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Chapter 14 - Derek POV

“Derek I might be good at maths but this is a joke.” Paula tells me seriously looking at the figures in front of the three of us. “It’s manageable isn’t it?” I asked the two 18 year old's worriedly looking at the figures. the more i look at them the less they make sense rather than the more. “It’s manageable, I think.” Hannah tells me but she doesn't sound or seem convinced. “I don’t think by the time slot you both want thought.” Hannah tells me nervously, looking through a different sheet of figures. “How long do you recon it will take?” i ask her, maybe we should slow down our plans to work this out better. “Maybe at the earliest 4 years. That’s if we dropped out of college.” Paula admits. "unless you get a team Derek." Paula informs me. “What about 10 years?” I ask them thinking about it, 10 year plan would be a better idea. “10 years possibly manageable. But why not just give everyone an allowance rather than try getting all the money back to the right families.” Paula asks me. “I don’t know you two are the maths geniuses what do you think would be better.” i ask them seriously. “I think we need to talk to Sam about it.” Paula tells me nervously. She obviously could see I was in over my head here. “Yeah Sams maths skills are worse than Derek’s.” Hannah reminds her friend nervously but she has a weak smile. i'm putting a lot of pressure on the two of them and i know it. “Sams still not well.” i admit, they know about Sams burn out. “She has a lot of crazy plans, and it would be easier to work out whats achievable with her.” Paula admits to me. “It will take us a while to even work out if this is feasible.” Hannah admits to me, still looking at the notes. “Is Sam any better at all?” Hannah asks me so worried. “She’s getting there.” i assure them both. “Is she up out of bed yet?” Paula asks me worried. “she wasn’t when I left but knowing her she will be climbing the walls now the sedatives warn of.” i admit with a smile. they nervously giggled. “Girls do you have to always be so nervous?” i ask them, i don't get it. they never seem to be as relaxed around me as they do Sam. “You do realise you are our king?” Paula questions me, but she asks me nervous. “Yeah but you don’t act the same way about Sam.” I point out. “That’s because Sam is Sam. not Alysa.” Hannah points out but even she seems to realise how little sense that makes. but i get it, they still see Sam as the guard in training from there dorm rather than as the princess to all Amaris. there future queen. whilst i was always a prince to them and now i'm there future King. “How you getting on with the human roommates?” i decide to question. “Well they wonder how our family all managed to get one level of college.” Paula admits she looked slightly like Uwe so we had told them to say they were siblings, as it would answer how we all know each other better than anything else. Hannah looked a lot like Taylor so she was in as Taylor's little sister. “Our very messed up family pulls a lot of strings." i admit with a smile. “A hell of a lot. Some might even say magic.” Paula says with a smile. compulsion not magic. “But other than that okay?” i ask them. “Yeah we can do the human thing.” Paula assures me. They both seemed too nervous, to be around humans but they had always surprised me. Okay the whole group surprises me. I hear Sam leave with Harry Spencer and Kye. well i hear Spencer and Sam talking and knew Kye and Harry were meant to be with them. the plan was in motion Sam and Alysa being seen at the same time, so no one will link them to being the same person. It was only going to happen a few times then Georgina was going to go again, well that was her plan, i think. She wanted to make sure she helped connect Sam back to Air before she went though. “So is Sam Sam? Or is she Alysa?” Hannah asks me nervously. “Georgina’s Alysa. Sams Sam.” i tell them. as confusing as that is it is the plan. “I don’t get it.” Paula tells me looking confused. “I think that makes a lot of people.” i assure her. “How are you two going to cope with that?” Hannah asks me nervous a look of worry on her face. I shrug i have no clue! Hannah’s phone gets a text, she gives me a nervous look. i shrug again and indicate she can answer it. “Sepiah wants us to go for ice-cream with Lady Tamzin. What’s she like?” Hannah asks me worried once shes checked her text. “Exactly like the two of you nervous.” i admit with a weak smile encouragingly i hope. “You’ve both dealt with royals you’ll be fine. It’s not like a royals going to bite your head off. In fact you might find there just like you.” i tease them both, i cant help it. they both smile at me. “Believe me you will eat a lot of ice-cream this year.” i inform them with a smile. “Judah said we weren’t allowed to eat as much as you all do.” Paula tells me with a smile. “He also said if he finds any alcohol in any of the fridges whilst he is here he isn’t leaving.” Hannah informs me. I went to respond about how Sam wouldn’t let him stay. But Sepiah obviously decided she needed the girls to join her as she rang Hannah to tell her to get a mooch on. her exact words. When Hannah hangs up she gives me a strange look Paula voices there thoughts though and my own. “Sepiah’s the bossiest person I’ve ever met.” “I think she thinks she’s in charge.” i admit laughing, i have long ago stopped asking about Seps bossiness. hell I've seen her colour code a teacher a few years back. “Whom I kidding she is bloody in charge most the time.” i tell the girls laughing, they both laugh, but they did leave, as Hannahs phone started ringing again with Seps name. I send Uwe with them both, I wasn’t having them walk around without guards just yet. They might get lost they had only just arrived. i tidy away our work and then get ready to go meet Georgina. Time for Sam and Alysa to be seen at the same time. I hope Marcos plan works. it just needs to keep my wife safe.

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