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Chapter 10

God my head hurts. It feels like the time Marco injected me with a tranquilliser. i felt drunkenly sick dizzy and disorientated, i was also shattered and all my muscles felt heavy. I couldn’t remember going to bed. Had Derek put me to bed? How embarrassing. I wanted to spend time with him not sleep. He wasn’t next to me. How long had I been asleep? i was still shattered so it couldn't be that long, could it? unless i was in that groggy over slept way currently, but that didn't feel right. Time to open my eyes and face the world. Even though i didn't want to. Bed was comfy and safe, well safe ish. I moved slightly my arm throbbed, it was so heavy and it hurt i almost cried out. I touched it where most the pain was and i was met with a a needle in my arm. Why was there a needle in my arm? I opened my eyes then and sat up quickly. to quickly as the room span. Why the hell was I in Taylor’s room? I knew it was Taylor's straight away with her posters and her clothes hung in the open closet. I was still in my dorm, but not my room? I pulled the needle out afraid to know what it was for. I wasn’t going to give anyone easy access to inject me with something again. what ever they had done to me already was to much. I tried to call fire to me to be ready to attack if I needed to, i would fight to protect myself and my friends. Fire came but it was so weak. My usual fireball was just a small spark, that kept going out. What the hell, I've never had my fire that weak, even when i'm starving hungry, even when i was just learning! I let fire go and called water to me. Water came stronger than fire but like fire not as strong as it ever had been. I let water go as i kept loosing its shape and a lot of it kept dripping from my hand, not staying in the ball. I tried air, air was weaker than water but stronger than fire. I was in full panic when I called earth. Thankfully earth seemed strong. although like the other 3 not as much as it normally is. “Thank you earth.” I told the element as it put more effort in for me. maybe it could tell how scared i was, that i needed it to feel safe. earth dependable. I looked down at myself, trying to get a small understanding. I was wearing one of Derek’s tops and a pair of his boxer shorts. Where the hell was Derek? Where the hell was everyone? I looked at the time on Taylor's batman alarm clock, that i had a feeling was Sean's not hers, but whom i kidding i knew this room was both of theirs, Sean's clothes lay around the room as well, how did they wear so much clothes we hadn't even been here that long. Had we? it was 10 am? how the hell had that happened? last thing I had known it was lunchtime. unless this clock was wrong. maybe this clock was wrong. i hope this clock is wrong. had i lost a whole day? Days? I hoped not weeks, well I wasn’t hungry enough to have been asleep too long. i forced myself to put my feet on the floor and make a move to Taylor's door.

Keeping earth with me ready to defend or attack i wasn't sure which one. I opened Taylor’s bedroom door. prepared for the worse. 12 people turned to look at me straight away, faces of relief met me rather than faces of danger. 10 friends and 2 strangers all looking happy to see me. “Alysa get back to bed you need to rest.” Derek told me firmly. I slowly let earth go thanking it for coming to my aid. I really didn’t use it as often as I should. Although earth was always my comforter. It would protect me in trees it understood I used it just to grow and comfort never to fight. well unless i wanted to trip my opponent. i do that sometimes to Kye, but its just Kye. “I’m sorry earth.” i whisper to the element as it leaves me, not taking any offence. “What’s going on?” I ask the room fall of my friends trying not to panic. hopefully succeeding. Judah was sat on the sofa with Kacie, adults, teachers, people i trust, safety. Was Hannah here now? how long had i been asleep? They all seemed to realise that I was scared and not going to move without an explanation. “How long have I been asleep? Why do I feel like Marcos hit me with another Tranquilliser?” i have to ask everyone, not caring who answers me. “Marco injected you with a tranquilliser?” Derek couldn’t help but ask, he looked interested at that information. Sometimes i kind of gloss over things i don't think its important my husband knows. i told him meeting Marco officially the first time had been rather aggressive. but not how he had caught me. “Yeah the first time I met him.” i tell Derek shrugging, downplaying it. but then why the hell isn't he answering my question! “Answers please?” i demand from my husband trying not to panic. “You have burnt yourself out.” Judah told me sternly, he looks the firm teacher, i have a feeling i am about to be handed a detention. which is ridiculous i'm not in school anymore. “So you thought injecting me and putting me on an IV would make me rest?” i ask trying to be understanding with them, they aren't human after all. maybe this is normal for them. if it is, its another thing that needs addressing! “If that would make you rest we would do it more often.” Sean tells me with a nervous smile, obviously trying to calm a tense situation. but its unlike him to make those sort of jokes, so it doesn't help. that is a Kye joke or maybe a Spencer. Sean came over and picked me up then like i weighed nothing, like picking my up and carrying me was as normal as breathing! He carried me to the sofa and gently lowed me down into Derek's arms. I think Sean had been sick of me just stood in the doorway. Or worried I was going to collapse as the room had started spinning. i felt safer the moment i was back in my husbands arms. which was stupid i can protect myself. “How many did you bloody inject me with my arms like a pin cushion?” i moan into my husbands chest. “One to stop each element.” A man I had never met told me looking extremely worried at me over Derek's shoulder. “Well you didn’t stop earth thankfully he came when I called.” i felt the need to inform the unknown stranger, to make him know i wasn't powerless and i would protect myself and my friends from him. “Earths a he?” Spencer asks me interested from where he sits on a beanbag, he hasn't made a single move from where he had been sat playing on the play-station. good to know somethings don't warrant his attention. Would he carry on playing if i came out throwing fireballs at him? actually he might. “Sometimes. I don’t think they really have genders but most the time it seems like I’m dealing with a male.” i say shrugging. “Fires defiantly a female.” i admit thinking about it. Spencer looked over at me, he didn't seem to know if he should smile or not, he went for looking worried, i kind of preferred him paying attention to the TV rather than me with that look. “So why did I have a tranquilliser for each element?” i ask wanting answers, i still haven't been given. “Because you’re burnt out.” Derek told me worriedly. he bounced me slightly on his lap so i had to hold on to him slightly tighter. “Have you ever known me to be burnt out?” i ask my husband, did he really believe me being tired warranted drugging me? if he did we need to re address our marriage! “Burnt out to a fire user means you burn out and lose the element for a few weeks. It takes over until it literally takes all the magic away for a few days.” The Amaris I had never met told me. "you caught on fire and were a danger to yourself and others." he tells me trying to not show fear i realise. “Oh? So you had to inject me to stop me?” i ask. “Yes.” He told me looking worriedly at me. “So I had 4 injections does that mean all 4?” I ask worried, was i powerless currently? He nodded. “So I have no magic just a bit of earth?” I ask trying not to show my worry. I had coped without magic for years before, I could do it again if needed surely. But my relationship had built with the elements they would sulk. “Only for a few weeks.” the unknown man informs me. “But you need to get plenty of rest and plenty of blood. Take it easy for a few months” the Amaris informs me, i can tell then what he is. hes a doctor, my friends called me a doctor. well not called me a doctor but they called one for me. “Give me a few days and I’ll be back into mischief and pissing of the world. its what i am good at.” i tell him. I realise hes an illegal Amaris doctor, i don't know how i know it. but i do. “You need to take it easy.” the doctor informs me, worry all over his old face, well young ish face but it seems to hold to much pain to be called young. like hes seen to much in his life. “I will.” i assure him. Everyone looks at me I think they had all thought it would be harder than that to convince me to take it easy. but i realised i couldn't fight them currently and i wanted to rest. “The Amaris world can wait for me. I’m not Queen yet. I need a break or I’ll keep burning myself out.” i say seriously. hell i get it, possibly more than any of them will ever realise. “You understand?” Taylor asks actually seeming impressed with me, hey i'm not that bad! “I told you I wanted a calm year. Get to some of those Party’s.” i tell her. Taylor smiles at me, she knows i don't mean it about the party's. unless the party involves us eating cakes and ice-cream. hell that sounds an amazing party! sleepover! The doctor looked at me not knowing what to say. “I take it you’re not legal yet?” I ask him interested he shook his head extremely worried as if he fears for his safety. “Like it says on the papers, I’m not going to force anyone to come back. If you don’t want to that’s fine.” i tell him calmly smiling at him, hopefully a disarming smile. being curled up in my husbands arms, surely he can see i'm not a monster. i'm just one girl. “Will you go back to bed and rest?” Derek asks me worried he squeezes me. i think we both know, he doesn't really want me out his arm. “Not yet I want to know what I did.” i tell Derek with a smile. i'm interested to know what happened to make them all so worried.

It was then explained to me how I was talking then fell asleep. Although Derek left out what we were talking about. Apparently he was hugging me and he suddenly felt like I was burning up. He had looked at me and I was on fire. Then Sean and Taylor had taken over telling him to hide. Then Sean took over telling me what I had done next. “God I really am too powerful for my own good.” i tease them all. The doctor looked shocked at me even saying it. “Uncle Judah I’ve missed you.” i say smiling at my old teacher, my old fake uncle. “What do you think of my new changes then?” i ask him, i haven't seen him to talk to in a while, and I've changed a lot over the summer. “I think we need a few weeks off delivering paperwork.” Spencer informs me. The doctor watched me curiously. “I’m sorry Doctor if I come across. What’s the word for me?” i start trying to think of the correct way to explain myself. “Normal?” Kacie suggests. “Wow normally I get wild thank you Kacie.” i say with a smile, i think that is the only time normal and myself has ever gone in the same sentence. it may well be the last. “I think there great but you need to concentrate on resting for a while.” Judah tells me, but i see that he is proud of me on his face. hes proud of me. that takes my heart and squeezes it. i feel then that maybe i am doing the right thing. I notice he didn’t call me Sam or Ally. “And you Mr Doctor?” i ask interested. He looks shocked that i am asking his opinion but I honestly want to know, as its people like him that i want to help. i want everyone to feel wanted and loved in my world. i want everyone to feel like they belong. i want everyone to feel safe and that they matter. “If it’s not rude of me saying. I think it’s a good shake up. But most of us are wondering why. Why now?” he asks me. i am glad he said how he felt. finally someone asking me a question I liked to answer. “Because we never should have got this broken. I choose to heal the Amaris. I will heal us, we used to live side by side with Humans and one day we will again. Our people should never have to hide. I was hidden and am still mostly hidden. When it’s safe for the Amaris to no longer be hidden the world can reconnect. The world needs it. Just listen to the elements they pine for us to reconnect. The Sun needs the moon. The moon needs the sun. But in order for us to reconnect with the humans. We need to reconnect as a group, to become one people again. to respect each other again” I tell him they all looked at me really confused. “This is why no one has a clue what you’re on about most the time. where the hell does the sun needing the moon and the moon needing the sun come into what we are doing?” Spencer asks me with a confused smile. They didn’t know my dreams, dreams that I've been having the whole summer. I let slip a huge yawn everyone watches me with worry. hell i have a feeling if i dare cough i will panic them all. “So Can I still go class on Monday? Or the teachers will think I’m a slacker. I’ve worked so hard to convince them I’m a know it all.” i say weakly trying to defuse the tenseness of the room. “Can she go classes?” Derek asks the doctor. “Yes. But you do understand you’ll be very tired. Drinking from a human will give you more strength but you’ll take weeks till your back to normal.” the doctor informs me. “So as long as no one try’s to kill me I should be fine?” i ask. “Can we tell people they can’t try kill me?” i ask. They all gave me serious looks. “I’m going to be a sitting duck?” I ask, they all nod looking worried, my safety there priority. right now i'm not a fellow guard. right now i am there charge and i am in danger. i see that from the seriousness on both Sean's and Taylor's face. “So the question is will you tell them I’m a sitting duck?” I ask the doctor with a weak smile. “Of course not.” He and his Halfling nurse inform me together, like they question if i have hit my head. “Good good.” i say with a smile, snuggling further into my husbands arms. i let out a yawn, i feel safe in his arms. “You really should drink from a human.” the doctor informs me. “Mr Doctor I’m 19 20? And I still never have done it I never will thank you for your concern but i do not need to drink blood straight from a human.” i tell the doctor firmly as if i'm the one in control. “We really got to find out your actual birthday from your mum.” Derek says with a weak smile at me. “It sucks never actually knowing your birthday.” i admit to him. i know Marco knows it, so does Drew. they've told me the dates. but i honestly can never remember. my birthday isn't important to me. i'm going to grow to be around 500 hopefully. so maybe never knowing my birthday is for the best. “You don’t know your birthday?” the doctor asks me really confused. “No one’s actually told me an exact date. They’ve told me the date I was announced but even then they say I was roughly a few months when I was announced. So no one would kill my mother while she was pregnant and recovering.” i say shrugging, well that was what Marco had said to explain it. but i often wonder and even I've heard rumours about myself. people saying the queen wasn't really my mom. maybe it would explain why we have no bond. why she hates me. maybe she wasn't really my mom. But apparently she had done the same when pregnant with Beth. I would one day have to do the same apparently, as when i am pregnant i will be at my most fragile. Could you imagine me with kids? If it wasn’t for Sep and Taylor I would be a mess. i wasn't ready for kids not for 100's of years.

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