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Chapter 13

I turn in my bed and i feel Derek straight away, hell i felt him before i turned he takes up most of the bed, we need to get a bigger bed. But it is strange all it takes is him next to me to stop my nightmares. i look at my sleeping husband his hair hangs slightly over his eyes his eye lashes on his cheek. Okay hes just gorgeous but i don't love him for his looks. don't love him for his six pack either even though i give that a look, not caring to hide the fact, well hes asleep. I look at the time, we are going to have to eventually get out of this bed. 9 am gosh last I had seen it was 3 ish, and that was pm not am! I really hate sedative after effects. i really shouldn't know the after effects. I could do with blood and real food. possibly in the order or real food with blood on. hell yeah french fries with blood instead of ketchup. nope to runny actually. spagbog with blood instead of tomatoes. yeah that be perfect. But in order to get that I would have to wake my husband and he just looked to cute asleep. maybe i should try climb over him without waking him, knowing past attempts it wouldn't work, but its worth a try. i kissed him because i know that often works the best to wake him. “Morning sleepy.” he yawns, his eyes flickering open. “Morning I’m sleepy?” i tease him, because he looks more tired than i feel currently. “You know I’m on rest?” i ask him interested. he pulls me closer to him so i'm back in his arms, he moves his legs so we are tied up in each other. “Yeah?” he asks me suspiciously. why cant he just trust me? i know he does but sometimes i have to remind myself that when he seems to ask me questions like he thinks i'm plotting something. “Can I at least get food?” i ask him trying to pull myself out his arms, alright i am not trying that hard because hell hes comfy, and alright part of me doesn't want to have to go back to reality. He laughs and sits up, no don't move yet. “no I will get that.” he tells me laughing. “Don’t go.” i tell him as he swings his legs out of our bed and puts his legs on the floor. i wrap my arms and pull him back down. he comes back laughing. He kisses me and we get lost in each other. "i love you." i tell him meaning that with all my heart. "i love you too." he tells me the words seem to have so much meaning from him.

I blink looking at my alarm clock, its now 11 am and Derek is gone. when did he sneak out. the last i remembered was being snuggled up together my head on his chest. Taylor looks at me from my door frame. arg now she must be guilty of waking me, but the look she gives me speaks of no regrets. shes also holding a tray of food. please tell me she didn't cook! shes trying to kill me send reinforcements! she walks over with the tray of food and sits straight down on my bed, not caring one bit! i look at my coffee that i can smell the blood in. i look at my poached egg and toast, i am extremely suspicious because hell the last i knew egg came one way from Taylor scrambled with shell. or in a drink, yeah so two ways. “Who cooked the egg?” i ask her suspicious am i going to get food poisoning. “Judah.” Taylor assures me, as if even she knows her cooking is scary. I laugh “He can’t stay forever.” i take the breakfast from her. "thanks." i tell Taylor “Thank you.” i yell to Judah who i take it is the person crashing about in the kitchen currently. “Am I allowed out of bed or is this bed rest a literal bed rest?” i ask Taylor interested. “Yeah you and Derek weren’t resting.” She laughs as she teases me, i blush i cant help it. “Last day of being stuck in.” Taylor assures me. “Is today Sunday?” I ask actually in shock. how bloody much have i slept lately? “Yeah you kind of missed quite a few days.” She tells me i can see shes worried. The fact shes watching me like shes worried. not like shes going to beat the shit out of me. I scared her, i can tell that. “So we make a reappearance tomorrow?” i ask her interested, hell know ones really told me anything yet. if they have I've forgotten it in my sleep. “Yeah although if Georgina arrives early enough we might make it today.” Taylor informs me, she looks away after she says it. Georgina? when the hell did Georgina coming get arranged? “Whys Georgina coming?” i ask her trying not to worry, is something big up? well bigger than me being ill? because that's the only reason i can think of that i might need my lookalike guard. hell Georgina looks more like me than i do. Maybe i'm the look alike. she is after all older than me. “Marco and Derek decided until you were up to your normal mischief self we needed 2 annoying Alysa’s.” Taylor tells me. “Why didn’t Derek tell me?” i ask her, annoyed at my husband rather than Tay. i admit part of me was hurt, They really were treating me like I was fragile. Okay i knew it wasn't a case of that. they were trying to keep me safe because they love me. Yes I got on with Georgina, (except playing monopoly) but still had they thought this actually through. It would just make it harder on me and Derek in the long run. As Georgina couldn’t stay forever and on top of that it would mean Derek and I couldn’t be together outside the apartments. “It’s not permanent. In fact it’s just literally until your reconnect back to the elements. None of us are air users except Paula. So someone needs to help you reconnect to air and after all that is Georgina's element apparently according to Sean.” Taylor tells me, she wraps her arm around me as if she knows its going to be hard on me. “So Georgina is going to be Alysa. What’s she going to do pretend to be me?” i ask Tay. “Actually no. the idea is her just to be seen every now and again talking to a guard then disappear again.” Taylor tells me shrugging. “Huh?” I ask confused then why the hell is she coming? “She has her plan apparently.” Taylor tells me shrugging. “So in other words I got to talk to her about it?” i guess, my friends not normally this laid back with the plan. I blame Sean for that. “Yeah pretty much” Taylor admits trying to hide her worry. oh i get it she doesn't know yet but is trying not to worry. “When did you last have a bath you stink?” Taylor teases me screwing up her nose. “Well if people didn’t inject me with 4 sedatives maybe I wouldn’t be in and out of sleep for a few days” i point out but have to laugh. “I’ll run you a bath.” Taylor tells me she gives me a hug. “Sam next time you feel tired like this warn us. you scared the shit out of me.” she tells me squeezing me as if shes afraid i am going to escape her. i'm more likely to break shes cutting of my air! “Let’s hope this never happens again. I think we’re going to make it a rule we have a few days of training a month.” i tell her truthfully. Actually worried about her she after all could burn out like I had. shes a fire user after all and she and Sean also hadn’t had a rest in years. “So what we going to do Sunday rest days?” she jokes light heatedly. i see the smile she thinks the idea a joke as it wouldn't happen. “Actually I like the sound of that.” I inform her. “You do?” she asks me in disbelief. “Yeah on Sundays we should have PJ'S and DVDs and stay in the apartment.” i tell her really warming to the idea. hell it sounds amazing, we have so many shows on Netflix to catch up on. “Wow who are you and what have you done with my Samira.” Taylor asks me teasing a huge grin on her face. “I’m going to make it a big thing with popcorn and cookies.” i inform her thinking about it. “Wait a day without ice-cream? Now who are you?” Taylor laughs she starts shaking me, i laugh. We both are laughing when Sepiah comes in my bedroom through the open door. “What is so funny?” Sepiah asks us, looking at us both on my bed like we are crazy. “Uh Sams been abducted by aliens.” Taylor informs her with a huge grin. Aliens aren't real, at least i hope there not. “I haven’t been abducted by aliens. I’m just willing to admit I’m not super girl.” i inform Sep and Tay but i still have to smile. “Wow Taylor’s right you’ve been abducted by Aliens.” Sepiah teases me. “What smells like it’s died in here?” Erin asks coming in my room her nose screwed up. “Do I really stink that bad?” I ask Tay who still has her arm wrapped around me. “Girl you haven’t had a bath since I tried to put you out. You stink.” Taylor informs me but shes laughing. “Thanks girls I love you all too.” i tell them laughing as they all screw up there noses. “I’ll run you a bath stinky.” Taylor tells me jumping up from my bed. She leaves my room. "did Tay cook?" Erin asks me. "nope Judah." i say. "oh i wonder if hes made more." Erin says and she disappears. "We need to sort out your hair." Sep says seriously. okay escape from her quick. "Thanks Sep." i laugh.

When I get out the bath i get dressed in the outfit Sep had laid out for me. Jean shorts with a quote t-shirt that says. 'the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cant and proving them wrong.' i then walk out my room carrying my hairbrush. My black hair had taken a lot of washing to get feeling normal, but if Sep is around i know shes the best to sort out my frizzy curly mess, before i give up and debate cutting it all off. Sepiah and Jessie are the only ones in the apartment when i go out my room. “Sit down.” Sep tells me firmly, shes already holding a brush and has hair products on the small coffee table in-front of her. i set down in front of her where she pointed to, i'm not going to fight her on it. hell if she can fix my head she has super powers. well more superpowers than just her water magic. she starts brushing my hair the moment i sit down. “Wow you missed so much hair your last dye job.” Sep says as she brushes it. “Did I?” I ask her worried. “Do you want me to re dye it when I get rid of all these knots?” she asked me. “Yes please.” I tell her truthfully. i don't quiet know when i stopped fighting Sep on my hair makeup and clothes. but it makes her happy doing it. “Where’s everyone else? Run of so they didn’t need to face my hair?” i ask jokingly after a while of Sep brushing my hair in sections. “Taylor has gone to make an Appearance outside with the others.” Jessie explains from where hes sat on the PlayStation. Honestly i think the PlayStation gets used more than there college books. “So Georgina’s here?” i ask unsure what the plan is. “Yeah she arrived with Kye, whilst you were in the bath.” Jessie explains. “Are they coming up here?” i ask. “Kye and Harry are going to take you for a sit in trees later. Then she’s going to make an appearance i think.” Jessie tells me like hes not fully sure. “Why am I going for a sit in trees?” I ask confused. Sep pulling my hair whilst i talk. well not sure if that's what shes doing, but god it feels like it. i wonder if i'm going to have any hair left. “Earths your only element you haven’t lost fully. You need to strengthen your bond with it.” Jessie tells me as if it makes the most sense in the world. he shorts someone in his game and hasn't taken his eyes from the screen. “Okay but what’s that got to do with Georgina?” i ask him confused. “Marcos plan just go with it.” Jessie tells me shrugging. yeah but that doesn't seem the best idea. “Why does no one trust my plans? But they trust his?” i ask interested actually wanting to know. “We do trust your plans. We are all letting you change the world.” Sep points out. She is still pulling my hair, but i can tell shes french braiding it now. “You know you have a job as a stylist if all goes wrong?” i tell her when she finishes. “Yeah I’ve decided I can’t trust you to dress yourself I've given myself the job.” Sep says shrugging, letting me go when she finishes doing the band. i pull myself up to my feet. I then flop on the sofa next to her. "So you meaning your always going to lay out the correct outfit for what i need?" i ask her interested. "exactly things like tea with royals council meetings or just hanging out with friends. it will be amazing." she says with a grin. "you like shopping to much." i tell her. "yeah and imagine shopping on your bank balance. omg." Sep says with a huge grin. Thankfully that's when Kye comes in the front door. “How did giving a century old castle and buildings internet go?” i ask Kye interested. "i haven't finished yet i and Code are working on a program. well he or she is working on a program that they say will work. but its driving me nuts, i keep loosing contact with them. they disappeared again on me." He moans. "this that hacker?" i ask. "yeah but i wouldn't be able to do it without there help. they are just amazingly clever." he admits. "human?" i ask him. "hell if i know, i cant get past there shields. i cant even track them. they move around constantly." he admits. "dodgy?" i question. "very but then they are one of the most amazing hackers I've met. and they might think i'm the cops." Kye points out. "still dodgy." Jessie says. "very, moment i can find them i will." Kye assures us. He looks at me worriedly as if theirs more on his mind about his hacker friend than he wants to put on me. "whats wrong?" i asked seriously. "they've moved state well at least there location has." he admits. "well you either trust the hacker Kye or you don't." i say seriously. "i trust them, like i said i watched there track for months before i talked to them." he points out. "i just don't know anything about them and hate giving a stranger so much power." he admits. "as long as you don't say what your doing with it, they don't need to know." i point out. "true." he admits. he looks so torn, but then he obviously decides to change the subject. “Are you up to climbing trees?” he asks me worried. “Yeah when haven’t you seen me up trees?” i ask him with a weak smile. “Well as the day I met you, you were sat in a tree never.” he tells me with a weak smile. “I do need to be close to earth. I feel like he wants to protect me.” i admit to Kye. “I think that’s all the elements not just earth.” Jessie points out. “I always feel like earth must think I’m mean I hardly ever call on him.” i admit. Sep hits my shoulder with the hairbrush. “You ready?” Harry asks walking in the front door with Spencer. How come everyone has keys so fast? “Yeah I’m ready.” i say pushing myself up from the sofa. best to make a move. “You coming Spencer?” i ask as he grabs my backpack for me that sits by the front door and walks to the fridge and starts pulling out blood and sodas. He is more used to us drinking blood than I am as he so casually puts it in the bag. “Yeah we going to make it look like were protecting him rather than you.” Harry explains. “Oh.” I reply really confused. “Places everyone time for Ally take 2.” Sepiah informs us after looking at her phone. “What the hell’s going on?” I ask her really confused. “You’ll see.” Spencer tells me shouldering my bag. Hes right i will see. i just hope they've all thought this through, i'm to tired to fight them currently.

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