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Chapter 11

I was finally alone with my husband, it felt like I hadn't been alone with him in years not just the months we have been apart. We were laid on my bed, well our bed. back in my original bedroom. I was meant to apparently be going down for a nap. I felt like he was treating me like I was china, like I was fragile and breakable, not the kickassing guard trained powerful person I really was. I hated it when they treated me like I was fragile and Derek knows that more than anyone, but I know deep down I scared him. “Derek I’m old enough to decide when I need a nap.” I tease my husband. He kisses me and it takes my breath away. “If I say no nap like Cole and run out the room like an aeroplane.” I start teasing Derek something Cole did twice over the summer break. He finally laughs my husband has been way to serious since I woke up. it doesn't suit him. “Have I told you I love you since I got back?” he asks me. “Not that I actually remember. I can’t even remember if you’ve kissed me since you’ve been back either.” I tease he had just kissed me but I wanted to be kissed. I wiggle so I was no longer lying down and kissed him. “Sally you scared Me.” Derek tells me seriously, I hear the fear in his words. Its always strange when he calls me Sally as that's never a name I've gone by, except to Derek. he once informed me Sally was all me as I was both Sam and Ally, but just because I change my name and hair colour it doesn't make me a different person. “I didn’t mean to. I didn’t realise I was running myself out. I promise I will rest.” I assure Derek. “I love you.” I tell Derek I mean that with all my heart, I'm not trying to get out our serious mood. I honestly do love my husband. “I love you mischief.” Derek tells me his voice tells of how much love, his posture speaks of full openness. Derek kisses me, laying me back down underneath his and we make out. Then he pulls away leaving me with want that I know from the playful smile in his eyes that he's not going to satisfy through with. “now sleep.” Derek tells me with a smirk. because I can so sleep now! not! “Or you’re going to give me another Tranquilizer?” I tease. “I still can’t believe Marco has actually injected you with a sedative.” Derek says actually trying not to laugh. “Are you going to tell him about this?” I ask him trying not to worry, its not because I don't want Marco to know but I don't want to give him something else to worry about. “I’m going to have to darling. We need them to sort everything out for longer than I thought.” Derek explains reluctantly I nod, I know he's right. “So how we going to deal with the new Royals. We can’t let them see me so weak.” I say seriously to Derek, we need a plan I know that. he knows that. but right now I am tempted to leave it up to him. “Sep told them you and Alysa have gone for a few days on another peace mission.” Derek informs me. “And they don’t wonder why she only took me?” I ask interested how they had thought that through. “Well actually she hasn’t. Uwe Taylor and Adam are also stuck in for a few days watching you. Then Kye had to go back to the palace for a few days to set up a computer system his new friend helped him make. I had told him to go via text before you got sick. It was why he didn’t appear.” Derek admitted. “So the palace is getting Wi-Fi?” I ask Derek interested and because I want to get out of my nap. “Yep, well hopefully.” Derek says seriously. “Yeah you know adult humans struggle with computers. Can you imagine a 400 year old on one? They don’t even like TVs” I have to laugh a memory of my old boss in France on his new laptop a few years ago at the front of my mind. “Well this is the future. They need to get with the times.” Derek informs me with a smile, I know he has a point. “So I’m going to be the computer and paperwork princess. God my people are going to love me.” I tease my husband but I have a point, maybe it is my job just to bring my people in on the modern world. “Well they will have to just put up with It.” Derek tells me rolling so he has me pinned more. “Now sleep.” he tells me firmly and bossy. “Just because I have no powers for a few days, it doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass Derek.” I warn Derek. “can I still compel?” I ask curiously. “I’m not sure.” Derek admits. He looks me in the eyes. “You can try if you want but nothing stupid. I don’t want to be picking my nose.” He teases me, but I see the seriousness behind his words in his eyes. he is worried about my safety. “I did that once. You lot have got to stop talking about it. I didn’t want to compel him to do anything worse. And with his finger up his nose he couldn’t make a fireball.” I point out, it was a spur of the moment plan. “Are you sure?” I ask my husband as he keeps looking me in the eyes, he's not challenging me, he's giving me permission. “I trust you more than anything Sally of course I’m sure.” Derek informs me. I look him in the eyes well I know what I wanted to compel him to do currently at least. “DEREK MASSAGE MY BACK.” I tell him trying to compel, my voice doesn't go how it normally would. Derek bursts out laughing “Compelling obviously not working.” he tells me still chuckling. I have to smile. “You could have compelled me to do anything why didn’t you just ask for that?” Derek laughs. “Because I would never compel you to do something I wouldn’t just ask you to do.” I tell Derek seriously. He kisses me again and I love the feel of being safe in my husbands arms. “Roll over then.” Derek tells me. I look at him confused but I don't need to voice my thoughts. “Well a massage will defiantly help you relax.” Derek informs me. “Oh so would the beach and cocktails.” I inform Derek, seeing how much I can get. I knew I should of made time for a break this holiday. I turn onto my stomach. “Sam you would never get severed without compelling.” Derek chuckles. “Did Erin tell you about the amount of people asking me if I lost my parents?” I ask. Derek laughs “If you look this young forever you’re going to be able to permanently live in school.” Derek starts massaging my back, god he's so amazing he's got one of my knots straight away. “So I’m just going to reappear for classes on Monday?” I ask Derek. “Yes and until your better you won’t be training. When they train we will say you’re with Alysa.” Derek informs me. “So how long am I on training and bedrest?” I ask interested. “Until your ready darling. Even then you got to take it easier than you were. 5 towns in 2 weeks Sam. what were you thinking?” Derek scolds me. “I was thinking I needed to do them before I came back here. As I wanted to actually enjoy this year.” I admit truthfully. “You do?” he asks me teasingly now. “Well yeah, no war. The people are finally happy. Well most of them. I can finally rest. Before I upset everyone again in a few years.” I tell him smiling. the truth is I and Derek both know I am going to have to upset a few before I'm done. but I'm hoping when I'm done my people will be safer happier and the peaceful race I was informed they were. even if I've never seen that.

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