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Chapter 12 - Derek POV

“Sam is this actually making you rest?” I ask her still rubbing her back. I had been for what felt like agers, I wasn't going to say I hadn't enjoyed doing it, but my hands were aching. She had also gone quiet, there was no moans of pleasure coming from her anymore. I look at her and realise she was actually asleep. I would hazard a while by the relaxed look on her face the smile at the corner of her mouth, her eyes closed her eyebrows needed re-dying as the strawberry blonde of her natural hair was starting to show, I was slightly surprised that Sep hadn't attacked her eyebrows yet, she must not of noticed. maybe we shouldn't bother. maybe we should admit who Sam really was so I can kiss and hug my wife in public this year. so we don't have to hide our relationship. Sam's face suddenly went in to worry lines. I didn't want to leave her to sleep, even though I knew I should let her rest. I looked at the time. 4pm. Well nothing wrong with holding her and a nap myself for an hour or 2. Wasn’t like I had much to do. I had loads but it could all wait. I didn’t want to risk her waking to me not being here. I didn’t want to leave her. So I picked up my mobile and found Marcos number. I wanted to ask him about the sedative he had used on my wife. I wanted some if it made her actually rest. okay I didn't I just wanted to get on his nerves, he had 24 hours it was past time. he also needed to know what was happening here. we did get on, I really liked the man. He answered on the 5th ring. I realised quiet late that it would actually be his sleeping time. Oops. I could hear a Screaming felicity. “Did I wake you?” I ask him as a way of greeting and worried that I had disturbed him from a few precious hours of kip. “Derek felicity doesn’t know what sleep is yet.” Marco didn’t actually moan but he sounded shattered. “So she needs a sedative like you used on Alysa?” I ask trying to keep it light. “Uh why are we talking about sedatives?” Marco askes me suddenly awake. “It was an emergency. It was for her own safety. She had worked herself up and if we didn’t she would have ended up hurting herself.” Marco says in his defence. “Hey I’m not complaining if they make her rest I want a bigger supply.” I say I don't mean it, but maybe for safety reasons it might be a good idea, the doctor had left a few for emergency's after all. “What’s happened?” Marco questions me worried, he's not demanding yet, so I am not worrying him to much, that's good. he doesn't need to worry, he just needs to be aware. “Sam burnt herself out.” I tell him trying to stay calm and keep it so he doesn't start worrying. we don't need him coming here, that would just make it harder currently. we need him to sort out our mess in court. “What does that mean? She burnt herself out?” Marco asks me confused. come on out of everyone I assumed he would know what it meant. Marianna must have snatched the Phone from him though as it was her that talked to me next, worry echoed in her voice. I knew she would be on the first plane herself if she thought Ally was in danger. A burnt out wasn't common knowledge, to be honest for all fire users sakes this needed to change. But with Marianna's words I knew she knew what one was, at least she did she's a fire user and she's just as likely as Ally to have a burnout. especially with Flick never letting her sleep. “You mean she literally burnt out?” Marianna demanded from me. “Fire, Water and Air. Earths stuck around for now I think we calmed her before she lost it completely.” I admit to Marianna. “What does it mean?” I heard Marco ask Marianna. I heard Marianna explain it to Marco and him swear. “Do you need us to come?” Marianna demanded, there was no we wont. it was we will be there on the next plane if we are needed. “No we had a doctor and Judah arrived. Judah’s going to stay around for a few days. Kacie’s going to cover for him at school.” I assure them, I don't think Sam's old teachers were going anywhere for a while. “How is she?” Marco asks me after a while, I can hear that he and Marianna have been talking but I couldn't hear there words. I have a feeling they had pressed the mute button for a few minutes. “She’s fine. She’s actually willing to stay calm for a few weeks. I think she even realises she needs a break.” I admit. “The thing is I know I said I would be back for the next break. But it really depends on things here.” I admit. “So you need us to carry on sorting your mess out here?” Marco asked but there was a slight more relax in his voice as if it wasn't so serious he would find it funny and accuse me of trying to get out my mess in person. Yeah that was something I kind of wished I could do. but the truth was I was starting to grow up. “No don’t be stupid. It’s our mess. Kye should be there sorting out internet?” I ask hoping that at least one thing was still on our schedule Sam and I had set up a few months ago. “That’s what the wires and swearing and cursing Code Phoenix is all about?” Marianna asks. I have a feeling it might not be going as well as Kye hoped. “Yeah I’m going to tell him to hook yours up. And Drew’s then we are going to have to get with the 21st century and try this thing called emailing.” I tell them trying to keep it light. “You mean you can send paper on a computer?” Marianna asks me jokingly. She's not that old but a lot of royals in my world were born before computers. it is going to be entertaining bringing technology into our world that's for sure. “I know its sounds impossible. What kind of magic is it?” I joke with her. “What if people hack?” Marco pointed out firmly in a no nonsense kind of way. “We will have to work it out. Kye’s going to set it all up but we need him back for classes on Monday. So it will be a weekend trip every time. as he's bringing internet into a country that some houses don't even have electricity. he's starting from scratch." I admit. “I can’t leave Alysa until all her guards are up to fighting.” I point out, well not all her guards but Ally herself. “The doctor is he illegal? What did he think of the guard burnout?” Marco demands from me. “He was illegal. thankfully he seemed okay. But we are keeping an eye on him, but as Spencer's dad recommended him.” I start, my uncle wouldn't put Sam in harms way. I knew that. Sam moaned then turning in her sleep, her arm goes on my chest and rests on my heart. she is amazing I plant a gentle kiss on her forehead. 4 years ago I would never have imagined that the girl I had seen in the pool that had taken my breath away would make me this happy. She had turned my life around but in a good way. I hadn't wanted to be a prince, I had thought it was pressure that I didn't need. I had felt like I couldn't sit on a bench and make laws for my people, because I didn't know my people. turns out not many of my kind did. So much had been hidden more than just Ally. “What have you done about the new royals?” Marco asks me worried. “Well as one of the guards seems so against royals fighting and Alysa hasn’t introduced herself yet. We kind of told them she’s taken Sam on a peace mission.” I admit truthfully. “So you’re waiting to find out what Alysa wants to do?” Marco guessed. “Pretty much.” I admit, but my wife isn't in condition to make those choices currently. I have a feeling Sean and Taylor might be making them for us. “Did you want Georgina?” Marianna asks me seriously. who? “Georgina?” I ask confused, is this someone I am meant to remember? “Alysa knows who she is.” Marianna told me. “Ask her if she wants Georgina to come. It will be an extra layer of security whilst her guards ill.” Marianna explained. “Okay." I say, okay I want her, security for Ally more important than what she wants currently. “Okay as in you’ll ask her or okay as if you want us to get her to you?” Marco asks me. I think he knows what I'm thinking already anyway. he might be thinking the same. extra security. “Get her to us. If she’s at court send her with Kye. If not get the plane to pick her up when it brings Kye back.” I say seriously. I still haven't a clue who she is, but I know they would never hurt Ally. hell Marco would give up everything to keep Ally safe. “We will have to get someone to pick her up.” Marco informs me. “Sam might not be happy about it.” he warns me, I am going to have to admit I don't know who Georgina is. “Who is she?” I ask. “She’s the guard that got kidnapped with Marco.” Marianna informs me. ah Ally's lookalike. “She won’t be happy. But she will have to put up with it.” I tell them. its the truth until Ally is healthy having someone else pretend to be her is for the best. Felicity was screaming louder then. “Uh what you doing to flic?” I have to ask, I know they aren't hurting her, but god she has lungs on her. “Trying to get her to go to sleep.” Marco informs me. yeah that isn't working. “Yeah that’s a good thing about sedatives.” I start teasingly. “Don’t Derek just don’t.” Marco says but its lightened the mood again. “I’m sure I can trust you to deal with the Queen?” I double check trying to stay serious and not laugh. Marcos and the Queens relationship is very strained currently. “Yeah we will just explain that you have a lot of work to sort out at college.” Marco informs me flatly. I have a feeling it will be Drew dealing with the queen, not Marco. “I’ll get the figures back to you as soon as the 18 year old accountants to be help me.” I admit trying not to laugh, that at least is some work I can do my end at college without the need to be in court. “The scary thing is I know you’re serious.” Marco says, the fact is the younger generation is taking over its needed. “Well a computer expert a language expert and 2 accountants. We really are doing well at college.” I assure Marco. he laughs weakly. "Yeah so it seems." he says.

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