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Chapter 15

When we got to the trees I smiled, i loved this part of the campus, the view of the lake was amazing, it was even more amazing from the top of the trees. even if none of my friends understood that. “Do I really have to climb it?” Spencer asks me actually sounding worried. come on Spencer its a tree, you were less worried looking when i took you to places we might actually get killed. actually i think it was the same face. honestly he has no trust in me. Kye and Harry look at me with the same look of do we have to. I'm not forcing them, hell it was there idea! “You’re both earth users and you never go into trees?” i question Kye and Harry. what is with that! “Like most earth users I like to keep my feet on the ground.” Harry told me seriously. “You can all stay on the ground if you want to.” i tell him, i don't need them with me. i put my hand on the tree and ask it nicely if it would help me climb it, because in all honesty i admit i need the help. The tree lowed its branches and I grasped hold swinging myself up into it. I could feel earth bubbling in me. Jumping from Branch to branch. going higher and higher. “Not too high.” Kye tells me starting to climb behind me. he doesn't have to. Kye struggles but that maybe the huge backpack he currently has on his back. hes not out of shape, i know that. “Okay.” i tell him and i really will listen, i just need to find a branch that is strong enough to hold the four of us. i look at Spencer starting to climb and hes struggling so i tell the earth to help him. it kind of wraps itself around him and pulled him up. “Uh can’t I just climb?” Spencer asks me sounding slightly annoyed. “Your using too much.” Kye tells me worried. hell its a bad day when Kye is worried. “I’m not using much at all I just asked the tree to help.” i tell him. Again they all give me a confused look. honestly how do they even do magic, when they don't listen to there elements.

They all sat on the branch i had chosen and tried not to look down. not that i blame them for that. “You should jump.” i tease Kye, who looks the most green currently. “15 floors isn’t it?” Harry asks me, trying to look anywhere but down. “The school book says 15 to land on your feet but I always wondered how many more we could get away with at a push, I’ve worked myself up to 12 currently.” i tell him calmly, hell we are only about 2 floors up now, we aren't that high. “You’re meant to be resting.” Spencer tells me worried. “I know I am.” i assure him, not mentioning that is my plan to get down from here. surely they all knew that. this wasn't even my idea! i put my hand on the tree trunk and close my eyes, letting the earth comfort me. letting this tree which is life comfort me. I could feel the ground below I could feel the life in the tree. I could hear the wind in the tree calling me as well. I felt close to both Air and Earth right now and with the view of the lake, the water was calling me as well. this was the best location on campus to feel close to 3 of the elements. When i feel safe enough, still with my eyes closed i let go of the tree itself and lean back. almost like the tree is the one that wants me, it grows to support me. making me almost a nest. i relax and listen to the world. Spencer starts talking to me about classes, what he thinks this year of work will be like. we don't exactly have the easiest of major. its a hell of a lot of work. we have a lot constantly on our plates and we don't need our grades to suffer because of it.

Suddenly he and the other 3 go quiet they had all be talking among themselves till that point and it was a quick shut up. “If I open my eyes what’s about to happen?” i ask, my eyes still shut. but i know somethings up. “I think it’s the prince we haven’t met yet.” Kye admits to me. “He has got to many guards to be the lord.” Harry agrees. “I thought Sepiah was distracting the royals so I could rest?” i question wanting to groin as i don't know the plan. “She is she took Lady Tamzin for ice-cream with Hannah and Paula.” Spencer informs me. “If we stay quiet do you think they will notice us?” Spencer asks worried. “I think they already know we are up here. Our hearings better than a humans and all our other senses.” Harry tells him, i'm just surprised they haven't looked up yet. sigh I wanted to stay in the tree. “Spencer stay in the tree with me. Harry and Kye go down and make sure it’s safe to bring Spencer down.” i tell them as none of them seem to have a plan. “Do we really need to jump?” Kye asks me. i open my eyes and look at him. “Kye flying lesson or i will push you.” I tease him. He doesn't give me a chance to push him, both he and Harry jump down.

“What were you doing up a tree?” Prince Aiden asks them in a what the fuck sort of way as soon as he sees them. well they practically land in front of him. “We are earth users. Your majesty.” Harry says politely. where was that voice the other month when he wanted the last cupcake and so did i. i thought i was going to loose my hand. “I can leave you in the tree where your safest Spence. I used to tell people it’s what I had done with Alysa.” i inform Spencer as we sit in the tree and he looks so worried. “No if you’re going down I want to go down with you.” Spencer tells me. i understand that i really do. “I thought Earth users like to keep their feet on the earth?” Prince Aiden says still in his what the fuck voice. he is possibly questioning there sanity. It was nice to hear a royal talking calmly to the guards rather than stressed even if he sounded like he thought they were freaks. “Can you end the awkward conversation please I wish to come down, if it’s safe.” Spencer shouts down. Everyone looks up. I have to laugh. “You do realise if it wasn’t safe you just told them where you were?” i inform Spencer. honestly. He suddenly seems to realise that. Harry takes it as a hint though. “Name ranks?” he asks prince Aiden’s guards. “This is Keith, Tom and Jude there all Dragon level 3s.” Prince Aiden says deadly calm. Like there is normally a king in a tree. “Harry can beat 2 level 3’s by himself you're safe.” i inform Spencer. hell i can myself. “Do you trust me?” i ask Spencer holding out my hand to him. “No Sam I don’t.” he tells me but hes smiling and at least hes telling me the truth. "but i have no other choice." he says putting his hand in my hand. i take his hand firmly and jump down, onto solid ground. into a thong of people. “Your highness King Spencer.” Aiden says bowing in greeting to Spencer. hell who bows to Spencer? well Aiden and his guards obviously as they were all bowing. “Hello.” Spencer says in his i don't know what to say way. “Prince Aiden.” i remind Spencer. “Hello prince Aiden.” Spencer says offering his hand out for a handshake. The prince looked at Spencer's hand confused. how the hell do the Amaris not understand a handshake! “You shake it.” i have to say. “it’s a strange human tradition. Like here hold my hand that you don’t know if I’ve washed last time I went to the toilet.” i say because really how does the guy not understand a handshake. “Sam shut up.” Spencer tells me “Hey I could have left you in the tree.” i remind Spencer. Aiden takes Spencer's hand then though and shakes it. its odd as he doesn't seem to know how to hold Spencer's hand. “When did you last wash your hands?” I ask. “Is she your guard?” Prince Aiden asks Spencer. “We just swap little guard to whoever wants to put up with her that day.” Spencer says. urg i hate it when they call me that! “Don’t call me little guard.” I moan. “This is Harry Royal dragon 2. Kye dragon 4 and Samira Dragon 4.” Spencer says calmly. "RiverBae?” one of the princes Guards asks, glad to see Sams reputation is still running strong. “my reputation always makes me sound fiercer than I actually am.” i say calmly as its true, i really want the story behind these story's one day. He nervously laughed, everyone looked at me in shock. come on its not that shocking, i know i'm short but i'm a kick-ass princess. “Why were you in a tree King Spencer?” Aiden asks trying to be polite i can tell. but theirs still a slight edge of what the fuck. “Oh I was having a talk with Sam here about our last suicide mission. Her being a water user it makes me feel safest. When she’s not near much water.” Spencer says as an excuse. i hate him sometimes. “I told you it was fine. No one died.” i tell Spencer shrugging. “You almost did." Spencer says worried, ah here's the plan make it look like i'm just weak currently from a fight? It makes slight sense. i got hurt protecting Spencer. it makes me a hero rather than a sick guard who shouldn't be left to protect her charge. “Derek and Alysa are being stupid I don’t need rest.” i say and i mean that. okay i get it i do need to take it easy. but Derek's making a mountain out of a mole hill. everyone looks at me even more shocked, I've just insulted the royals. “I’m stupid am I?” a female voice questions. I turn to see Georgina stood there laughing with Derek, Taylor and Sean and a few of Derek’s guards not all of them. honestly was this there grand idea? “Yeah most of your ideas.” i tell her, hell i'm talking about myself and they know it. “This is exactly why you’re signed off until you can behave.” Derek says. i shrug. “Least I can get a bit of TV time.” i say. “I see you’ve met little guard her barks not as bad as her bite.” Georgina says. well who they think is Alysa, who they think is me. this is going to get confusing fast. “Please don’t call me little guard.” I say, i wish they would all stop with the little guard nonsense. I really blame the 1st group we had come across after I decided to start this mission. They had told Spencer he couldn’t expect a little guard like me to get him out of the trouble he was in. Since then everyone had decided little guard was a good nickname. i don't agree with that! “you’re meant to be taking it easy. Not sneaking out.” Derek informs me, hell it was your idea im out here! but hes looking at me like he wants to grab me and get me out of here. “Currently as I’m signed off, you are not in charge of me” i tease Derek, i cant help it.“You let guards talk to you like that?” Aiden asks shocked at my obvious cheek. “Sams not just a guard she’s my best friend.” Georgina says with a smile at me. i know i need to thank her for coming. I will when we are alone. “But she is meant to be on bed rest.” she says and i hear the worry in her voice. “I was on rest. I have a nest in the tree.” I say pointing up, they all indeed look at my nest. I wasn’t kidding the tree had made me an actual nest. “I have blood a book and a blanket up there.” i say and i kind of wish i could of enjoyed it. Aiden was staring at my group confused. “Oh we try and get rid of the guard and ruler here. We try to be friends.” Spencer explains quickly. “We have a lot of time to be King and Queen when were on the throne.” Derek explains. “So you just want us all to be friends?” Aiden asks like hes completely bemused and wondering if its him who's lost the plot or everyone else. “Pretty much similar to school. Although I don’t know what your school was like.” Derek says calmly. “Guards and Royals did not mix sire.” One of Aiden’s guards says. “I thought you said you sorted all this out before I arrived?” Georgina says to Derek. “I did the other two. They seem fine they just want to meet you.” he tells her. well meet Alysa. “Sam as you’re not on bed rest like you’re meant to be. Beach and cocktails?” Georgina asks me with a smile, really can we? i know her and she might be being serious! “Can we really?” I ask a huge smile creeps on my face. “No” Sean says firmly, just that one word. No and i know hes right. “I’m up for the beach and cocktails.” Spencer says. “I could do with a cocktail.” Taylor says shrugging. she knows full well her boyfriend has said no, and we all listen to him. well most the time. okay some of the time. okay i admit it rarely. “Do you fancy beach and cocktails?” I ask prince Aiden. “Uh?” he says. “We try to be normal kids here, we kind of fail so we just say random things. It works for us. We have human friends and just get on with life.” Derek says. “So this is just to be awkward?” Aiden guesses. Wow he understood our humour quickly. “This is just because none of us actually know how to meet other royals, and tell them just to act human.” Georgina says. “Come on Sam lets go get ice cream, before you get into trouble for not actually being on bed rest.” Spencer says. i shrug and Spencer says his goodbyes and we make a move, leaving Derek to sort out the issue that is the new royals here. Derek caught me in the eyes but I didn’t know what to say. except something i know is unsafe to say in public currently. 'I love you.'

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