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Chapter 9 - Sam

“Sometimes I wonder how you don’t get yourself killed.” Sep told me. We were ordering our ice-creams. Spencer, Erin and Jessie where sat down waiting for us to bring them over. “I really don’t know how to get on with people. They make me want to run.” I admitted to her. “That’s because running is what you’re used to.” Sep informed me. “I think you and Derek should screw it and be together whilst you can. Hes the only person who you don’t hide your feelings from.” She told me. “It’s not that simple. I love him.” I told her. “The only ones who aren’t making it simple are you two.” She told me sounding like everyone realised this but me. We took the ice-creams to the table. Jessie was chatting away to Spencer. “He makes you all do that every day?” Spencer asked. “That’s nothing.” Erin said shrugging. She was a very petite Amaris sometimes I wondered why everyone called me tiny Erin was just as small only a tiny bit bigger than me. “Sam used to get 5
hour workouts on the weekend.” Erin told him. “I blame him for the fact I am underweight.” I told Spencer seriously. “No I think that’s something to do with the fact you went 2 years not eating, except on are visit to France. You’re the only person who won’t eat fish yet will eat snails.” Sep told me. “You went to France?” Spencer asked us. “We went all over the world both this summer and last.” I told him. “This summer we enjoyed Madagasger the most.” Erin told him with a smile. “Speak for yourself I enjoyed the pyramids.” Sep told her. “You really are all rich?” Spencer said in shock. “Remind me one day to show you are bank account.” Sep told him with an innocent smile. This wasn’t how normal conversations with the girls in France went we used to moan about our wages. “What the hell do your parents do that make you so rich?” Spencer asked. I took a big spoonful of my icecream. And got instant brain freeze. I screwed my face up. “Brain freeze.” Sep asked laughing. “We might seem to have more money than sense but we honestly are friendlier than we seem.” Jessie said. “Sean might seem a hard ass but he’s the kindest person in the world, you just need to wait for him to come around to you.” I told him. “Aren’t you twins?” he asked me
confused. “Yeah we are but the thing is until 2 years ago well I lived in France with my grandparents and Sean lived in boarding school.” I said shrugging. “Do any of you actually see your parents?” Spencer asked looking sorry for us for the first time. I looked at my friends parents were a sore subject. “My parents died when I was a baby.” Jessie told him. It was true Jessie’s parents had died trying to save me and my sister. But rather than hate me for that Jessie wanted to keep me safe saying it was his duty to them as well as to me. “My parents need to work all the time. So I’m kind of left to fend for myself.” Erin told him. Again this was true Erin’s parents where guards but not with anyone I knew personally. Although both had sent her a huge congratulation for her level she tried not to mention them. Sep had the best relationship with hers, but even hers wasn’t as good as it should be. “My parents our big important democrats in Europe.” She said shrugging. “Wow so none of you really spend time with them?” Spencer asked actually sounding sorry for us. “I grew up with my aunt traveling the world.” well that was a nice way to put me fleeing for my life daily. “Then when I was 15 I started living with my grandparents. Then spent a few months living in New
York with one of my elder brothers. Then my oldest brother decided me and Sean should actually get time together. So we both got moved into the same boarding school.” I told him. “When you put it that way you sound like you had the most exciting childhood ever.” Sep said trying to keep a straight face. “You forgot to mention your uncle is the teacher at the boarding school” Erin told me. Trying to keep straight faced. “Hey I am not complaining at living in France or Uncle Judah.” I told them. “So how did you get raised loving mum dad?” I asked him. He still didn’t feel human but for some reason he didn’t worry me as much. I think he was a half human half Amaris. I was going to find out. But I had also told the boys not to compel him leave that to me. I had claimed it was because they could take away important stuff which wouldn’t be fair with him wanting to be a lawyer. As none of them had ever done it to the extreme they would here, they all agreed quickly. “I was raised by my family.” spencer said with a smile seeming to think back to his own life. “What do they do?” Jessie asked. “Mums a nurse. Dad was a lawyer hes now the sheriff” He said with a smile proud of his mum and Dad. I was thinking about asking my next question who is your
dad when he suddenly said. “Oh look it’s the crazy old man. Have you met him?” “Crazy old man?” Jessie asked confused. “Yeah he’s a loon he follows people around campus accusing them of being vampires and throwing garlic bread at them.” Spencer said laughing. “Garlic bread surely he knows that wouldn’t hurt anyone?” Erin said. “You kill a vampire the same way you kill a human.” Sep said. God I wished my friends and I had of switches. “Guys vampires aren’t real.” I said rolling my eyes at them all to calm down. “Says the girl that wears a, I don’t want to be a princess I want to be a vampire t-shirt.” Sep said laughing. “Hey no one said I had good fashion sense.” “You’re telling me. Kayla and I brought you some lovely dresses this summer. I have seen you wear a dress once. You need to be used to wearing dresses for when.” She thankfully stopped herself. “When?” Spencer asked confused. “When I work in a law firm.” I lied. “You can wear a suit for that.” he assured me with a genuine smile. My phone started ringing. “Sean?” Jessie asked worried, it was strange my brother hadn’t joined us. We had told Taylor where we were going. I pulled it out my bag. Looking at the caller id I sighed. “What have you done now?” Jessie asked with a smile looking
at the caller id. “I don’t know do you think if I didn’t answer he would come here and personally kill me?” I asked him shrugging. Spencer looked confused. “My eldest brothers a bit extreme. He’s more my dad than a brother.” I told him. “Your family is very confusing.” He told me, I put my phone back into my pocket, “you not answering?” Erin asked worried. “Marco will either come here and kill me, or he will yell at me on the phone. Either way I like to talk to him when I’m alone.” I told her. “Yep he will come here.” Sep said trying not to laugh. “So you’re the only girl?” Spencer guessed. “4 brothers?” he asked me. “3 Marco Andrew and Sean.” I said shrugging. “Sean mentioned someone called Derek?” he asked me. Why was he so interested in Derek? It was strange somehow he slightly reminded me of Derek, god I must miss him more than I thought. “Derek’s my ex almost current boyfriend almost Ex kind of dating but not dating.” I said as confused as it sounded. “Uh?” Jessie and Erin asked. “Tell the truth there misses. You love each other, but you can’t be together. It’s too romantic not to say.” Sep said I rolled my eyes at her. Spencer looked extremely confused. “Derek is my ex-boyfriend but neither of us wants to be over.” I said. Spencer looked really confused. “So you
broke up to come to college?” he guessed. “Not exactly we broke up because he has to be with someone else.” I told him not mentioning it was me who had to be with someone else. “What like an arranged marriage?” He asked me confused. “Not really. Well not as far as I’m aware yet.” I told him. “I thought they were voting on that the other month?” Sep asked me looking worried. “Apparently Drew and Kayla managed to stall it but it still might happen.” I told her shrugging trying to downplay the fact I had really lost the control over my own life. “So he’s letting people tell him, he can’t be with you?” Spencer asked me looking like he had found himself in a soap opera. My life would make a hell of a depressing story. At least they get a happy ending. Or killed off, here was hoping I wouldn’t get killed off. I was finally starting to enjoy being alive. “Unfortunately we can’t be together.” I said trying not to show how much I was hurt by those words. “We are kids we will eventually get over it. It just hurts now” I said to Sep, Erin and Jessie more than to Spencer. They all must have heard the pang in my voice. Where I was forcing myself not to cry, I took another huge spoon of ice-cream and again got brain freeze. I saw Sean and Taylor walk in with Kye, looking like they had been in
the gym this whole time. “Now were going to be told how much we have to do tomorrow for slacking off.” Erin told Spencer who looked at her like she must be joking. “Well slackers 50 mile run tomorrow I think.” Sean said sitting down he was joking. “I got to go I left someone in the oven.” I said standing up making sure I said someone rather than something. “Samira sit down.” Sean said actually laughing, he got the joke if no one else did. “I’m not really I’m getting you both ice-creams” I told him sticking my tongue out at him. “Milkshake please.” Taylor said. I wrapped my arm in hers before she sat down “sometimes Tay I love how you broke my brother.” I told her. “I think you did that.” she laughed at me. When we got back to the table and plonked back down, Sean and Erin where chatting about fitting everything in around lessons. “What kind of boarding school did you go to?” Spencer asked, I realised he was asking me. “There joking to make it sound harder.” I told him honestly. It only took me 3 seconds to realise they were saying as much times to get Spencer to change apartments. “So we have 5 new members of training time currently.” Kye told me. “5?” I asked confused. “Well you really made an impression on Ben and his friends.” Taylor told me
trying to keep a straight face. “Not the impression I tried. I take it?” I asked. “You will have time to work on him.” Sean told me truthfully. “His father really isn’t one to talk not with his 3 wife’s.” I said remembering which one Ben’s father was. Everyone burst out laughing. Spencer again looked confused. “My sister doesn’t know when not to mess with peoples relationships. Because she sucks so much at her own” Sean told him. “Hey all I said to him was he shouldn’t hide the fact he’s in love with Edward.” I said. “Oh so you’re encouraging him to tell his dad he’s gay?” Spencer guessed. “Yep.” That time that was the only thing I was doing. “So should we go on another 20 mile run in an hour?” Kye asked with a smile. “I can’t even tell if you guys are kidding that’s the scary part.” Spencer said. “Believe me spencer be glad you don’t know.” Jessie told him with an innocent smile.

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