come gym.” Prince Ben told me. “They know.” Edward told me. I nodded my head in understanding. “You will soon learn that the princesses’ guards are all abit headstrong. They are all too free spoken.” I told them. “Will we be allowed to meet the princess? I would love to know her opinion on telling the queen and my father who I want to be with.” Ben asked me sounding pleading. “The guard you have to ask that too is Sam.” “Why?” both the boys asked me confused. “Not all of us know where she’s hidden the princess until we see her.” I lied. Sometimes I wondered how Sam found it so easy to talk and think of herself as two people. “Your sister seems a bit
crazy.” Prince Ben told me. I couldn’t help but laugh. “She is but that’s the best part, no one ever knows what she’s going to do next. She has managed to talk herself out of more fights than actually fight.” “Isn’t she a Dragon level 3?” Edward asked confused. “Level 4. Yes that’s why she’s amazing. What’s your level?” “Shadow 3” he told me hmm. Quite a lot lower than I would of thought for him. “What did you do slack at school?” I asked actually wanting answers. He looked hurt. “Sometimes honey I wonder how you don’t get murdered in your sleep.” Taylor said coming over to me we had just walked into the Gym. Both the prince and guard looked shocked I think mostly at the fact Taylor had called me honey. “Hey I’m Taylor. Sam told me you were coming over. Apparently she has gone to take the princess to get ice-cream and ring her boyfriend.” Taylor told them and me. I tried not to laugh. “Let me guess lady Sepiah has escaped with her?” “Of course and Jessie and Spencer.” She told me the fact she added spencer in actually surprised me. “This is my girlfriend Taylor she is a royal dragon level 3.” I said proudly. “Are you all really that high a level?” Edward asked her. “Yes in fact Sam is our weakest member. Although somehow, she always seems to be
the one who gets into the most trouble.” Taylor said actually struggling to keep straight faced. “If your team is up to extra training we all like to whoop ass.” Taylor said. “What is with you girls and Asses?” I asked her. Taylor shrugged as if she never really thought about it. “We would love the training.” Edward said surprising me. “If you let Kye over there no all your elements hell match you up to a trainer.” I said with a smile. “I fight as well.” the prince said surprising me. Well it was nice to hear when they were willing to. Look at Sam, Sep Derek and Marco for a start. Even Drew enjoyed to train with us. Kayla always said no thanks she would rather watch. “If you’re willing to train I put lady Sepiah through the same routine as I put the others through.” I told him he nodded. “Every day after classes we will be meeting for a 30 mile run. Then once we have the training room set up we will start having fights.” I told him. “You have a training room being set up?” Edward asked impressed. “Yeah the thing with us is we can’t not kill each other if were not busy.” Taylor told him.

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