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“Does anyone actually know what the plan is?” I ask. “Lessons exercise not die.” Book 5 - Sam is in her second year in college. she wants to rest. but she really did upset the queen. going against her at every turn. even bringing voting into the Amaris court. not to mention trying to bring the halflings back. she is the most unlikely future queen and still loads of people would rather just kill her than let her do what she needs to. the problem is she still hasn't got any answers to questions shes only just starting to work out. why does the queen hate her? why did Nicolete kidnap her? Maybe now is time she finally gets some answers.

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
4.7 9 reviews
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Chapter 1 - Spencer POV

There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then, when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.

“Derek is going to kill me.” I told Sam trying not to panic. She gave me a grin that told me she had a plan. That was scarier than what we had gotten ourselves into, Again. Derek had trusted me not to get his wife killed, whilst he went to try sort out the mess at the court. Trying to sort out paperwork. It was a new concept to the Amaris and a lot of them were struggling. Alysa was now known to her people as the paperwork princess. For some reason she decided, I had the job to go hand out the paperwork to the Halflings. To make matters worse, this wasn’t even the first time we had got in a situation like this, this month, let alone since Christmas. Although last time we had guards. “We have to live first.” Sam pointed out. But she didn’t seem fazed at all. Her words from this morning rung in my head, Come on Spencer it’s just a small town with 20 Halflings and 3 Amaris and 3 partners, where’s the harm in that. She had said as if we had nothing to fear, and I was crazy enough to trust her. Well she had been getting us out of messes since Christmas, although she had put us in most of them to start with. The others were only outside the town waiting on her signal if we needed them. She was looking around the room taking it all in. “did you compel me into this or am I really this dumb?” I asked her. “I didn’t compel you. You’re really this dumb.” She told me with a smile, but her words weren’t mean, she didn’t actually think I was dumb, well at least i don't think she does. “If we live through this you owe me a beer.” I told her. “If we live through this I will buy you a 6 pack and cook cakes with no blood in for a week” Sam told me. Oh cakes with no blood in would make a nice change. Although she would always make me cakes if I asked. “Coming here with no guards was dumb.” I told her trying to not laugh at her bored expression. She was the only person I knew who thought waiting for the people who had tied you up and might kill you was boring. “You have a guard. You have me.” Sam said grinning. “How many do you recon there was?” she asked me. “There was meant to be 20 Halflings but I only counted about 12 13.” I told her calmly. “I counted 15 I can’t believe we were out matched by 15, Halflings.” Sam told me. “I think it only classes as being outmatched if you had fought. Sitting down calmly and saying take me to your leaders was not fighting.” I laughed. “What film is that even from?” she asked me. “When we get back to college we are watching more TV.” I told her smiling. “Yeah because we have time for that. Didn’t you hear Sean’s new exercise routine” Sam told me smiling. “So this is going to be our last stop before we start our second year?” I asked her hopefully. “Until we discover more towns like this. It might as well be. I think we both deserve a small rest.” Sam told me grinning. She had no doubt we wouldn’t make it back in time for college registration tomorrow. “Why are you smiling do you know how much trouble I’m going to be in. when I get you home.” I told her. “Come on Spence where’s your adventure, we haven’t lived the day unless someone’s tried to kill us. This is the 5th time this month we’ve lived every time.” She told me. I could feel my wrists getting warm. “Have you set the rope on fire?” I asked her wondering what the plan after this was and if I was going to end up with burns, again. “No of course not.” She told me smiling as I pulled my hands out from behind my back hurting and slightly burnt. “Put them back behind you. They told us as long as we didn’t attack they wouldn’t.” Sam pointed out. “And you trust their words?” I asked her in shock. “Words hold more power than magic ever could.” Sam told me again with a smile. “Sam if we don’t live to graduate. I’m going to kill you.” I told her. “Come on Spencer we’ve been in worse situations, this summer. Remember the ones in Greece now they were aggressive. Plus we got a lot more years for me to get us killed.” Sam told me grinning at me again. God I remembered Greece. Let’s just say no one had died thankfully. How did we keep getting in these situations? The Amaris family heads came in. 2 females and 1 male. Sam smiled at me. “See I told you we would get to meet the parents.” she told me calmly. “I could think of 100's of ways better to do it than this.” I told her trying not to laugh, no wonder Derek called her mischief. “WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS HERE.” one of the elder Amaris ladies’ asked us angrily she practically spat her words. She had a thick accent that I couldn’t work out. What with the Amaris talking in loads of different languages, you could never work out where someone was from and there actual age. Look at my very tiny friend. She still looked exactly like she had the first time I saw her. Sam looked like she should be in
high school not in her second year of college. The Amaris Lady that had shouted at us looked at us. She seemed to make a double take when she realised I was a Halfling. I think it was the fact Sam and I was both wearing guardian coats. Well we hadn’t expected it to be this cold, which was the problem with touring around the world, working out what to wear in every country. Sam couldn't get away with being a halfling unfortunately you could tell she was Amaris but thankfully not as powerful as she is. We hadn’t exactly been expecting a good welcome. We hadn’t had one yet. “We are here to tell you the laws going to change. It will no longer be illegal to raise Halflings. We are here bringing your voting papers to vote.” I told them trying to keep my voice completely level, not to show any fear. They looked confused and unconvinced, for a start the Amaris didn’t use to be voting people. But for the last 6 months Alysa had turned that around, although she hadn’t taken the throne yet. Everyone wanted her to. But she wanted to graduate and fix the mess before she became Queen. Until then the Amaris had to put up with Queen Jennifer, although she really had lost most her powers as Alysa was constantly undermining her mother. They still weren’t getting on, but then when your mother sends people to kill you it is kind of understandable, if you don’t want to return her calls. “Our what?” the Amaris male asked looking perplexed, I would have put him as the youngest. Not quite a new world Amaris but under 100 defiantly. “They are in my backpack your kids took of us.” Sam said calmly, she looked all sweet and innocent today her black hair in pigtails, and wearing a cartoon character top and jeans. Sweet and innocent was defiantly not how I would use to describe her. We had done this way to many times lately. It was starting to get silly. Sam had started to write a note with the papers that said, if I’m tied up/dead I can’t hand you them can I. “Please read the paperwork it’s all in the backpack.” I told them smiling calmly. I wanted to come across unfazed and fearless but also not make them fear us. The man looked at Sams backpack suspiciously. Well I suppose the fact that Sam was obviously a guard, in her jacket. The fact she was carrying a green backpack with cute cartoons on around, was scary in its self. It could be anything in there and they knew that. “For goodness sake pass it here and I’ll show you, I won’t hurt you, I am one guard against 3 Amaris. What harm could I do? If I wanted to hurt you I wouldn’t have sat down when they tried to catch us would I?” Sam asked calmly putting her hands in front of her. To show them she was untied and wasn’t attacking. They looked at her and called fire balls. “Fireballs Is there really need for this? We have been to 100 stops and every single one have tried to kill us before they let us talk.” I said calmly. It was a speech me and Sam had been making a lot lately. We thought if people knew we were stupid enough to keep putting ourselves into danger. They might think better of killing us. Or think we were suicidal. “We’re not telling on you. You’re just all being given voting papers. If we were here telling on Halflings do you think I would bring a Halfling?” Sam said indicating that I was actually a Halfling, so if she had to tell on them she would have to tell on herself. We had started thinking along the lines of, If everything went well we would be leaving closer to our goal of reuniting are own people. If the worst well we wouldn’t be making it to graduation. We wouldn’t have to live with it I suppose. “Who are you?” one of the Amaris ladies’ asked making her fireball grow. “I am the first Halfling king of the Amaris. This is my friend and guard Sam.” I told them making sure never to reveal who Sam really is. “I’m bored.” Sam told me. “Well can you just put out
the fireballs?” I asked her calmly. She blew as if she was blowing out a small birthday candle. Air rattled around the room and they went out. So she was going to be air today. I liked it when she was air. Water she had almost drowned me with. Fire she had burnt me with, more times than I want to admit. If anyone was going to kill me sometimes I thought it would be her. Sam stood up and walked to her backpack and pulled out the paper work, she handed a form to each of them as if she had no fear at all. She did but she would never show it. “If you have any questions Princess Alysa’s numbers on the bottom.” I told them calmly. They looked at the paper work very confused. “We shall be going now.” I told them. I stood up. Sam blew the door down with just a wave of her hand making sure she only used air. “What where are you going?” the Amaris man said in shock and started following us calling fire. Sam blew it out. “Read your paperwork we shall be going.” I told him calmly. “You just need to post them. It’s up to you if you use your votes.” I told them with a smile. “Bye.” Sam said calmly. With that Sam and I walked calmly away. “Well we didn’t die” Sam told me calmly as we walked up to where she had parked the car. “Like always that’s a success.” I told her smiling. We drove away from the town calmly.

“You’re lucky no one just kills us.” I told her. “I know right. Its lovely the politeness of my people. It’s a shame they have to tie up guests.” Sam said laughing. We drove to where the others were waiting. “So?” Sean said calmly. “We lived.” Sam told him shrugging. “It’s a good job we always seem to do that.” Taylor told us. They climbed in the car. Then the 3 cars drove away calmly as if what we had done was as simple as a quick visit. “This is the last one for a while?” Sean checked with both me and Sam. “Of course.” Sam said smiling. “It would be so much easier if we just knew where they all were.” I told her, we go on rumours of others from others we find and they aren't always forthcoming but the paperwork was starting to become known now and more were coming forward on there own. “I know right, you would think they thought they had to hide.” Sam shrugged at me, but she looked sad. we all knew until recently Amaris with Halfling children didn't feel the need to hide they knew they needed to hide. until recently raising your halfling child was against the law, the irony was having one wasn't.

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